My Father Essay For Kids – 5 to 20 Lines & Big Essay

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After hearing the name of the father children jump with joy. He is a member who respects and takes care of the family, he is the root of the family, and writing an essay on a dad will help children how much they love their dad. Young ones are very close to their father for them their dad is like a Superhero, who does everything for them. Well, today we have come up with some examples of how to write my father’s essay for classes 1, 2, and 3. Use these examples as a reference to an essay in English while writing or practicing an essay for an exam or competition. So let’s go through and see some examples:

What are the points that come to your mind when you think of the term “Father”?

When we think about our dad first thing that comes to our mind is he is kind-hearted. Children get scared of their dads as he is strict but loves their young ones the most. For children’s happiness, he sacrifices many things. They get happy when their young ones get happy. He does everything for the betterment of their child. My daddy is like a superhero for all of us. Never disappoint your father as he does many things for us. Don’t let them feel sad. Make them feel proud of you.

How to make essay writing step by step on My Father for children?

To make an essay writing easy we should keep certain points which are given below. So let’s go through these points and make essay writing easy:

  • Always remember that you should start your essay by writing an introductory paragraph.
  • After starting the introduction, start with the body don’t go too deep into any single idea or point.
  • In the body write how he takes care of you, what his name is, and what he does for earning.
  • And at the end write a conclusion.

5 Lines on My Father

Here are five lines on my dad for grade 1 that will help smaller ones to write an easy and simple essay:

  1. My father’s name is Eden.
  2. He is a chef in a restaurant.
  3. He cooks very delicious food which is liked by all.
  4. He loves our family so much.
  5. He helps me with my studies and I love him so much.

My Father Essay in English in 10 Lines

Here are ten lines on my dad for class 2 that will help smaller children to write essays:

  1. My father’s name is Ramesh.
  2. He is 40 years old.
  3. He is a teacher at the school.
  4. He taught a lot of students and they reached certain positions.
  5. His favourite food is aloo paratha.
  6. He loves aloo paratha which is made by his grandmother.
  7. He always helps me with my studies.
  8. He always motivates me to do good things.
  9. He takes me out every weekend.
  10. And I love my dad so much.

My Father Essay in English in 20 Lines

Here is an essay on my dad for grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 that will help younger ones write essays. This 20 lines essay will help young ones to write an essay on the daddy:

  1. My father’s name is Suresh.
  2. He works as a policeman and is respected by all people.
  3. He is the best officer in the police station.
  4. He always tells me story how he solves cases.
  5. He caught many robbers.
  6. He encourages me always
  7. He loves everyone in the family.
  8. We all go to a beach party where my daddy plays with me many games.
  9. He brings chocolates and toys when he returns from his work.
  10. He taught me how to face any robber without fear.
  11. He brought a kitten as s a gift on my 5th birthday.
  12. We both play with that baby cat.
  13. My grandmother says that he was a dancer in the past time.
  14. He showed me a pic of him when he was younger.
  15. My mother says that when I was born he was dancing with full of joy.
  16. He distributed sweets in the hospital when I was born.
  17. When I was small my daddy used to become a horse for me and was to take me on rides.
  18. He loves me so much.
  19. His favourite food is Chicken biryani.
  20. I feel proud as my dad is working in the police.

My Father Paragraph in 100 words

Here is a cute paragraph of my hero my father for classes 1, 2, and 3 that will help you to write a beautiful essay:

The word father is so important to everyone. My father’s name is Umesh. He is a chef and works on a ship. He visits many countries by traveling by ship. He cooks delicious food that is liked by everyone. He visits home every after 6 months. When I hear my daddy is coming I jump with joy. My mother makes my dad’s favourite food. My grandmother makes my dad’s favourite ladoos. My daddy brings lots of chocolates, and clothes when he returns home. When he comes I tell him what happens here in the house. He always tells me a story about fairytales during nighttime. When he returns back on the ship. I feel very sad. I want my dad to stay with me forever. I love my daddy so much.

Short Essay About My Father in 150 Words

My role model is my father and it’s true. So here is my father’s essay for classes 1 and 2. Let’s use it as a reference:

Yes everyone loves their father I also love my dad so much and he works as a soldier in the Indian navy. Everyone is proud of my daddy and feels very happy to be her daughter. His name is Sachin. He to 36 years old. He comes home every 2 years. When he comes home we feel so happy. My mother makes a favorite dish for him. At night we all set together where my daddy tells stories. After hearing I get goosebumps. When his birthday arrives we all plan a surprise for him. I make a small gift card for him, after seeing that surprise he gets emotional, and we all hug him which he feels good. Yes, they are gods best creation in this world. I am thankful to god for giving me such a nice, supportive caring dad.

Big Essay on My Father in 500 Words

Here is my dad’s essay in 500 words for class 3 kids:

My father is my superhero. He is my best friend who stands with me always when I feel alone. His name is Gopinath. He is an artist and does beautiful drawings. He is an art teacher in the school which is near to our house. His favorite dish is butter paneer. My dad always guided me in taking good decisions. This guide helped me in many ways. Sunday he takes me and my family to the beach where we enjoy ourselves a lot. My dad gifted me a puppy on my 5th birthday and I wait every year to come as he gifts me new things on my every birthday. He taught me new drawing skills. I also enjoy learning drawing skills from my dad. He has got many awards for his paintings. My dad my inspiration he taught me many things by which I always get success in my life. I think god gave me the best gift in life as a father. People are lucky who have dads in their life. We should respect him as he does many things.

Father’s daily Routine

He wakes up early by 6.00 am in the morning then he goes running and does exercises in the garden with his other friends then he comes home takes bath and prayers in front of god. Then he wakeups me and help me to get ready for school. Then we both have breakfast together then he drops me at school and goes to work. In the evening he comes at 5 Clock and my grandmother goes out for an evening walk.

My Relationship with My Dad

He is a person who becomes your best friend when you don’t have any friends or they left you. He always stayed by my side when I go through any difficulties. He is a person who never gets tried for doing anything to make their children happy. They start taking care of their children when they are growing up. He is like our best buddy.

Importance Of Fathers In Your Life

No one can think of living without their daddy. Those people are lucky who have fathers in their life. They are very important. They will support you in every situation and in your bad times. They take care of us but they never show that to us. In spite of having lots of tension they always wear a smile on their face. He is a big part of our family and my life. He is a role model and superhero for every child.

How I Help My Father At Home essay?

When he tells me to help him I always listen to him. This shows how helpful and caring I am towards my dad. When we go buy groceries I help my daddy to remember which grocery to buy. I help my dad while cleaning his car and we also clean the house where I help him to keep all the things to keep in proper order.

How Will My Father’s essay help Children?

We hope little ones have gone enough references that they can use for writing essays. So let’s see how this essay helps your children:

  • Writing essays at this young age will help them to increase their thinking capacity.
  • Children will understand the value of their father by writing essays on this topic
  • By referring to this your children will learn to arrange sentences in a proper manner.

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