My School Essay for Class 2 Kids – 5 to 20 Lines and Small Essay

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After hearing the name of the school, the young ones jump with joy because they get to learn new things and get new friends, etc. Education is very important in everyone’s life and this education we get from school. School prepares students for the future in many ways such as building good communication skills, teaching calculations, and standing in front of all. So looking at this we decide to write an essay on my school. In this, we are going to learn about my school essay in English for class 2 in detail. In this article, you will get to learn 5 lines, 10 lines, and 20 lines, and a small essay that will work as a reference for young ones.

How Do You Describe Your School?

The building of schools is very huge. It is surrounded by nature. Where education is taught by using different equipment. Where your teacher teaches you with great interest. The institution where you get lots of knowledge. School education is provided by teachers and sir with all the facilities for students. It is not only about studying inside the classroom. It also can be done in nature or in the house. House is the first school for all the children.

How to make Essay Writing step by step on My School for Class 2 Children?

Here are some useful points which can be helpful for children to write their essay step by step:

  • Ask your little ones to write some points that they remember about their school.
  • Then start with your essay, first start writing the intro paragraph.
  • In the intro paragraph, you can add the name and locations of the school.
  • Then next comes the body you can write when it starts, who is principal.
  • End your school essay with a conclusion.

My School Essay for Class 2 in 5 Lines

Here are beautiful five lines and 5 sentences on my school for grade 2:

  1. My school name is Shree Nirakar.
  2. It is located near the beachside.
  3. From the top of the school, one can see a beach view.
  4. Our teachers are very nice
  5. I love my school so much.

My School Essay for Class 2 in 10 Lines

Ten lines can be used fully for the children. These ten lines on my school for grade 2 will help them to write 10 sentences quickly:

  1. My school name is Shree XYE Vidyalaya.
  2. It is a well-known and popular school in ABC city.
  3. Children from other cities come here.
  4. It is situated near the temple.
  5. Our teachers celebrate all religious festivals.
  6. It is painted blue in color.
  7. It was built in 1995.
  8. Our teachers are kind-hearted.
  9. I go to school every day
  10. It is the most loved school in this city.

20 Lines Essay on My School for Class 2

Here is my school essay for class 2nd in 20 points which will help little ones to write my school essay for 2nd standard.

  1. My school is located 2km away from my house.
  2. Shree XYZ is my school name.
  3. It is located in the city.
  4. It is a beautiful school in this city.
  5. It is colored with blue color.
  6. Our school has a big playground.
  7. It is surrounded by beautiful nature.
  8. We have a beautiful garden in front of the class.
  9. We have 20 teachers and my class has 4 teachers.
  10. They are kind-hearted and help each and every child.
  11. We have a beautiful temple connected to our school.
  12. We have a big library with all the available books.
  13. Our teachers celebrate all festivals with students.
  14. It was built in 1995.
  15. Its foundation was led by XYZ.
  16. We have a huge computer lab with a lot of other equipment.
  17. I have two best friends in my class Samira and Saniya.
  18. It is the best and most famous school in our area.
  19. I am grateful to study at this popular institute.
  20. We love our school so much.

Easy Short Essay on My School for Class 2 in 350 Word

Here is an example of my school for grade 2 in 350 words that will be helpful for 2nd class to write about my school:

The place where we learn lessons about how to grow up in life is our school. My school’s name is XYZ. It is located in ABC city. It is colored with pink color. On both sides, it is surrounded by a beach and another side it is surrounded by beautiful nature. It is the best and most famous school in the city. It is the 2nd in this taluka. Our school celebrates all festivals with great enjoyment. While entering you will come across a beautiful garden. We have a big playground at the back of the classroom. We celebrate our annual gathering every year in December. It was built in 1994. We love our school so much.

What School Means To Me?

School gives wings to your dreams. We get to learn lots of things from school. Teachers grow you into a good human being. Teachers become your parents and friend. School is like a beautiful place where we create a lot of good memories. You get many good friends.

My Best Day At My School

The best day was when I won a dance competition. I was surprised because there were many good participants who participated in this competition. It was a very tough competition. When the result was about to announce. I closed my ears and suddenly I heard first place goes to me that time I got shocked and jumped with full of happiness.

Why We Should Go To School?

We should go to school because we get lots of practical knowledge which we don’t get at home and going to school is important because teachers teach us a lot of new things such as working on calculations, improving reading and writing skills, and standing in front of other students and talk, etc. If we don’t study we will end up doing nothing in life and will feel uneducated.

Why I Love My School?

I love my school because it always supported me in different competitions and taught me a lot of interesting things. It motivated me to do good things. School is like my second home. They take care of me and teach me a lot of new concepts every year.

How My School Essay will help Grade 2 children?

This composition on my school for class 2 will help in many ways:

  • Children will understand the importance of education.
  • They will also understand the value of teachers and how they play important role in their life.

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