My Family Essay for Class 3 Kids – 5 to 20 Lines and Big Essay

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The family is a home where all the members from young to old grows into a good human being. The family is universal. It is found in each home around the world. It is a support system. Every child is very close to their family. Essay writing is a very important activity for children as it helps them to learn the English language. It also helps them to gain more knowledge of the topic they write about. So today we decide to write an essay on my family. Writing on such a topic is very interesting. So let’s write my family essay for class 3 in English:

What is Family for Class 3?

Family is one where children grow into good human beings. It is a social place. The family consists of grandparents their children (which means father and mother) our parents with their children, uncle, aunt, and the servant who live together and perform certain roles. It provides protection to its members. It also helps in the upbringing of the children. They work together for the development of the family.

How to make Essay Writing step by step on My Family for Class 3 Children?

Essay writing about my family is a very interesting topic. Children ask questions to their parents about how to write an essay step by step. So here we have come up with a few points which will help them to write essays in a systematic manner:

  • Think about your family member what they do, what they like etc.
  • Write all points on a rough page and make an outline from the rough points.
  • While writing your essay, remember that you should write a small introduction on your family.
  • Write all details about your house members in the body paragraph.
  • End your essay with a conclusion.

My Family Essay for Class 3 in 5 Lines

These five lines and 5 sentences on my family will help grade 3 kids to write a beautiful essay:

  1. My family is well-known in our town.
  2. We live in XYZ town.
  3. We are 5 members in the home.
  4. My dad, mom, brother, sister, and me.
  5. I love my home.

My Family Essay in English for Class 3 in 10 Lines

Here are ten lines on my family for grade 3 kids:

  1. My family is very supportive of everything.
  2. There are 6 members in the home.
  3. My home consists of me, my parents, my grandmother, and my two siblings.
  4. My grandmother is a retired policewoman.
  5. The oldest member of our home is our grandmother.
  6. My father is an SEO executive and my mom is a housewife.
  7. Our pet name is goldy.
  8. We celebrate all festivals with great enjoyment.
  9. She is a loving person in the family.
  10. I love my family so much.

20 Lines Essay on My Family for Class 3

Here are 20 lines essay on my family in English for 3rd class:

  1. I have a beautiful and big family.
  2. We are 7 members in the house.
  3. We live altogether.
  4. My family is well-known in the town.
  5. We live in XYZ town.
  6. My grandfather is a trainer in the army.
  7. My father is the head of our home.
  8. My Mother is a chef.
  9. She cooks delicious food.
  10. My sister is a dance teacher.
  11. We also have to dog.
  12. Our dog’s name is Moni.
  13. Everyone loves Moni.
  14. We stand together to face any problems that come our way.
  15. My family goes on tours in different states.
  16. Last time we went to Kerela.
  17. We enjoyed ourselves a lot there.
  18. I am grateful to be a child in this family.
  19. They love me so much.
  20. I love my family so much.

Paragraph on My Family for Class 3 in 100 Words

Here is a short essay on my family for class 3 children:

The one is grateful who lives in the family. The family is one, where you get love, care, and support. I am very grateful to be in my family. My family is known as the Sharma family in the town. Our family is well-known in our town. This is because my father is a businessman. We are 7 members in the home. Me, my parents, grandparents, and siblings. I also have a small pet in our home. His name is chunky. Everyone loves chunky. My mother is a chef. She cooks very delicious food. My grandparents are the oldest members of the house. My siblings study in high school. We go for a family picnic every Sunday. We all enjoy that time. My home is wonderful with all the lovely members. I love my family so much.

Big Essay on My Family for Class 3 in 500 Words

Here is an example of my family my pride essay for 3rd class:

My family is a very wonderful family. They always supported me in good things. My family is well-known in this beautiful town. This is because my grandfather and grandmother were army officers. They worked a lot for this country now they are retired but they are strong. There are 8 members in our home, and we all together live happily. We all celebrate all festivals together. My father is a trainer at the gym and my mother is a housewife. She always helps me with my studies. I also have an aunt and uncle who live together. My aunt is a craft teacher at the school. She taught me various handmade crafts. My uncle is the driver. He drives the school bus. My family lives in ABC town. We also have a small cute friend chunky our pet dog. He is a very cute dog everyone loves him. It is the best family in this world. I love my family.

Why Family is Important In Our Life?

Family is important to everyone. Without family, no one can think of living. A child without a home is called an orphan. It is tough to hear this word. When one child is born it is taken care of by the family. It also supports during an emotional time. It also satisfies your economic need. It also helps to transmit the culture from one member to other.

What does My Family Mean To Me?

My family is important to me. They are my supporter. They stand with me during the bad times. They motivate me to do good things. They are my lifeline. Without whom I can’t live.

My Family’s Members and Their Daily Routine

We are 8 members of the family. Me, my parents and my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, and our pet. My mother and grandmother wake up at 5 am. They both go for walk in the garden, then they come home. My mother water the plants. Grandpa feeds the dog and reads the newspaper. Then my mom showers and pray in the fort of god. My father woke at 6 am and I woke up at 7 am and get ready for school. My aunt and uncle go to work after 8 am and return at 7 pm. Later on, we all seat together during dinner time and discuss what all happened and what needs to be done tomorrow and have a quality dinner time together. We all sleep around 11 pm after watching TV.

My Granny’s Routine

She wakes at 6 clocks and goes for the round. Then she comes home and gets fresh and she seat and reads the newspaper.

My Mom and Dad Routine

My mom gets up at 6 clocks and does all the household work. My father wakes up at 6 am and then he goes jogging and comes home and gets fresh and eats his breakfast and goes to work.

My Best Memories With My Family

I have many memories with my family and the best memory is the Diwali celebration, on which my grandmother and father did dance with full enjoyment and that day we all enjoyed it a lot.

How My Family Essay will help Grade 3 children?

I hope my friend has got enough information on composition in my family for class 3. Let’s look at what they learned from this essay:

  • By writing the essay they have improved their writing skills
  • They have improved their English language as well.
  • They have worked on their grammar skills.
  • They have learned how to write essays in a structured manner.

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