My Grandmother Essay for Kids – 5 to 10 Lines & Big Essay

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For the children, their grandmothers are very special to them. Whenever school gets a holiday they run to their grandmother’s house to have lots of fun and enjoyment. So today we are going to write a grandmom essay which will cover a short and a long essay. As children are close to their granny they will write their thoughts and feelings in the form of essays. Let’s take a quick look at my grandmother’s essay in English for classes 1, 2, and 3. So let’s begin with this article:

What are the Role and Responsibilities of Grandmothers?

The best person who can take care of their grandchildren and the ideal model for the upbringing of children is a grandma. She is loving and caring. She considered every child equal. We get lots of knowledge and information from her. Whenever any individual wants to do any new work they always take advice from their grandparents and people say that grandmother’s advice is always better and we can confidently work on that advice. It is good to stay with your grandma you feel comfortable and she loves you and everyone.

How to make essay writing step by step on My Grandmother for Children?

Let’s take a quick look at this point which will help children and will also make essay writing simple and easy:

  • First jot down the point about the qualities, hobbies, and behavior of who was she in her past time.
  • The first important thing while writing an essay is writing an introductory paragraph.
  • Then start with the body paragraph. You can use the points which were jotted down.
  • End the essay with a conclusion.

My Grandmother’s Essay in 5 Lines

These are five lines on my grandmother that will help your younger one to write a step by step lines:

  1. My favourite member of the family is my granny.
  2. She is 70 years old
  3. She was a nurse in her younger time
  4. She always takes care of me when I feel sick.
  5. She loves dogs so much and everyone loves her in the family.

My Grandmother’s Essay in 10 Lines

So let’s take a quick look at the simple 10 sentences about my grandmother for class 2 which will help kids to write essays:

  1. My grandmother’s name is Mrs. Heena.
  2. She use to be a doctor in the past.
  3. She treated many patients and people say that she was a good doctor.
  4. My granny is a very kind and sweet person
  5. Besides the doctor, she is also a good cook and makes delicious food that is loved by everyone in the family and also outside the family.
  6. Whenever she goes out she brings chocolate and sweets.
  7. She loves dogs and cats so much.
  8. Being old she looks very young and beautiful.
  9. She takes me out every weekend.
  10. Grandma is like my best friend and we all love her so much.

Paragraph on Grandmother

Here is a small essay on my grandmother in 100 words which you can use as a reference while writing your paragraph:

My grandma is a very supportive and kind-hearted woman. Being old she is very strong mentally and physically. She always helped me whenever I struggle with mental and physical problems. She was a teacher in the past and taught a lot of students. Whenever we go for a walk, students meet her to greet her. She feels very proud seeing her student reach a certain good position. She also helps me with my studies. Besides teacher, she is also a nature lover. She planted many beautiful flower plants. She helps my mother with her kitchen work, and at night while sleeping she tells us beautiful fairy tales story. She also sings beautiful Lori. I am such grateful to have a grandma who is best in everything.

Short My Grandmother Essay in English in 150 Words

Let’s take note of this short essay and write an energetic paragraph on my grandmother. This paragraph will give some ideas on how to start essay writing in class 1 and class 2.

My grandma is 70 years old. She is respected by everyone as she was a police in her past year. She has solved many cases. On the day of her retirement was given a big farewell was conducted in order to give appreciation to her and I participated in the same. She tells us stories that how she used to solve the cases. She takes me for a walk every morning and she tells that walking is good for my health. My granny also liked gardening from a younger age. She always motivated me to do good things in life and always told me to help poor people and street dogs. She loves cats and dogs so much and every day we take our dog “Kesper” for a walk and play with him. She also told me how to face any difficulties without any fear. She helps me with packing my lunch box in the morning and drops me at school.

Big Essay on My Grandmother in 500 Words

Here is an essay for class 1 and class 2 and class 3 which will help children to write grandmom essays:

My grandmother’s name is Shanti. She is 75 years old and the most loved by everyone in the family. She was an artist in her younger times and used to get prizes for drawing. She gave me some tips on how to draw and color paintings. when anyone wants to do new work they always take advice from their granny and she always gives them the best advice and by her advice, many of them succeeded in their life. In the morning she gets up early and takes a bath and prayers in front of god. then she wakeups me and get me ready for school. She drops me off at school on walking. While walking she meets her cute friend’s street dogs, she feeds them. She is very kind to them.

Grandma Daily Routine

Every morning grandma gets up and does exercises and goes for the walk then she comes home and sings a prayer song then she comes to my room and wakes me up and gets me ready for school and she drops me at the school which is near to our house then she takes yoga for his friend where they enjoy a lot then she comes home to take bath again and helps my mother with her kitchen work. She comes to pick up me at school. We both come walking home by talking about what happened in school today.

My Relationship with My Grandmother

My granny is my life without her I cannot think of living. She is a big mother. She always took care of me when my mother was not around. She is always there with me since my childhood. She is like my best friend which comes to me whenever I feel bored. She is an inspiration to me. She always teaches me how to face difficulties with no worries. Everyone loves their mother and grandmom and I love my grandma too much.

Importance of Grandmother in your Life

Grandma grew up me into a good human being and taught me how to behave with the elder one. She always supported me to do good things. Granny is truly a blessing in my life. She taught me new things that school has never taught me. She loves everyone unconditionally. Living with a granny one can feel safe and secure when parents are not at home. I am very grateful to have such a wonderful grandmom in my life. I want to become like my granny who is bright, wise, and strong.

How Will My Grandmother’s essay help Children?

We hope little ones have got lots of ideas by referring above essays. This article is full of information that will teach your children lots of things:

  • It will increase the thinking capacity of your children.
  • This article will teach them how to behave and respect their grandparent.
  • Writing essays at this small age will improve writing skills and increase writing speed.
  • By referring to this essay your children will arrange sentences in a proper manner.
  • It encourages them to get close to their grandparents and they will spend quality time with them.

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