My Sister Essay for Kids – 5 to 10 Lines & Big Essay

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Sisters are special in everyone’s life. Whether it is a young or elder sister everyone respects them. They are like a mother to all their children and they considered themselves special friends. Writing paragraphs on my sister at a young age is beneficial to the children as it increases their knowledge which will help them in their future. So here we have come up with some examples of my sister’s essay for classes 1, 2, and 3 which will help your children to write the perfect essay.

Who is Sister?

She is a female sibling. She can be a young or elder one. who is born from the same parents, who is called the second mother of young siblings, who is like a best friend to their brother and sisters and loved by everyone in the family? She is caring, supportive, and always helpful whenever you need her.

How to make essay writing step by step on my Sister for children?

While writing essays children must remember a few points which will improve their writing skills. Here is a simple point that will make essay writing simply:

  • Let the children write key points on what comes to their mind first when they think of her.
  • Then start with writing an introduction with a 100 to 150 words paragraph.
  • In the Intro paragraph ask your children to write about their sister’s name, hobby, and what she does whether studying or working.
  • In the body part write how she helps mom, how she helps your family, her behavior, etc.
  • You can also use quotes while writing your essay.
  • End your essay with a short conclusion

5 Line on My Sister in English

These five lines on young sister will give ideas to your younger one to write an imaginative essay:

  1. My sister’s name is Neha.
  2. She is 4 years younger than me.
  3. She likes to dance.
  4. We both go to the same school.
  5. She is very good at her studies and everyone loves her most.

10 Lines on My Sister in English

These are ten lines on the elder sister. Use these lines for reference while essays writing:

  1. My sister’s name is Shweta.
  2. She is 5 years older than me.
  3. She studies in a high school which is near to our house.
  4. We both go to school on the bus together and come home together.
  5. She likes to draw, dance, sing, etc.
  6. She is loved by everyone in the home.
  7. She is very caring and friendly with everyone.
  8. She helps me with my studies.
  9. We both do gardening on Sunday mornings.
  10. I love her so much.

My Sister Essay in 100 Words

Let’s read this my sister paragraph which helps your small children to write a beautiful short essay:

“There is no better friend than a sister” Yes she is the best friend of a younger sibling. Sisters are precious gifts that are given by god to us. She is like a diamond and her name is Heena. She is a very good person. She is four years older than me and studies in higher school. She loves to sing, listen to songs write essays, etc. She always helps me with my studies. She is is very kind to street dogs. She feeds them with biscuits whenever she meets them. I share everything with her. She helps my mother with their kitchen work. I love her very much.

Big Essay on My Sister in 500 Words

Let’s look at this essay on my elder sister in English.

My sister’s name is Mansvi. She is 10 years older than me and goes to high secondary school. She always motivated me to become a good person. We light with each other but never get demotivated each other. I trust her blindly. She helps my mother with her work. She likes to dance. She is a good dancer and always brings a prize whenever she goes to a competition. She makes delicious food that is liked by everyone in the family. I can’t imagine living without her, whenever she goes to granny’s house I miss her so much. I call her every day. when we both are alone at home we do lots of enjoyment we dance together, do a fashion show, etc. On Sunday we both do gardening we have planted many plants so far. She always encourages me to do good things and always helps needy people. Everyone loves her so much. She is like a good friend with whom you can share everything and anything. She is also a teacher. She teaches me lots of new things. I wish she lives a better and longer life.

Why is sister important to you?

She is Important because she always supports me whenever I am in trouble. Your elder one teaches you how to face the difficulties in life while your younger one teaches you how to enjoy your life with no worries. Talking to her makes me so feel relaxed. No one can better understand you than your sister. She knows your likes and dislikes everything.

What is the Role of the Elder Sister?

She looks after you and your health. She knows everything. She helps you with everything. She is like the second mother, careful, and respects others. She is a role model for the siblings. When some children lose their parents at a young age the elder sister act as a parent to her siblings and she takes care of the younger ones and grows up them into good human being.

How Will My Sister’s essay help Children?

We hope kids must have got enough knowledge about how to write My sister’s essay.  This will help little ones in many ways:

  • My sister’s composition will help them to develop their thinking capacity at an early age.
  • Writing essays at this early age is suitable for children as it helps them to put their thoughts into paper
  • This essay will give teach them the importance of the young and elder sisters.
  • The essay will help little ones to understand the value of the sister.
  • They will learn many things from their sisters like how to respect elders, how to be kind towards animals, and many more things.

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