My Favourite Food Essay for Kids – 5 to 10 Lines & Short to Big Essay

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Today we going to talk about one of the children’s favourite essays that they can write about it properly. All children love this topic because they enjoy food, they have during holiday time or tasting grannies cooked food, or when they have a special food during a special occasion or during any birthday parties and frankly it’s their favourite part of life. They remember all the time. In school, children are asked to write about many topics such as favourite sports, or fruit but today we will talk about how to write an essay on my favourite dish in an essay format. In this lesson, they will learn about how to structure their essay properly. Before writing about this essay, they should first think about what dish they are going to write about on paper and why they like it and what made it so special and other thoughts about it.

 All countries have different foods and tastes and everybody has their different liking about a dish which takes a special place in their heart. So, writing essays about their favourite dish will make children feel special. When you tell your child to write an essay on their favourite food for grades 1, 2 and 3 they can imagine that dish first and focus on what point they going to write. This will help young ones to improve their thought process and improve their writing and English grammar when they start writing about it. We have added favorite food essay examples for children.

Let us help Class 1, 2 and 3 kids to write about the special food they love the most:

How to Make an Essay Writing simple on My Favourite Dish for Children?

These simple points will help Grade 1, 2 and 3 kids to write a proper essay:

  • First, tell your child to think about their Favourite dish and what they like about it most and where and when they ate it.
  • In the second step, tell them to write all the points on paper that they thought of, so this will give them a clear idea of how, to begin with.
  • Next, start with a simple 5-line essay and slowly proceed with 10 lines essay.
  • In the next step tell your child to form a paragraph from the above-written lines.
  • Make a note that teaches your child not to focus on any single topic deeply, briefly write about it.
  • Teach your child to maintain flow such as the introductory para, body part and then the conclusion.

5 Lines on My Favourite Food Noodles Essay for Kids

Here is a sample of an essay on noodles for kids in class 1:

  1. My favourite food is noodles.
  2. Many people everywhere around the world cook and eat noodles, especially when they need to cook something very quickly.
  3. It is very simple to prepare the dish.
  4. It is made up by boiling the noodles in water and adding a few vegetables and masala that come with the packet.
  5. This is my all-time favourite breakfast.

10 Lines on My Favourite Food Pizza for Kids

Here is a sample of my favourite dish pizza essay in 10 lines for kids in grades 1 and 2:

  1. Eating food is very important for our health.
  2. Food makes us stay fit and energetic.
  3. There are so many types of foods.
  4. Pizza is my favourite food.
  5. A pizza is made in a circle flat base, by adding pizza sauce and lots of toppings are added on it like chicken, onions, capsicum, meat, or mushroom.
  6. My favourite part is when a lot of cheese is added on top of it.
  7. My mother makes perfect pizza at home.
  8. Everybody in my family loves eating pizza every Sunday.
  9. Pizza is best loved along with some oregano and chilli flakes.
  10. It is a full tummy dish that takes time to make but can be prepared at home.
  11. It is a wholesome meal that is yummy, mouth-watering, and tasty.

My Favourite Food Biryani Essay in 100 words

Let us help your child to write about your most liked dish – biryani essay in 100 words, you can also refer to it for 10 lines to write a few lines on biryani:

Food plays a significant role in our life that keeps us strong and healthy. There are so many delicious foods but chicken Biryani is my favourite dish and tastes delicious with groundnut gravy and raita. This dish is a full flavourful dish and a famous Indian subcontinent dish that is popular worldwide. There are many types of biryanis like Chicken biryani, Mutton biryani, and veg biryani and I love chicken biryani most. It is prepared with long basmati rice and mixed with many Indian spices which makes its smell mouth-watering. My mom prepares tasty biryani every weekend or any special occasion and I wait every weekend to eat biryani.

Paragraph On My Favourite Food – Rajma Chawal

Let us help your child to write my favourite healthy dish essay for class 1 and class 2- rajma chawal in 100-120 words:

My favorite meal essay is rajma chawal. This dish originated everywhere in India. The dish consists of tasty flavoured rajma gravy and white rice. My mom makes yummy rajma chawal at home. I wait to have it every weekend she makes it. Rajma chawal is nutritious because it is full of healthy bean nutrition. I love it with lots of white rice and salad. They are soaked and prepared by boiling beans adding tomatoes and onions and mixed with a lot of Indian spices to make the dish complete. Everybody in my family enjoys having it every weekend and it is a wholesome meal that is nutritious, healthy and filling.

My Favourite Dish Essay on Burger for kids in 150 Words

Let us help your child to write their favourite food burger essay for class 1 and class 2 in short:

The burger is my most loved dish. I love the crunchy burger and it has 3 layers of chicken with other stuffed vegetables along with sauces and cheese that are filled between two buns. A burger is a weekend dish, and everyone at my home enjoys having it. Outside my house, there are many restaurants that serve yummy burgers, but I love what my mom prepares at home. I love the taste of fresh chicken and tomato and onion with crunchy lettuce leaves and with a lot of added butter and cheese which makes me eat more. Burgers are everyday morning breakfast food, and my mother adds a lot of vegetables to make it as healthy as she can. My friends also visit my house specially to have burgers from my mother’s hand. We all have it together by watching movies.

My Favourite Food Essay in 200 to 250 words

Food is important for surviving and for children to grow because it keeps them healthy and fit. Everyone has their personal choice of food and flavours of foods that they have tasted and enjoyed. Let us help students to compose a perfect essay on their favourite food essay in 200 to 250 words for class 2 and class 3:

I am from Punjab, and my favourite dish is panner and chapati. panner is a tasty breakfast that is served with delicious chapati and it makes the combination perfect. panner is soft and milky. My mother prepares delicious panner and the taste of it is really mouth-watering. There are different types of recipes in Panner like Kadai Panner, Butter panner and others. But I love the most Kadai panner to eat with soft chapati. Panner is made every Sunday at our home. All my family members sit together during mealtime and have Kadai Panner and chapati prepared by my mother and we love to have it when it is hot.

My cousins specially visit my house to have panner prepared by my mom. She also asked my mom how to prepare it and I loved watching when my mom was teaching her. I sometimes help my mother in cutting paneer pieces into small cubes and we talk a lot. I always wait for every Sunday to come to have yummy panner.

How My Favourite Food Essay will help children?

Your young ones have learnt a lot from these example essays and this above sample will encourage them to write more and more essays:

  • Through this essay, your children will learn about different food from different parts of the region.
  • It will also make them understand the nutritional value of food and how healthy they are.
  • It will also help them to try out more new foods and flavours.
  • It will help them in developing fine motor skills.
  • It will improve their thought process and Imaginative writing skills.

We hope the above examples have helped young ones a lot to write their favourite food composition in proper structure.

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