The Tale of Rapunzel Bedtime Story for Kids

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Children love listening to bedtime stories at night. There are a lot of stories children love one such type is Fairy tales. The story of fairy tales takes the children to the imagination and a dreamy world. Fairy-tale stories are full of magic, surprises, affection, etc. In this article, we will talk on popular Rapunzel’s fairy-tale story that popularly shows the love between a prince and queen who protects their love in every way whatever comes their way. This tale of Rapunzel’s story in English is loved by most children due to their love story. Let’s look into a tale of a young child story in deep:

Who are there in Rapunzel Story

The characters in the tale of Rapunzel story are:

  • Wife
  • Husband
  • The Witch
  • Daughter Rapunzel
  • The prince

Full Story of Rapunzel for Kids

Story Part 1: Two Couples and Witch

Once open a time there were two beautiful couples who lived on land that was far away. These two couples stayed there alone for a long time and their only wish was to have their own child. After a long time, their wish came true and they were going to have a baby.

They had a beautiful house and near to their house, there had a big colourful garden that the wife use to see daily that had a lot of flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables that belongs to the witch and no one ever took a risk to enter the witch garden to pick any fruits or flowers.

One day my wife was looking at the garden from the window and she got her eye on rampions. she wanted to make some salad of plant called rampion which she saw in the garden. So, she told her husband to bring some rampion to make a salad for herself and her husband.

Her husband told no we can’t bring rampion from the garden that you have seen from the window because that garden belongs to a witch. The wife told if I don’t get to eat rampions, I will not eat anything said angrily by the wife.

So, after having an argument with his wife. Her husband decided to bring a rampion for her wife. So One day at night he climbed the wall of the garden and entered the colourful garden quietly and got one piece of rampion for her lady. His wife ate it right away but it wasn’t sufficient for her, she told she wants more or else she will not eat anything. So the husband climbed back again to the garden wall and took one more piece of rampion.

Two Couples and Witch

At that point in time all of a sudden he gets to hear a loud voice. Said the witch angrily STOP, What are you doing here? My husband got scared and told me I came to bring a rampion for my wife.

The witch said ‘’Hey thief” how dare you to entire my colourful garden and pick those rampions. You will have to pay for this said by witch angrily.

The husband got scared and started asking for forgiveness from the witch. The husband told I am very sorry for taking rampions from your garden but my wife is going to have a child and she saw rampions in your garden and wanted to have them and so I couldn’t say no to her.

The witch shouted and told, “why should I care about it?”

Husband said please I will do anything that you say.

The witch said “Are you sure, you will do anything I say” and the husband said Yes I will do.

So, the witch told him Ok fine. You can take all the rampions from my garden for your wife but once your wife will have a baby. You will have to give that baby to me and that baby will be mine.

 My husband got shocked and said I will never say YES to it.

The witch laughed loudly and told You Already did it.

Story Part 2: Tower in a Deep Jungle

The husband got afraid and don’t know what to do. He just ran away and told all things that happened to his wife. The husband decided to build a tall tower deep in the jungle to keep the child safe from old women. He also built long stairs that led up to the room at the very top of the tower and kept one single window for the room and the husband and wife decided to stay there away from the witch.

Tower in a Deep Jungle

But it was a witch and she had a magic ball with her and that magic ball showed her the child at the very top room of the tower. So, which did a cast spell over the husband and wife and made them go into a deep sleep and the witch went to the tower where the child was present.

The witch entered the room and said to the child. “I will call you Rapunzel name” and this is the name of the rampions that brought you to me and you are mine now.

Witch had no idea how to take care of the baby and the baby started growing into a child she had blond hair that grew longer and longer every day and the witch had no idea how to cut it.

So what the witch did is, she locked the girl in the room of the tower at the top and told the girl that the world is a very bad place and you are not safe outside.

As a girl child started growing day by day, she asked me many times to witch, “I am getting bored here and there is nothing for me to do here” why should I stay in my room all the time?

The witch got angry and told I answered you many times that the world is very bad and you are not safe outside. Now go and comb your hair and be quiet.

Rapunzel – are you sure is it so bad? because I can hear out people laughing out there every day.

Witch yelled and said how many times should I repeat the same thing? Don’t listen to anything you hear out. The world is very bad than what u think and you will stay here in the room forever and get used to it said a witch.

On their 12th birthday of Rapunzel, she told the old woman I don’t care what you say anymore! I am very bored staying here for a very long time! When you go out, I will make a big hole in the door and I will run down the stairs and run away.

The witch said thin again before you take any step because with my all power, I made all the stairs of towers fall down and she closed all doors and the girl child had no way to escape!

Story Part 3: A Beautiful Singing Voice of Rapunzel

Till then her hair had grown very long and once all the stairs had gone and whenever the witch wanted to come to the tower she used to call Rapunzel from outside loudly saying let down your hair.

Rapunzel used to throw her long blond braid outside the window whenever witch wanted to come to the tower. So, the old woman used to grab her long blond hair like a rope and that is how the witch used to claim to the tower from the window to enter Rapunzel’s room.

So, likewise, 5 more years passed away and Rapunzel had no way to escape all she could do is sing a sad song watching outside the window, and sometimes birds would join her while singing songs and she would feel a little better by singing by looking at birds but not much.

One day, one prince was riding in a jungle and he heard the beautiful singing voice of a girl. He just followed the voice and reached the tower.

He just looked at the tower and got confused as there where no door at the bottom but he could hear the voice singing from the very top. He started to think how anyone can stay here and be inside this tower as there is no way. So, each day prince used to come to the tower by following the voice of a girl and there is something in this beautiful voice that pulled him back every day to the tower. He is like who is this girl, will I ever get to meet her? Thought the prince.

One day the prince was just passing the tower, he just saw an old woman standing below the tower and it was a witch. Looking at that he just jumped behind the big tree to hide from the witch. He just heard “Rapunzel, Rapunzel!  Let your hair down.” then, the long blond braid was thrown from the window at top of the tower and the old witch grabbed it and started climbing to the window of the top tower.

Witch Climbing Tower

Prince got shocked by looking at it and now he got an idea of how to get there to the top of the tower. So, the prince waited.

After some time the long blond braid was thrown away from the window from the top again and the witched climbed down by holding the braid and left from there.

Prince went to the tower. He tried a voice the same as the old woman sounded, he called out and said “Rapunzel, Rapunzel!  Let your hair down.” In a moment the same long blond braid came out of the window from the top and he climbed by grabbing the hair to the top of the tower.

Prince Climbing Tower

Rapunzel got shocked by looking at the prince climbing into her window. She said she had never seen the person and that to man so closely other than a witch and got afraid and said in fear “Who are you?”

Prince said don’t worry! Don’t get scared. I am your friend.

Rapunzel – but I don’t know you.

Prince said I feel like I know you since I used to hear your song daily which you used to sing from the tower. You have a beautiful voice and loved it when birds even sing with you.

Rapunzel – “Yes even I like it” and it is the only thing I liked since my birth and I always stayed here without going out. She told a prince that the world is a very bad place so the witch told him to always stay in the tower room for his safety.

Prince said but the world is not very bad as she says to you. He told her about the things happening in the world like flowers, gardens, festivals and games, and many other things.

Many hours just went by and she said, now you must go on! The witch may come at any time and the prince said okay and said I will be back tomorrow again.  So, she threw her long braid out of the window and the prince climbed down following the braid.

The next day, the prince came back again and climbed back into the her room, and said I have a surprise for you. I brought strawberries for you.

she tasted the strawberries and liked them very much and said now I came to know that what was told by a witch to me is not true. The world is a very good place and I must get out of this place as soon as I can. But how can I? said by her

Story Part 4: Escape plan of Rapunzel and Prince

So, the prince said you can escape only if you could come out of this tower and I can come to the tower only by holding your braid and come down only by your braid but how can you get down like this?

Rapunzel – I have one idea. Do one thing bring me a silk ball every time you come to the tower. I will weave the silk ball into a ladder and the silk can be easily folded up so that witch won’t able to see it when the ladder will be long enough to reach the bottom, we will both climb down from there.

Prince said great idea and moved closer to her and said, ” Once we are out of here, Will you Marry Me?

Rapunzel – yes I will marry you. Then after everyday prince used bring a silk ball to Rapunzel and over time, she weaved the silk ball into a long ladder.

On their 18th birthday of Rapunzel, the old woman said again before you say anything, understand this. I am done and sick of hearing all the time you saying that you be alone in this tower and want to go out but remember this, it will never be going to change and you will be forever in this tower.

Rapunzel -, “why do you think so I am alone in the tower all the time?”

The witch – “What” who’s been coming here?

Rapunzel – in fear, No one but only you.

And the witch didn’t believe her and started to look everywhere in the room just to clarify if someone had been there and she found the ladder and held it high in the air and shouted: “What is this?”

 So, Rapunzel replied my friend prince bought me the silk and I made it out of it.

Witched screamed and said you will never see the prince again and took a knife and she cut off Rapunzel’s lovely long braid.

The witch laughed loudly by holding the long braid in her and with her magic, Rapunzel was cast away to somewhere far in the desert and the witch stayed in the room as she knew the prince would come anytime.

Story Part 5: Last Climb of Prince

And the witch didn’t have to wait for long. Soon a prince came to the tower and started to call out in the same voice as her saying “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let your hair down!”

Oh! So that is how the prince climbed the braid to the tower by Witch and holding the braid one side tightly she threw the braid from the window and the prince grabbed it and started to climb up and when he reached the window he got shocked by looking at the witch.

He called out! Where is Rapunzel? What you have done to her?

Witched shouted and said you would never see Rapunzel again.

The witch pushed the prince and he lost control of the window and he fell down and landed on bushes that saved him but the bushes had so sharp thorns that went to his eyes and the prince started bleeding and was blind completely.

Story Part 6: Prince reached to Desert

For almost 2 years, the poor blind prince looked for Rapunzel everywhere. From morning to night every day he used to take her name and searched for her but it was of no use. Somehow, he reached the desert, and one day he heard the same beautiful voice singing song and said yes I knew this voice! and said yes it is Rapunzel.

He went closer and closer by following the voice of Rapunzel and finally he reached.  Rapunzel was shocked by looking at him and said loudly “My prince” and both of them hugged tightly and two tears of joy fell into the prince’s eye and all of sudden he could see again!

Prince reached to Desert

Then after the prince and she went back to his kingdom where the prince used to live and they got soon married. The prince become king of the world and Rapunzel become the queen and both of them lived happily then after.

The moral lesson from Rapunzel Story for Kids

In the story of Rapunzel, both Prince and the Young girl was destined to stay together, and after all, happening this, they were together in the end & if something is meant to happen, it will happen and nothing can stop it even the witch tried many things to stop him but at last, they were together.

How can Children use this moral in their life?

This story of a girl child helps children to understand that never give up on something they want to achieve in life. No matter what comes in there way, they should always work hard to achieve their goal and no one can stop them to succeed in life.

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