My Grandfather Essay For Kids – 5 to 20 Lines & Big Essay

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We have many people close to us in our life. But for the young ones, their grandparents are the closest ones. Grandparents teach them basic skills. Some little ones are very close to their grandfathers because they are very loving and they make them happy always. Looking at this today we are going to write an essay on my grandfather’s essay in English for classes 1, 2 and 3. In this article, we going to cover 5 lines for class 1, 10 lines for class 2 and 20 lines for class 3 and a small and big essay for all classes. So let’s being with begin this article and carefully understand the reference given below:

How Do You Describe the term “Grandfather”?

In simple terms “Grandfather” is described as a father’s father or mother’s father. A person who loves their grandchildren beyond the imagination. Spending time with them feels good. They always keep young ones happy. He’s the most cared for and taken care member of the family.

How to make essay writing step by step on My Grandfather for children?

Here are some points which will help children’s writing essays be simple and easy. So let’s go through it:

  • Ask your children to write down some qualities in points on their rough book.
  • Then start the essay with an introduction mentioning his past time and what he was doing.
  • Then comes the body of the essay. Here mention his qualities in detail don’t go too deep into any single idea.
  • End your essay with a beautiful and short conclusion.

My Grandfather Essay in 5 Lines

These are five lines from my grandfather for class 1 that will help will smaller children to write beautiful essays:

  1. My grandfather’s name is Chandrashekar.
  2. He is the most taken care of and loved member of the family.
  3. He daily goes for walk in the evening.
  4. He has many friends.
  5. He tells me stories when I go to sleep and I love him the most.

My Grandfather Essay in 10 Lines

So let’s look at these 10 sentences about my grandfather for class 2:

  1. My grandfather’s name is Gopinath.
  2. He is 60 years old.
  3. He was an army in the Indian navy.
  4. Recently he got retired.
  5. On his retirement, they planned a big farewell party.
  6. He is my inspiration.
  7. He always motivated me to do good.
  8. I want to become like him.
  9. His favourite hobby is drawing.
  10.  I love my grandfather so much.

My Grandfather Essay in 20 Lines

These 20 lines will help grades 1, 2 and 3 kids to write grandpa’s essay:

  1. My grandfather’s name is Somnath.
  2. He use to be a doctor in the past.
  3. He was a well-known doctor in our colony.
  4. People respect him because he treated many patients even during nighttime.
  5. He treated many people even during holidays.
  6. He is a good and kindhearted person.
  7. Besides being a doctor, he is a good singer.
  8. He sings songs in temples during festivals.
  9. As he sings so well that people come to listen to his songs from different parts of the city.
  10. He goes for walking with his friends.
  11. My grandpa loves street dogs.
  12. He always feeds him there.
  13. Whenever grandpa goes out he brings me chocolate.
  14. His favourite dish is alloo paratha.
  15. My father and mother take care of my grandpa so much.
  16. My grandmother says that he was handsome in the past time.
  17. My grandpa’s favourite hero is Amitabh Bachchan.
  18. I am lucky to have such a grandpa in my life.
  19. Everyone loves my grandpa so much.
  20. I love my grandpa so much.

Short Paragraph On My Grandfather in 100 Words

My little friends, let’s take a quick look at grandpa’s essay for grades 1, 2 and 3:

The most important and all-time wanted person in my life is my grandpa. My grandfather’s name is Gopinath. He is 70 years old and lives with us. He was an engineer in the past time. He is respected by all the people in the colony. Besides engineer, he is also a good cook and teaches delicious recipes to his friends. He is a very loving person. He waits for me for lunch. He always takes care of his children and grandchildren. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful grandpa in my life. We all love our grandfather.

My Grandfather Short Essay in 150 Words

Let’s look at my grandfather’s essay in 150 words for grade 1 and grade 2 which they can use as a reference while writing grandpa’s essay:

My grandfather’s name is Krishna. He is 73 years old. He is a retired police officer and is respected by all people in the colony. My grandpa is very fit mentally and physically and can work even now. He always does his gardening work and takes care of trees by watering them always. He is a very loving, caring and very supportive person. In the morning he gets up early at 6 am and helps me to get up and get ready for school. He loves to read newspapers in the morning. If he sees any important news then he read it loud for us to listen to. In the evening he goes for walking with his friends. After walking they all seats together and talks and share their ideas with him. I feel sad when my grandpa gets sad for others. I hug him tight to make him feel good.

My Grandfather’s Essay in English in 400 words

So let’s take a quick look at the grandfather essay for grade 3:

My grandfather’s name is Satish. He is 73 years old. Being old he is very strong. His decision is advisable that every family member stand by his decision and follows it. They all respect my grandpa. My grandpa’s favourite food is Pulav. He loves pulav made by my grandmother. He wakes up early in the morning and goes for walking in the garden and helps my father early morning. He loves to read books like Mahabharat, and Ramayana. On Sunday we go to a beach party where we all enjoy ourselves a lot. He tells jokes. By looking at happy faces he also gets happy and relaxed. In the morning my grandpa sings a prayer in front of god listening to that our morning goes well. He always supported me to do good things. I and sister love him so much.

Grandpa Daily Routine

He wakes up early in the morning, goes for walk and does exercises in the garden with his friends, then he comes home. He gets fresh and sings a prayer in front of god then he makes his hot water and wakeups me up for school. My mom cooks very delicious food and we all seats together for breakfast. He helps me to get ready and also help me in packing bag and help my mom to pack my tiffin. He drops me off at school on walking. After dropping me he comes home and does gardening work. After finishing it he takes a little nap.

My Relationship With My Grandpa

Grandpa is like my best friend. He always motivates me to do good things. He is my supporter. He always saves me from my mother’s slap because I am a very naughty child. He protects me from bad people. He plays with me in the evening. He never judges me and my sister. He always treated us equally. I love my grandpa so much.

Importance Of Grandpa In Your Life

He provides unconditional love to their all children. Having grandpa in the house, the house members feel educated. Without going to school my grandpa has lots of knowledge which educated people don’t have. We get lots of knowledge from our grandparents. They are like calculators. They calculate without using a calculator. They are very important in onces life. Because of them, one feels safe and secure. They are sources of information.

How Will My Grandfather’s essay help Children?

We hope that your child has got enough for writing my grandfather’s descriptive essay. This will help your children in different ways:

  • Writing an essay at this young age will help them to increase their thinking capacity.
  • It will help them to write in a systematic way.

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