My Village Essay For Kids – 5 to 20 Lines & Big Essay

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Essay writing is a very important skill for all children as it helps them to work on their thinking skills and improve their English language. Teachers give topics for essay writing to increase young ones’ knowledge and understanding of the value of that topic. An essay on a village is a very common topic that is asked in school tests to the children to understand the importance of villages and how they are different from cities. In this article, we are going to focus on my village essay in English for classes 1, 2, and 3. So let’s begin with this writing.

What Is Village?

It is an area that is found in a rural area that is surrounded by nature, where people work in the field, and children play with mud toys. It is a place where we can breathe fresh air, a place that is surrounded by rivers and ponds. The houses in village areas are built by using old methods including mud, clay, tree bark, branches, etc where people live with their children and family. It is a place where you can roam freely.

How to make essay writing step by step on My Village for children?

Essay writing on the village is an interesting topic where young ones can write their essay in a more interesting way as they have to live in this place but they are confused about how to start with it. So here are some points which will make essay writing simpler:

  • Collect more information about your village from your parents.
  • Write it on your rough page and make a rough outline.
  • The start with an intro paragraph. Write a small intro paragraph on your village.
  • Then write a body paragraph.
  • End with conclusion

5 Lines on My Village for Class 1

Here are five lines on my village for grade 1 children:

  1. My village’s name is Khargal.
  2. It is a beautiful place full of peace everywhere.
  3. People in my area celebrate all functions together.
  4. My village is surrounded by nature and can see so many birds everywhere in the trees.
  5. I love my village.

My Village Essay in 10 Lines

Here are ten lines on my village and my town essay for grade 2 kids:

  1. Life in the village is a peaceful life.
  2. My village’s name is ABC.
  3. It is a small place.
  4. Around 200 people live in my village.
  5. There is all greenary all around my home.
  6. Most of them do farming and grow varieties of vegetables and rice and other fruits.
  7. My village has a nearby good ayurvedic hospital.
  8. From outside cities, many people visit this hospital for treatment as the medicines are created by villagers.
  9. Everyone is very helpful and comes together to help each one of us.
  10. I love to live in my peaceful village.

My Village Essay in English in 20 Lines

Here are essays on my village and my hometown for class 1, class 2, and class 3 children:

  1. My village is a beautiful village in this world.
  2. My village’s name is Paiginium.
  3. Paiginium is a little far away from the city.
  4. It is a very small area.
  5. Around 250 people live in this village.
  6. My village is fully surrounded by nature.
  7. We can see all birds everywhere chirping all time on trees.
  8. There are so many falls around my area.
  9. We love to go there and spend time over there.
  10. Every weekend does a small family picnic near the falls.
  11. Different flower bloom in our village in different seasons.
  12. Many people visit our village during July time to see greenary and water flowing in every part of the village.
  13. All people live here peacefully.
  14. We have a sarpanch in our village who helps us with every problem that comes into villagers’ life.
  15. Our village has better electricity and has a better road facility.
  16. There are lots of small shops near my house that sells vegetables, rice, fruits, etc.
  17. We have big schools in our village.
  18. All villagers celebrate all functions full of joy.
  19. I am proud to live in my Paiginium village.
  20. I love my village.

My Village Essay in English 150 words

Here are paragraphs about my village for classes 1, 2, and 3 in 100 words to 150 words for children:

India is known as a country of villages. My village’s name is Satara. It is a beautiful village located in the middle of the state. Satara is surrounded by beautiful nature and waterfalls which attracts many tourists. There are a lot of varieties of bird species that can be seen here. People specially come here to take photographs of birds and waterfalls and spend lovely weekends with their special ones. Around 1000 tourists visit our village every month to take the peace. This has helped my village a lot in developing in every way. Our village is an agricultural place. People in our village grow vegetables, rice, fruits, etc. All vegetables and other things are exported all over India. We have a small temple of Ganesh. This temple is decorated on every Ganesh Chaturthi. Everyone leaves here happily and is helpful. I love my village so much.

Short My Village Essay in 200 Words

Here is my village essay for class 1 and class 2 in 200 words:

My village’s name is Fatepur. This village is surrounded by mountains and full of greenary all over the side. Fatepur is described in many storybooks and I am lucky to born in my village. My village is an agricultural area. Many vegetables and other crops are grown here and exported all over India. Some tourist especially comes here to see all crops grown and to see the view. We have a lot of small waterfalls surrounded by greenary. Many tourists visit our village to see these waterfalls and greenary and take a lot of pictures for their memories. We also have a river where a lot of water activities are done like rafting, kayaking, etc. More than 300 people live in this village. We have a sarpanch who takes care of all over problems and provides solutions to villagers. His name is Shamu because of him our village has developed in many ways. We have one primary school and one high school in our village. All people here live happily together. They don’t differentiate people, by their caste and religion. They celebrate every festival together. In our village, Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi are celebrated very grandly and everyone dresses very well. I am great full to live in this village.

Big Essay on My Village in 250 Words

Here is my village essay writing for class 3 children:

My village is a very beautiful place. It is like heaven and is surrounded by beautiful mountains and greenary. A beautiful river flows along our village. This river makes it more beautiful. My village attracts many tourists from different states. Around 2000 tourists visit our village every month. Everyone lives together. All people stand together to help each one of us. People of our village have their own businesses. Some grow vegetables, fruits, and other crops, some people sell their own created ayurvedic medicine, and some sell flowers, etc. They even make many food items and sell them. The women in the village help with household work when there is a function in anyone’s house. The village has better health facilities and transport facilities. I love my village. I feel proud to live in my village.

Where Is My Village Belong To?

My village is located at a hill station which is far away from the city. The area is surrounded by a lot of trees and greenery everywhere.

Why My Village is Beautiful?

My village is beautiful because all people here live together. They don’t believe in differentiation. They celebrate all festivals together. We have a lot of small waterfalls here. We even have a lot of green views where we can take good pictures. We have a beautiful big river where a lot of colorful bird species come to the river to drink water in that river. If we are lucky we can even get to see wild animals. We even have a zoo in my village.

How My Village will essay help Class 1, 2, and 3 Children?

We hope compositions about my village for classes 1, 2, and 3 will help the children to write a beautiful essay on my village. This essay helped children in a lot of ways:

  • They will understand the importance of living in the village.
  • They will also learn how people live here equally.

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