25 Simple GK Questions and Answers on Famous Inventions And Inventors For Kids

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Teaching general knowledge to children at a young age is very important in every way. It helps them to build strong knowledge about things around the world. We have heard about many technologies that were a part of our education. It’s time to give this knowledge to our children through the GK questions and answers format.

Technology helped in a lot of ways. Without technology, we would have lived our life like stone ages. Inventions and discoveries have been a constant helpful source for humans. All young ones should learn about the history of inventions and the names of many inventors who had put a lot of effort to find the perfect technology for all of us.

It is best if you introduce children to general knowledge questions from an early age as it will help them in a lot of ways. These questions will help them to prepare for their competitive exams and other school tests. Young ones are especially interested in knowing about inventions and discoveries and are curious to know the history behind each invention and how they were made.

This invention can range from various things such as medicine, technology, equipment, etc. This lesson will help children to learn about how things they see around them are being invented. So the best way of teaching young ones about inventions and discoveries is through general knowledge questions. These questions will be in form of MCQs which will help them to learn each discovery quickly. These top 25 GK questions on inventions and inventors for classes 1, 2, and 3 will help them to prepare themselves for the future.

Let’s look at the list of famous inventors and their inventions for children in a quiz format.

25 Easy GK Questions and Answers On Inventors and Their Inventions for Children

Let’s look at the top 25 quizzes on famous inventors that will help them to learn, revise and memorize their names quickly. Make this questions and answers session very interesting by giving them chocolate on answering correct questions.

Q1. From the following what did Galileo invent?

a) Telescope
b) Microscope
c) Barometer
d) Pendulum Clock

Q2. Name the year when the solid-state integrated circuit was demonstrated.

a) the 1950s
b) the 1960s
c) the 1970s
d) the 1980s

Q3. In which year did theMS-DOS was developed?

a) 1975
b) 1981
c) 1985
d) 1990

Q4. From the following name the person who invented the ceiling fan?

a) Roduolf Diesel
b) Alexander Bereznyak
c) Philip Diehl
d) Charles Thermos

Q5. In which year did barbed wire was invented?

a) 1874
b) 1840
c) 1895
d) 1900

Q6. Name the person that invented the 1st video game console for the home.

a) Philo Barnworth
b) Henry Moseley
c) Eli Whitney
d) Ralph Baer

Q7. From the following name the person who invented the World Wide Web(www) along with Robert Cailliau?

a) Anthony Blatner
b) Steve Jobs
c) Eli Whitney
d) Tim Berners-Lee

Q8. From the given list name the person who invented the mobile phone.

a) Thomas Edison
b) Anthony Blatner
c) Martin Cooper
d) Roger Bacon

Q9. Name the person who invented the computer.

a) Tim Treling
b) Joseph Aspdin
c) Charles Babbage
d) Roger Bacon

Q10. Amongst the given list, name the scientist who discovered that few molecules have mirror images.

a) Henry Moseley
b) Lord Kelvin
c) Robert Hooke
d) Louis Pasteur

Q11. Which person invented the airplane?

a) The Wright Brothers
b) James Watt
c) Thomas Edison
d)  Galileo Galilei

Q12. Who was the inventor of the light bulb?

a) Karl Benz
b) Eli Whitney
c) Thomas Edison
d) Tim Berners-Lee

Q13. Who was the inventor of the telephone?

a) Henry Moseley
b) Alexander Graham Bell
c) Anthony Blatner
d) Francis Beaufort

Q14. Amongst the given list name the person who invented the first live television system.

a) Thomas Jefferson
b)  John Baird
c)  John Adams
d) Lewis Waterman

Q15. Which person invented the ball-point pen?

a) Wright Brothers
b) Waterman Brothers
c)  Laszlo Biro
d) Steve Jobs

Q16. Who was the inventor of the modern air conditioner?

a) Willis Carrier
b) Charles Townes
c) Dr. Robert Gallo
d) John J Loud

Q17. Name the inventor of the steam engine.

a) John Logie Bord
b) Thomas Savery
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) Henry Ford

Q18. What was invented by J.B. Dunlop?

a) Rubber boot
b) Pneumatic rubber tire
c) Automobile wheel rim
d) Model airplanes

Q19. Name the inventor who developed the postage stamp.

a) Rowland Hill
b) Quam Hollista
c)  Ibrahim El-Naiz
d) Heinrich Hertz

Q20. Name the scientist that discovered the radioactive element radium.

a) Albert Einstien
b) Issac Newton
c) Archimedes
d) Marie Curie

Q21. Name the inventor who developed the Electric motor.

a) Rowland Hill
b) Heinrich Hertz
c) William Sturgeon, Emily Davenport, Thomas Davenport, Michael Faraday.
d) Ibrahim El-Naiz

Q22. In which year did the electric chair was invented and by whom?

a) Albert Einstien in 1840
b) Michael Faraday in 1900
c) Marie Curie in 1895
d) Thomas Edison in 1888

Q23. Name the person that invented the Internet.

a) Henry Ford
b) Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf
c) Thomas Savery
d) Benjamin Franklin

Q24. In which year did the atomic bomb was invented and by whom?

a) J. Robert Oppenheimer with his team in 1945
b) John Logie Bord in 1900
c) Thomas Savery in 1895
d) Henry Ford with his team in 1111

Q25. What was invented by Benjamin Franklin and in which year?

a) Telescope, 1945
b) Bifocal spectacles, 1760
c) Microscope, 1895
d) Thermometer, 1111


Here are the answers for all the above questions on inventions and discoveries with answers for classes 1, 2, and 3 that will help them to check their selected answers.

Ans. 1) a2) a3) b4) c
5) a6) d7) d8) c
9) c10) d11) a12) c
13) b14) b15) c16) a
17) b18) b19) a20) d
21) c22) d23) b24) a
25) b

We hope students have got enough knowledge of inventions and discoveries. Since this topic is vast there are many more inventors that you can teach them in class 4. We have suggested the top 30 quizzes which are suitable for grades 1, 2, and 3. Keep practicing these names will help young ones to get confident in life.

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