My Mother Essay for Class 2 Kids – 5 to 20 Lines and Small Essay

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The word mother is very special in everyone’s life. She is everything to us. She is the root of the family. Every child is close to their mom. Writing an essay on the mother is an easy and good activity. Children can easily write to their mother as their mom is always close to them. So today we focus on my mother’s essay in English for class 2. This will help children like references while writing essays on mothers. So let’s explore this article:

How Do You Describe Your Mother?

She is very hardworking, caring, and supportive. She is loved by everyone and an important part of every family. She grows her children into good human beings. She sacrifices everything for her children. She always wants smiles on their children’s faces. She always stands with you in bad times. If anyone annoys you she will you protect from them. She is our best friend, with whom we can share everything.

How to make Essay Writing step by step on My Mother for Class 2 Children?

To make essay writing simple and easy. You should keep certain points in mind. These certain points are given below. So let’s take a quick look at this point:

  • Start with the intro paragraph. In the Introduction paragraph, you can mention the qualities of your mother.
  • Then comes the body paragraph. It is compulsory to write a body paragraph.
  • Frames your paragraphs in such a way that readers get interested to read.
  • You can use quotes in your essay.
  • And at the end finish your essay with a short conclusion.

5 lines on My Mother for Class 2 Kids

Here are five lines on my mom for grade 2. These five sentences will make your essay look more creative:

  1. My mom is like a diamond to me precious to everything.
  2. My mother’s name is Sheela.
  3. She is 30 years old.
  4. She loves to dance, cook and sing.
  5. She cooks delicious food which is loved by all of us.

My Mother Essay in 10 Lines for Class 2

Let’s take a quick look at these ten lines and sentences on my mother my role model for grade 2:

  1. My mother’s name is Shalini.
  2. She is a dancer.
  3. She works as a dance teacher in school.
  4. Besides dancing, she is a good artist.
  5. When she gets time she puts her time into the drawing.
  6. She is a big fan of Prabhu Deva.
  7. She also performed on the big stage.
  8. Whenever there is a dance competition in our colony my mom is called for judging.
  9. I am proud to be her daughter.
  10. I love her so much.

My Mother Essay for Class 2 in 20 Lines

These twenty lines on my mother for grade 2 will help children like a reference:

  1. My mother is a kind-hearted person.
  2. She is loved by everyone including my relatives.
  3. She takes care of all of us.
  4. She loves to sing.
  5. My mom has a beautiful voice.
  6. She sings in temples during festive times.
  7. She is a big fan of Vijay’s Thalapathy.
  8. She got a chance to take his autograph when she was young.
  9. Because of her good voice, she gets the best compliments from many relatives.
  10. She is also called in the temples which are located near our house.
  11. Her favourite dish is Bombay Pav Bhaji.
  12. She brings it when she goes out of the house.
  13. She keeps everything in a systematic manner.
  14. My father loves her so much.
  15. She taught me so many different songs.
  16. My grandma and grandpa are proud of my mom.
  17. She is a beautiful woman in this world.
  18. I am proud of my mom.
  19. I love her so much.
  20. Proud to be her daughter.

Paragraph on My Mother for class 2 in 100 words.

let’s explore this paragraph which is related to my mother is my best friend for class 2nd:

Yes, this sentence is true my mother is my best friend. She always helps me to do good things. Her name is Sonia. She is 34 years old. She is a beautiful mom in this world. I love her so much. She is a teacher in a school which is near to our house. Besides the teacher, she is also a motivator. She motivated many people from our colony. Her favorite dish is aloo paratha. She is loved by everyone including her friends and relatives. The family of my father says that she was looking like a heroine when she was young. On Sunday my mom does gardening. I help my mom while planting plants. We all are grateful to have such a great mother in our life.

Short Essay on My Mother for Class 2 in 200 Word

Here is an example of my mother’s essay for 2nd class, which will work as a reference:

My mother’s name is Shona. She is 32 years old. She is a superwoman. She is a special person to me. She loves me so much. She is a singer and sings in the orchestra. She is a beautiful woman in this world. My grandpa says we are lucky that my mom becomes their daughter-in-law. She cooks beautiful and delicious food. My mom helps me with my studies. She also helps me to prepare for exams. She also sings bhajan at family functions like Ganesh Chathurthi, etc. She sings beautiful bhajan because of which many people come to listen to her bhajans. My mother is a wonderful creation of god. I wish everyone should get a mother like my mom. She always supported me when I felt low. I love her so much.

My Mom Daily Routine

My mom wakes up at 6 clocks in the morning. First, she waters the plants then gets fresh and prayers in front of god then she prepares breakfast for all of us. Later she makes me ready for school. She helps me to prepare a lunch box then she gives tea and a newspaper to my grandfather, then she prepares a meal around 12.

Why My Mom Is Important To Me?

My mom is very important to me. She always helped me to get out of sadness. She motivated me to do good things. When everyone lives in a bad situation the mother is the only one who always helps you to get out of this. She is the support system to all of us, without a mother one can not think of living. Life is incomplete without a mother.

How My Mother’s Essay will help Grade 2 children?

This composition on my mother for class 2 has helped children to write a beautiful essays. So here are a few points that will help children in many ways:

  • It will help to improve your grammar skill.
  • It will also increase your thinking capacity.

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