My School Essay for Class 1 Kids – 5 to 10 Lines and Small Essay

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The word “Education” is very important in everyone’s life. Without knowledge, we are nothing in this world, and this valuable knowledge we get from an institution called School. It is an institution where children are taught many languages and how to be disciplined and to be good with people in a nation. So today we are going to write an essay about my school. Children are usually asked to write about their school in essay format. So we decide to cover 5 lines, 10 lines, and a small essay on my school in English for class 1. So let’s begin with these examples:

What is School Education and How its Different from Home Education?

School education is a progressive education. It is filled with lots of knowledge. It is an institution where teachers teach you new things which are not taught at home. In this education, various types of equipment are used to teach children. It is very different from home education. Whereas in home education, most parents focus on one child whereas, in institutions, teachers have to focus on every child. Home education is education that is provided by parents & school education is education that is provided by teachers with all the facilities.

How to make Essay Writing step by step on My School for Children?

Here are some important points on how to write essays about school for 1st class which will make essay writing in step by step manner:

  • First, get all the details and write them on a rough paper. Use these details while writing your essay.
  • Then make a proper structure for the essay.
  • In the structure, you should write the Introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • The introduction paragraph should be small don’t go too deep into any single idea, which will make the intro paragraph big.
  • Then write the body paragraph you can mention the institution’s location, when it was built, who is principal, special things about it, etc.
  • and finally, end your essay with a small conclusion.

Essay on My School 5 lines in English for Class 1

Here are five lines on my school for grade 1 that will help to write 5 sentences about my school:

  1. My school’s name is XYZ.
  2. It is located near to our house.
  3. It is a beautiful location surrounded by a huge garden.
  4. We have many teachers.
  5. It is painted blue in color.

My School Essay for Class 1 in 10 Lines

Let’s see these ten lines on my school for grade 1 which will be helpful for the children to write 10 sentences on school:

  1. My school is a little away from our house.
  2. My teacher is a very good person.
  3. I have 2 best friends in my class Sima and Ankita.
  4. We all students and teachers celebrate all festivals with great excitement.
  5. We have a big library.
  6. It is painted pink in color.
  7. We have a big hostel which is attached to our school.
  8. We have a big playground.
  9. I love going to school so much.
  10. We go for a picnic in a different spot.

My School Short Essay for Class 1 in 450 Word

So let’s take a quick look at a simple essay for grade 1 which will help my younger friends to write my school paragraph:

It is a place where we learn lessons in life. Where we spend lots of time learning new things. Yes, it’s school. My school’s name is XYZ. It is the only school in our town and located near to our house. By walking, I reach my class. It is surrounded by beautiful nature. While entering class, you will come across a beautiful garden filled with colored flowers. We have a playground which is situated behind the garden. We celebrate all festivals with great enjoyment. While talking about our teachers, our teachers are good and they are very kind-hearted. They always help us with our studies. We have a big library and all kinds of information are available in that library. I have many friends in my class. We go for a tour in the Christmas holiday. I like to come to this institution because it has given me lots of things that I didn’t get anywhere.

Why Do We Go to School?

We go to school to gain lots of knowledge. By standing and studying with lots of students we get lots of ideas. Teachers taught us a lot of things such as how to be disciplined, how to respect elders, how to be organized, how to come to class on time etc. We even get education on how to speak up in front of all confidently. Teachers play very important roles in school. They are our main mentors. Without education, we don’t have any value in society. So education is very important. We only get good memories from school.

What are the Things that School teaches Us?

School teaches us basic manners like how to be disciplined, and how to build our personality. How to be friendly and respected towards all. It also teaches us what is the good and bad thing which we shouldn’t focus on. It also teaches us how to live in society and how to speak, read and write. How to stand up in front of all by sharing our points confidently. It also prepares us for a better job. It also teaches us to do teamwork and to help others when they are stuck with their homework.

Why Do I Love My School?

It is a well-known school in our colony. It teaches me new things which I use to increase my knowledge. The school organizes many competitions in which I love to participate. They always supported me to go to competitions and every time I win because of their support. I love going to my class because there I meet my friends and play with them.

How My School Essay will help children?

We hope kids have got enough knowledge from composition about my school. Learning about school is a good thing. Writing essays at this small age will make them put their thoughts into paper. After going through this your children will get knowledge like:

  • The essay for grade 1 will help them to write systematically.
  • It will increase their thinking knowledge.
  • Children will understand the value of school.

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