My Mother Essay for Class 1 Kids – 5 to 10 Lines and Small Essay

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A mother is a very important person in the family without a mom a person cannot think of living. The small children in the family are very close to their mom so they know all about their parents and that will be easy for the small children to write creative essays. writing essays about their mother will help children to develop their thinking capacity. So here is an example of an essay on my mother for class 1 that will help your younger one to write a beautiful essay. So let’s begin with this:

How does your Mother play important role in your Life?

Here are a few quick points in which she plays important role in my life:

She gives birth to the children. Every parent helps their children to grow up into good human beings. Our mom is like a teacher. She educates her kids in everything right from talking to walking and many more things. She also looks after the health of the children. She is also a good doctor in the family. She is like our best friend with whom we can share everything. She acts like a protector who protects her children from bad things. She plays important role in everyone’s life from birth to bad times. Mom takes care of their children and family.

How to make essay writing step by step on my Mother for children?

Here are some important points in writing an essay on my mom. So understand these points carefully before writing a paragraph on mom.

  • Start with an introduction.
  • In the introduction paragraph, you can mention her name, what she does, what she likes, etc.
  • In the body, you can add how she takes care of her family, her favorite food, and what other family members tell about her qualities.
  • End with conclusion

My Mother Essay in 5 lines for Class 1

Here is a sample of my mother’s essay in five lines for 1st class that will help kids to write quick lines:

  1. My mom’s name is Sona.
  2. She is a banker.
  3. She is the best cook and cooks delicious food for us.
  4. She always teaches me good habits.
  5. She is loved by everyone in the house my grandparents, father, and me.

My Mother Essay in 10 lines for Class 1

Here is my mother’s essay in ten lines for grade 1 kids in English :

  1. My mother is the best in this world.
  2. Her name is Mono.
  3. She is a housewife and artist.
  4. She always teaches me good drawing.
  5. She is caring and so sweet.
  6. She takes care of her family.
  7. I share everything with her as she is my best friend
  8. She always cooks delicious food for us.
  9. She helps me with my studies
  10. She is the best gift given to me by god.

Short Essay on My Mother for Class 1 in 150 to 250 words

So let’s look at this short paragraph on my mother for grade 1 that will enhance the writing capability of your young ones who are studying in class 1:

My mom’s name is Mona. She is very important to me. She is my superhero. She is an artist and draws beautiful drawing which attracts many people worldwide. My mom always encouraged me to do good things. My granny says she is the best mother and wife in this entire world. Everyone likes her. She has also a beautiful voice and she sings beautiful songs at the family function. My mom helps me with my studies and assignments. “Mom” does not just a word it’s a beautiful feeling for everyone. Her favorite dish is Pulav. My father says that when she was small she was looking similar to me. Everyone loves their parents and I love my mom too much. She is a wonderful woman in the whole world. She is a beautiful creation of god. Everyone should respect their parents as she scarifies everything to make the life of kids more beautiful.

Why do I love My Mother?

I love my mom because she always supported me in my good and bad times. When everyone leaves you she is the only one who stands with you. She protects you from the bad things in your life. She taught you how to stand up and face difficulties that come in your life. She scarifies everything in her life to look after the children. She loves her child more than her. My mom will do anything and everything for their kids.

How My Mother’s Essay will help children?

We hope little ones have learned to lot from the above examples. So these are a few important points that young ones can learn from this essay:

  • Increase their thinking process by which they will able to write a proper structure-wise essay on any topic.
  • Writing my mother’s composition will make them understand the value of their mom.
  • Writing on a simple topic, the children will get better knowledge which will help them to write an essay in exams and competitions,
  • Grammar and writing still can be improved by writing an essay as it helps in forming the sentence of the topic.
  • Having parents is important as it provides care and support in every difficult time.
  • These samples will help children to know her emotions and scarifies.
  • They will learn about how every mom stands for them during bad times.
  • Children can learn things from mom such as how to respect elders, and how to be kind and loving towards them.

Paragraph writing is important as it helps young ones to put their thoughts onto paper thus it helps them to improve their thought process and work on their grammar and writing skills. Kids must have learned a lot from the term “mother” as it helps them from birth to handling their all needs. They have also learned how she always prioritizes and sacrifices for their kids to fulfill their goals. We have added all types of examples for young ones from 5 lines, and 10 lines too long paragraphs so that little ones can understand how essay writing can be done by the following step to step guide.

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