My Mother Essay for Class 3 Kids – 5 to 20 Lines and Big Essay

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Mother is a special person in everyone’s life. She is an important woman. No one can take better care of their children than a mother. No one can understand better than our mom. She sacrifices her happiness for her kids. Mother’s word is filled with emotion. So today we are going to take a quick look at my mother’s essay in English for class 3. So let’s begin with this interesting activity:

What is Mother?

A mother is a woman who carries her child in her womb for 9 months. During this time she suffers a lot. She rise her children as good human beings. She is loving and caring towards her full family. She is a root of a family. Without a mother the family is incomplete. She is the one who takes care of the family and is most loved the person in the family.

How to make Essay Writing step by step on My Mother for Class 3 Children?

For some children writing essays is a difficult task. So to make it easy here are some points given below:

  • First, think about your mother.
  • The points which come to your mind write it on your rough page.
  • The introduction paragraph is important in essay writing.
  • In the Intro paragraph write about the mother’s name, what she likes and what she dislikes etc.
  • Then write a body paragraph.
  • End your essay with a conclusion
  • Frame sentences in such a way that teacher should get impressed.

My Mother Essay for Class 3 in 5 Lines

These five lines and 5 sentences will help your grade 3 children to write an essay on your mother:

  1. My mother’s name is Sheila.
  2. She is 32 years.
  3. She likes to sing.
  4. My mom has a beautiful voice.
  5. I love my mummy so much.

My Mother Essay in English for Class 3 in 10 Lines

Here are ten lines on my mother for grade 3 that will help essay writing on my mother for kids:

  1. My mom is beautiful in this world.
  2. My mother’s name is Hena.
  3. She is a teacher.
  4. She is very sweet and caring.
  5. She is the root of our family.
  6. She helps me with my homework
  7. She is like my best friend.
  8. I am proud to be his son.
  9. She is loved by everyone in the family and also by relatives.
  10. I love my mom so much.

20 Lines Essay on My Mother for Class 3

Here are 20 lines from my mother’s essay in English for 3rd class children:

  1. My mother is a sweet and warm-hearted person.
  2. My mom is the most loved person in the family.
  3. She likes to dance.
  4. She is the best dancer in our colony.
  5. She is a classical dancer.
  6. She is a big, fan of Remo D’souza.
  7. My mom took an autograph from him at Dance+.
  8. She also handshake some of the actors.
  9. My mom takes dance classes for young children.
  10. Many children come to learn dance from her.
  11. My mom has a youtube channel called dance for life.
  12. Her favourite colour is pink.
  13. She loves to wear a long gowns.
  14. She looks beautiful when she wears a gown.
  15. Her favourite dish is pulao.
  16. Besides dancer, she is a good housewife.
  17. She takes care of my father, and grandma very well.
  18. She also teaches me some dances steps
  19. I am proud to be her daughter.
  20. I love mummy so much.

Paragraph on My Mother for Class 3 in 100 Words

Here is my mother’s short essay for class 3 will help 3rd-standard children:

My mother is my best friend this sentence is true. She is a real friend to everyone. My mom’s name is Mona. She is a kind-hearted lady. She loves me and my brother so much. She is a good singer. She loves to sing at the family function. Her voice is loved by everyone. She also sings in temples. Her favourite food is Aloo paratha. My granny says that she is a very good housewife. Her favourite colour is blue. She also loves to do gardening. On Sunday we all do gardening. I am blessed with god gift as my mother.

Big Essay on My Mother for Class 3 in 500 Words

Here are examples of my mother for class 3 that will help you to write my mother is my best friend essay in 500 words:

My mother’s name is Sneha. She is 35 years old. She is my inspiration. She is my superhero. My mum taught me how to deal with any situation. She is a wonderful woman in this world. She loves our family so much. She is a chef. She cooks delicious food. She makes Ladoos and sells them on Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi. She helps me with my studies.  She sings morning prayer for god. Our morning gets beautiful with her beautiful prayers. My mom was looking like me when she was small. A beautiful creation of god. My mm’s favourite dish is Bombay pav bhaji. Her birthday falls on 7 march on that day we plan a surprise birthday party for her. We make her favourite dish etc. She is a good person. I love my mom so much.

Why Mother is Important In Our Life?

In this world, a mother is the only one who stands with you. She is like angles. She is a magician who sought out all the problems. She always helped me to come out of sadness. She is like a motivator. She is my support system. She is very precious & important in my life.

What does My Mom Mean To Me?

My mom means a lot to me. She is my heartbeat. She is a god for everyone. Life without her is incomplete. I need her every day to be there for me during good and bad times.

My Mom’s Daily Routine

She gets up at 6 clocks then goes for walk then come home and feeds the dogs and cat then waters the plant then she gets fresh and does prayer in front of god then she wakes me up and my father and helps me to get ready for school.

My Best Memories With My Mom

I have many memories of my mum. One of the most favourite is a day out on the beach, on that day my mom enjoyed so much. I never saw my mom that much happy.

How My Mother’s Essay will help Grade 3 children?

I hope the composition of my mother for class 3 has given enough information. It will help children in many ways:

  • They will express their mom well on paper.
  • They will understand the importance of having a mother in life.
  • They will improve their writing and thinking skills.

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