Myself Essay for Class 3 Kids – 5 to 20 Lines and Big Essay

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Essay writing is a very important part of children’s academics. Whether it is children or adults everyone has to go through this writing phase. In the beginning, you will find essay writing a little difficult but slowly you will enjoy it. Always start with simple topics like my mother, father grandfather, family, and myself. Out of the listed topics, my self essay is the easiest topic, and asked for it most of the time in school tests. So today we are going to take a quick look at myself essay in English for class 3. In this, we will cover 5 lines, 10 lines, and 20 lines and a big essay. So let’s begin with this lesson:

What Are The Things You Can Write in Myself Essay?

In this essay, you can write about your likes and dislikes, your hobby, what you do, which school you go to, what is your dream, what your mom and dad do,  and what challenges you faced in your life. Write about your achievements. Make a list of all mentioned memories, talents, and your favourite food, etc.

How to make Essay Writing step by step on Myself for Class 3 Children?

Here are important points on essay writing on myself for 3rd standard which will help the children to write beautifully. Explain these points nicely to your children before writing on themselves:

  • First, think about yourself.
  • Then write the points that come to your mind and make a rough note of them.
  • The introduction is very important in essay writing. So write a small introduction about yourself.
  • Next start with the body paragraph. In this, you can add all the points mentioned above.
  • Then end your essay with a conclusion.

5 Lines on Myself Essay for Class 3

Here are five lines and 5 sentences on myself for grade 3:

  1. Myself Kiya.
  2. I study in 3rd standard.
  3. My pet’s name is chinu.
  4. I love prawns pulao to eat.
  5. I love cats so much.

Myself Essay in English for Class 3 in 10 Lines

Here are ten lines on myself for grade 3 kids:

  1. My name is Rina.
  2. I am loved by my father most in the family.
  3. I am 7 years old.
  4. I have two elder brothers.
  5. I got a sincere student of the year award in the school.
  6. I also got many sports awards.
  7. I like to dance and sing.
  8. I love to spend time with both brothers.
  9. My favorite food is Chicken curry.
  10. I love mom and dad so much.

20 Lines Essay on Myself for Class 3

Here is myself essay in English for 3rd class children in 20 lines:

  1. My name is Rashi Sharma.
  2. I live in Mumbai city.
  3. I love to do gardening.
  4. I have two siblings younger sister and an elder brother.
  5. My favourite sport is Badminton.
  6. I am an intelligent girl in my class.
  7. I got many prizes in Badminton.
  8. I also got a hard work student award.
  9. My family is very supportive.
  10. They always stood with me.
  11. I love to dance, sing and draw.
  12. I have a cute pet at my home.
  13. He loves to play with me.
  14. I also joined karate.
  15. Poem writing is favourite activity.
  16. I love to eat ice cream.
  17. Street dogs are my favourite.
  18. Spending time with them makes me happy.
  19. I am quiet in nature.
  20. I love myself.

Paragraph on Myself for Class 3 in 100 Words

Here is a short paragraph on myself for class 3 children:

Hello myself Rashmi. I study in 3 standards. My school’s name is XYZ. I live in ABC town. It is a beautiful small town. My family is known as the Desai family. I have 2 sisters. I like to sing, dance, and help my mother. I also have a handsome grandfather who takes care of everything at home. He always stood with me when I face any challenges. I participate in many competitions. I got many experiences by participating in different competitions. Sometimes, I win or lose. I don’t feel bad. My favourite sport is cricket. I love to eat Bombay pav bhaji. I love to spend time at home. They love me so much.

Big Essay on Myself for Class 3 in 300 Words

Here is an example of myself essay for 3rd class:

Hey myself is Ravina. I am 8 years old. I am the 2nd child in my house. My bestfriend are Seeta and Shweta. We all study in the same class. I faced many challenges in my life but I never moved back and tried to solve them with my mother’s help. I learned many things from the challenges. I love to make crafts. My mom taught me many handmade craft designs. My grandma taught me how to grow coriander. She loves gardening. I don’t feel bad when I lose in any competition. I love to eat Bombay paw bhaji. My father brings it when he goes out. I love street dogs. Spending time with them I feel so relaxed. When I meet them I feed them with biscuits. My pet’s name is kuchu. My birthday falls on 13 September. On that day my family plans a birthday surprise. I love surprises so much. I love everyone. I love myself.

My Personality

I am a very intelligent student in my class. I am very energetic and strong and I always stay motivated. I am an active and helpful child in my family.

My Hobbies

I like to dance and play the guitar, and piano. I take part in many dance competitions. I also like to do gardening.

What Makes Me Smile?

Spending time with my family and friend makes me smile. Helping others makes me smile. Playing with street dogs also makes me happy.

What Do I Like About Myself?

I liked it when my mother appreciate me when I helped others in their need. I always reached on time in my school and the teacher always appreciated me for that. I even stayed strong and active in my class. There are many other things I like about myself such as I am good at sports, painting, singing, and dancing as well. I got many prizes in many competitions. I am also a very hardworking girl.

How Myself Essay will help Grade 3 children?

I hope composition on myself for class 3 will help in a lot of ways. Here are a few points on which they will get benefit from these examples:

  • Firstly they will learn about the flow like how to write an essay in a structured manner.
  • These examples will help them in their examination where they can get ideas from the above samples.
  • By reading the points from the above samples they will improve their English language pronunciation and reading skills.
  • They will also get to improve their handwriting.
  • They will get to know themselves better after writing these points.

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