My Neighbour Essay For Kids – 5 to 20 Lines & Big Essay

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An important activity that is asked in school for every child is essay writing. Different essays are given to children for exams and competitions. It is given to check their imagination and thinking towards that topic. It is an important activity and plays a major role in developing their language. Essay writing also increases knowledge and helps in learning the English language. Children required references while writing essays on topics like village, neighbours etc. So today I have come up with a reference on neighbours which would be useful for the children to write about their neighbours. In this article, we are going to take a quick look at my neighbour’s essay in English for classes 1, 2 and 3. So let’s begin:

What Is Neighbour?

The true meaning of a neighbour is the people who live near or close to your house. They are like a family. They celebrate lots of festivals with us. They are the one who helps us every time. They wish you good health.

How to make essay writing step by step on My Neighbour for children?

Use this important point while writing paragraphs on people who are close to your house. It will help your children to write an essay about their neighbours:

  • Start with the intro paragraph.
  • The Intro paragraph is very important while writing an essay on any topic.
  • In an intro paragraph introduce your neighbour.
  • You can describe lots of points in a long essay.
  • Next, write a body paragraph•
  • In the body paragraph, writes about their behaviour and how they help your family etc.
  • Frame attractive sentences.
  • End the essay with a conclusion

5 Lines on My Neighbour for Class 1

Here are five lines on my neighbour for grade 1 kids:

  1. My neighbour’s family is known as the Desai family.
  2. They are very close to our family.
  3. Desai’s family always help us if we have any issues in life.
  4. They have a total 5 five member in their house.
  5. All of them are very helpful.

My Neighbour Essay in 10 Lines

Here are ten lines on my neighbour for grade 1 and grade 2 children:

  1. My neighbour’s family name is Mr Sokla.
  2. They have a total of 4 members in their house.
  3. Uncle, aunty and their 2 children those older than me.
  4. They go to high school.
  5. His wife is very good and I call him aunty.
  6. My mother and she goes for walking.
  7. Their kids come to our house to play with me.
  8. Their house is opposite our house.
  9. They are very helpful.
  10. We celebrate every festival together.

My Neighbour Essay in English in 15 Lines

Here is an essay on my neighbour for class 1, class 2 and class 3:

  1. Our neighbour’s family name is Mr Kapoor.
  2. All the members of their house are very good and kind-hearted.
  3. They have a total of 3 members in their house.
  4. Uncle works as a navy officer and his wife is a housewife.
  5. He has 1 son.
  6. His son’s name is harsh.
  7. He is bigger than me and goes to high school.
  8. He always helps me with my studies.
  9. His wife is a very sweet person.
  10. She brings chocolate when she goes out.
  11. We all celebrate our festival with enjoyment.
  12. They also have a very cute pet dog name Beku.
  13.  When I come home from school I go to play with the dog and harsh.
  14. Sometimes we all go together for a beach picnic.
  15. They are a helpful family.

Paragraph on My neighbourhood essay in English 100 words

Here is a paragraph about my neighbour for classes 1, 2 and 3 in 100 words to 150 words:

Neighbours are the people who plays important role in our life. They are like angels who help us in an emergency. My neighbours are good people. They are very kind-hearted people. Our neighbour’s family are known as Mr Naik. They are friendly people. They have a total of 3 members in the house. Mr Naik and his wife and their 1 son. Mr Naik treats me like his daughter. He is a teacher in a school which is near to our house. He is also my maths teacher. His wife is a chef. She takes orders of food when there is a program in the surroundings. We all celebrate the festival together. They are dog lovers. They have 3 cute pet dogs in their house. His son always comes to play with me. I am lucky to have them as our neighbours.

Short Essay on My Neighbour Essay in 200 Words

Here is a short paragraph about my neighbourhood for class 1 and class 2:

One feels safe and secure when there is a neighbour living near you. They are helpful and positive and motivate you every time. Having a neighbour like Mr Desoza is a blessing. They are the best neighbour I have ever seen in my life. They have helped us many times. Mr Desoza is an army officer. He is a very sweet person. He is married and has 2 children. He has a father and mother. His one daughter is older than me and another is smaller than me. The smallest name is Shisha. She is a very good girl. We both go to play in the evening. His older daughter is studying in college. She always helps me and her sister with our homework. Whenever they go for an outing they call me. Also, we go together for a picnic every weekend with them. Her wife and my mother are good friends. They both go for walking together. They also go shopping. They are a good and big family. They are cat lovers. They have many cats in their house. We all celebrate festivals together. They are a very loving family. His father and mother treat me like their daughter. They give me gifts at the festival. We celebrate the New Year with great excitement with them. I love my neighbour.

Big Essay on My Neighbour in 300 Words

Here is my neighbour’s essay writing for class 3 kids:

My neighbour’s family name is Mr Kailash. They are a total of 3 members in their house. Their house is a big very. Mr Kailash is a very good person. He is a teacher in a school which is near to our house. He teaches me Maths in our school. His house is very close to our house. He has a daughter and her name is Kiara. She always comes to my home to play in the evening along with her pet. Mr Kailash’s family are very helpful people. They never made us sad. They are very funny people. Whenever they meet us they crack jokes and without laughing no one goes. Kiara’s mother prepares delicious biryani. Whenever she cooks biryani. She especially comes to my home to give it to me. My mother and she are very good friends. They always share their problems with each other and find solutions to them. Every weekend we all go for dinner at our favourite restaurant. There we share our quality time with them. We also keep Kitty’s party on Sunday to make our bond more stringer. They are an animal lover. They have many pet animals like a dog, cat, cow, parrot etc. When I come from school got to their house, and play with them.

Benefits of Having Good Neighbours

They help us in emergency times. Having neighbours one feel safe and secure. They give you food materials when you have a shortage. Whenever we are not there at home, they take care of our house. They are good sources of advice.

How do Neighbours Help Us?

They bring a sense of security. They help us when one is not well by providing good food and medicine. They provide security to our house and our children when we are not there at home. They are very supportive.

How My Neighbour essay will help Children?

I hope my little friends have got enough information on my neighbour’s essay. It will help as a reference. This composition on my neighbour will help them in many ways:

  • Increase knowledge on the topic they write about where they will able to improve their grammar skills.
  • They will able to express their words on paper.
  • They will be able to understand the value of neighbours.

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