Myself Essay for Class 2 Kids – 5 to 20 Lines and Small Essay

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Writing essays about myself is a great opportunity for the young ones. It is because, on this topic they can write about their hobbies, they can write up their talents, achievements etc. It will help young ones to know themselves better. By looking at this fun activity, today we came up with myself essay in English for class 2. In this, you will get a structured essay sample of 5 lines, 10 lines, 20 lines and a small essay. It will help our little friends to write an interesting and attractive essays about themselves. So let’s go into the details:

How Do You Describe Yourself?

Defining myself can work as an essay activity. So let’s see how to describe yourself:

I am a simple, kind, hardworking and helpful girl. I always help my friends by giving them good advice when they are in problems. I always motivate myself to do good things in life as my mother always taught me how to deal with negative things. I don’t believe in misleading people. I always stay good with everyone and I am helpful towards all.

How to make Essay Writing step by step on Myself for Class 2 Children?

Let’s go through these important points which are given below. These important points will help your children to write essays in a systematic manner:

  • First, make a rough structure of all the points.
  • Start with the introduction paragraph.
  • Write your name, what you do, your hobbies etc.
  • Then write a body paragraph. don’t go too deep in describing a single idea it will make your essay too big.
  • You should cover achievements, challenges, future dreams etc.
  • Frame short sentences for each point.
  • While ending the essay, write a conclusion paragraph.

Myself Essay for Class 2 in 5 Lines

These five lines will help children to write a few lines about themselves:

  1. My name is Kalpa.
  2. I am 7 years old.
  3. I study in primary school.
  4. I love to eat chocolate.
  5. I love to dance badminton.

Myself Essay in 10 Lines for Class 2

Here are ten lines and 10 sentences on myself which will help grade 2 children to write a beautiful essay:

  1. My name is Inayat.
  2. I live in XYZ city.
  3. I live with my grandma, dad, mom, aunt and brother.
  4. I study in primary school.
  5. My favourite subject is Math.
  6. My hobbies are dancing and drawing.
  7. I love to eat puri bhaji and it’s my favourite food.
  8. My favourite sport is baseball.
  9. I also love to watch cartoons.
  10. I love myself.

20 Lines Essay on Myself for Class 2

Here are 20 lines on myself for class 2nd in points. So let’s look at myself essay for 2nd Standard:

  1. My name is Sunita.
  2. I am 8 years old.
  3. I live in ABC city.
  4. I go to school which is near to our house.
  5. My father is a Pilot.
  6. My mother is the best cook.
  7. I study in 2nd standard.
  8. I have 2 best friends in school.
  9. My favourite dish is Pulao and Cholle.
  10. I love to read books.
  11. I got a sincere student award in school.
  12. I have long hair.
  13. Besides reading I love to paint.
  14. I also love to travel.
  15. I have travelled to many places.
  16. We have a cute pet dog.
  17. I want to become the police.
  18. And also want to make my grandma, mom, dad and brother proud.
  19. My parents always motivated me for good things.
  20. I love myself so much.

Paragraph on Myself for Class 2 in 100 Words

Here is a short myself essay writing in 100 words for grade 2:

My name is Tanvi. I am 8 years old. I am the smallest girl in the house. I go to primary school which is near to our house. I have many friends in school but my best friend is Sushila. I have two cute sisters who are older than me. I like to draw and sing. I participate in many competitions. I win many competitions. My favourite dish is chicken crispy. My mother is a cook and my father is a pilot. I am the simplest girl in the family. I like to watch cartoons. In future, I want to become a Maths teacher.

Easy Short Essay on Myself for Class 2 in 300 Word

Let’s look at the examples of my essay for grade 2:

Hey myself is Esha. I love to travel. I am 7 old. I am an elder in the family. I have two younger brothers. I go to primary school. All my family calls me Eshu. I am a simple girl in the family. My favourite dish is chicken and pulao. I love to sing, dance and act. I got many prizes for dancing. Besides this, I also got prizes for the quiz competition. When chicken and pulao are made I don’t go anywhere I sit at home and finish it all. I love to play badminton, cricket etc. I have an uncle and aunt who loves me so much. They teach me lots of new things. My aunt teaches crafts like flower Jhumar, Gift making etc. I am the most loved girl in the family. I love myself so much.

What Makes Me Happy?

Seeing my family happy makes me happy. Playing with the dog and my brother makes me happy. Travelling with my family also makes me happy also doing crafts with my brother and helping mom in gardening makes me happy.

My Ambitions

I want to become an army officer in the Indian army and want to serve the nation. I want my mom and dad to feel proud of me. Everyone should know them by my name. Also, I want to become a good daughter of the nation. And I want to motivate those kids who run away from their dream because of problems.

Why Is It Important To Be Yourself?

It’s important because your life is in your hand you should live how you want. Live like king don’t worry about what others think. Don’t care about others. It’s their job to put down when they want to do new things in life. Always motivate yourself and stay away from negative people.

How Myself Essay will help Grade 2 children?

I hope my younger one has got enough information about myself. This composition will help as a reference and will also help children, in many ways:

  • They will understand and know themselves better at a young age.
  • They will freely able to express themselves to others confidently.

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