My School Essay for Class 3 Kids – 5 to 20 Lines and Big Essay

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In today’s life, the word education becomes more important to achieve success· Education upgrades our skills and school is the place where you get an education and also get to develop your skills. School is the best place to develop your personality. So today we will take a quick look at the school essays in more detail. This article will give you essays like 5 lines, 10 lines, 20 lines, and a big essay. So let’s go through my school essay in English for class 3:

What Is School?

It is an institution where you can develop your personality and language. It gives valuable knowledge and helps to develop and upgrade skills. It is a place where all go for education. It is an institution where you can see the learning environment. It is a universal institution because it is found in every city and country.

How to make Essay Writing step by step on My School for Class 3 Children?

Essay writing is quite an essay activity. To make it simple here are some points which you should keep in your mind:

  • Ask your teacher about the school like when it was built, its founder, etc.
  • Jot down all points in one rough book and make a rough outline of those points.
  • Then start your essay with an introduction paragraph.
  • Then write a body paragraph don’t go into detail using a single idea it will make your essay too long.
  • End your essay with a short summarizing conclusion.

My School Essay for Class 3 in 5 Lines

Here are five lines and 5 sentences on my school for grade 3:

  1. My school is located in the middle of Panjim city.
  2. It is well-known in the entire state.
  3. Every year teachers organize different competitions for all children.
  4. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden.
  5. It has many teachers.

My School Essay in English for Class 3 in 10 Lines

Let’s see these ten lines on my school for grade 3 will help children writing on their school essays:

  1. My school’s name is ABC.
  2. It is located in my city.
  3. One of the most famous schools in the entire town.
  4. Children from other cities come here to study.
  5. Our teachers celebrate every festival with great enjoyment.
  6. We have a big library.
  7. Many teachers come from different parts of the city to teach us.
  8. It is painted pink in color.
  9. Our principle is XYZ.
  10. I love to go to this school.

20 Lines Essay on My School for Class 3

Here are 20 lines essay on my school for 3rd class:

  1. My school’s name is XYZ.
  2. It is located in XYZ taluka of Goa.
  3. It is a beautiful school in the entire Goa.
  4. It is colored with blue and white color.
  5. It was built in 1996 when I was not born.
  6. It was founded by XYZ.
  7. His photo is there at the entrance.
  8. We have a big gate, through which we all enter the school.
  9. While entering school you will come across a beautiful garden.
  10. It is filled with beautiful flower plants.
  11. When we celebrate environment day, that day we planted beautiful flower plants here.
  12. We have a big playground which is located in front of our class.
  13. We have many teachers.
  14. They are friendly to us.
  15. They teach us beautifully.
  16. Our teachers celebrate the new year with great enjoyment.
  17. Our annual gathering is celebrated every year.
  18. We all love to study here.
  19. I have 2 besties Sheela and Ankit.
  20. I love my school.

Paragraph on My School for Class 3 in 100 Words

Here is my school short essay for class 3 that will help children like references:

School is the place of education. Here you can develop your personality. My school’s name is Shree ABC. it is the most famous in Goa. It is an English medium school. Children from other states and cities come there to study. Teaching is so good that it attracts many children. The total strength of children in school is 300. It is painted white and brown in color. We celebrate the school’s birthday every year on 20 December. On that day, we keep many competitions for other school students. While entering the school you will come across a big garden. Many passed-out students planted beautiful flower plants. Our teachers celebrate many festivals. I am great full to study at this school

Big Essay on My School for Class 3 in 500 Words

Let’s look at the quick examples of my school essay for 3rd class:

The name of the school is XYZ. It is situated close to our house. It opens at 8.00 AM. We all go to school at 7.46 AM. We have a big auditorium where we all gather together for prayer. After morning prayer all children go to their classes. This is the most famous school in the city. It is surrounded by beautiful nature and painted blue and pink in color. It is an English medium school. Because of this many students from other cities comes here to study. It is the only English medium institute in the city. We have 20 teachers. All teacher teaches the different subject. We have a big library that is attached to my classroom. It is filled with lots of knowledgeable books. The strength of our school is 350. Teaching is so good that it attracts many children. It organizes many cultural programs and also organizes many sports activities. This institution was founded by XYZ and was built in 1970. It is the best institution in the entire state. It is a diamond in the city.

What Is the Importance Of Education?

Education is very important for both girls and boys, as it helps them to develop their personality. It helps us to become good citizens. It provides stability in life. It gives you knowledge. A well-educated person gets respect in society. It also contributes to human development.

What Makes My School Famous?

There are many schools located in the city but my school is unique. It has a big playground where other school matches take place. Our teachers are well-educated. Some teachers have got awards for being good teachers. It works in a systematic manner.

How Many Teachers Are There In My School?

We have total teachers of 20. Each teacher teaches different subjects.

Why It Is Important To Go To School?

It is important to go to school because nowadays education has become more important. Without education, society will point you always. School helps us to develop our skills. It makes our dream come true.

My Best Memories In My School

I have many memories of school. One of my favorite memorable memories was Christmas day celebrations. It was the best day because I got 5 prizes on that day. I have never got this many prizes in my life and out of which two prizes were unexpected.

How My School Essay will help Grade 3 children?

I hope my little friends have got enough information on my school essay. This composition on my school for class 3 will help in many ways:

  • Writing an essay in small age helps them to prepare for their future writing.
  • It increases their thinking capabilities.
  • It improves their grammar skills.
  • Increase writing speed.

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