Myself Essay for Class 1 Kids – 5 to 10 Lines and Small Essay

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Writing essays on my mother, brother, sister, father, and others are all very common topics that are usually asked in school tests or competitions, and one such common topic is writing about myself. it’s the best activity where children can write about themselves, their qualities and so on. By looking at this topic we have come up with some beautiful examples of my self essay in English for class 1 which will help kids to write or arrange their sentences in a proper manner. This example will lighten their burden about how to write essays about themselves for class 1. Writing a paragraph at this small age is great and good work. So let’s go through this reference.

What are the main points that can be written in My Self Essay for Grade 1?

While writing my self essay we should always focus on the personality. This is the main point that should be covered in my self essay. So let’s look at other main points that can be written within this paragraph:

  • As you are writing an essay on yourself you should cover points like challenges you face,  your interest, what you like etc.
  • Name of Yourself.
  • What is your age?
  • Name of your mother and father.
  • Name of your school.
  • In which class you are studying?
  • Your favourite subjects.
  • Your favourite sport.
  • Your favourite playing time.
  • Your favourite food.
  • Your best friends.
  • Your pets.
  • Then create a beautiful outline of an essay by following the above points.

How to make Essay Writing step by step on Myself for Children?

To make essay writing simple keep these few points while writing an essay. So let’s look at this certain points:

  • First, note down the points which are written above.
  • From the written points make a structure like what examples you will be covering. For example, 5 lines, 10 lines, and a short essay.
  • First, remember to start an essay by writing a short introductory paragraph of around 100 words.
  • After starting the introduction paragraph, begin with the body by adding the points “name of yourself, how old are you, which school you go to and which class are you in etc”.
  • Always remember don’t go too deep into any single idea or point. Keep it short. This will help them to work on their word count.
  • End the essay by writing a short conclusion.

5 Lines On Myself For Class 1 Kids

Here are five lines on myself for grade 1 that will help as a reference for children while writing an essay.  So let’s look at these 5 sentences about myself:

  1. My name is Riva.
  2. I like to dance, sing and cook.
  3. My favourite dish is Rajma Chawal.
  4. I am studying at “XYZ” school and in 1st class.
  5. In the family all calls me chinu.

10 Lines On Myself For Class 1

These 10 lines on myself for grade 1 will give ideas to the children. Let’s take a quick look at 10 sentences:

  1. My name is Sheena.
  2.  I am 6 years old and loved by everyone in the family.
  3. I have a small brother whose name is Sohan.
  4. I love to swim, cook and dance
  5. I love spending time with my family.
  6. I like to help my father with garden work.
  7. I have two best friends one is Meera and Rashmi.
  8.  Every year my birthday comes on 13 March.
  9.  I live in the small city of Goa.
  10.  I love my family so much.

Short Essay on Myself for Class 1 in 250 Word

Here is my self essay in 200 words for 1st grade. Use this essay as a reference, it will help you how to write myself paragraph on this topic:

Hey guys myself Niya. l am 7 years old. I am the first-born girl in the family and I have an elder brother. I live in a small family. I have a grandmother who loves us a lot and takes care of us. I go to the school which is near to our house. I go to school with my neighbour friend Sanika. I have two friends Seeta and Shweta. We all study in the same class. My favourite subject is English and my toughest subject is math. I face lots of challenges while solving maths calculations and my friend always helped with my homework.  I like to dance and participate in various competitions. Sometimes I win and sometimes I don’t feel bad when I lose. Besides dance, I also like to write essays and do the painting. My parents always motivate me for good work. I learn things from my grandmother like making ladoos, stitching, gardening etc. My favourite dish is Pulav. When my mother makes Pulav at home I don’t get sleep. Everyone will find me in the kitchen with a plate full of Pulav. We are five members in the family me, my father, my mother, my grandmother and my elder brother. I am the most loved girl in the family. My dream is to become an air hostess when I grow up. My favourite playtime is in the evening when my neighbour’s friend and my best friends play cricket together. We have 2 pets in the house Cat “Chuku” and Dog “Blake”. I love them a lot

How Myself Essay will help children?

We hope that young ones have got enough references which they can use while writing essays. This will help young ones in personal and educational ways:

  • Writing a composition about myself will give chance to the children to display my points in front of people.
  • It will give them chance to write their feelings into words.
  • It will help them to know themselves better like who are their best friends, who help them, and what are their likes and dislikes.
  • It will improve their spelling, grammar and writing skills.
  • They will get a chance to work on their thinking process.
  • My self paragraph writing will help them to prepare for an interview in advance as it covers a lot of points.
  • Paragraph writing at a young age will help children to work on their fine motor skills.
  • It will also help children to know in advance what they wanna become in future.

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