My Family Essay for Class 2 Kids – 5 to 20 Lines and Small Essay

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Family is a social institution where children grow up into good human beings. According to me, the family is a composition of parents like our grandparents with their children means our parents and us who live together. It provides all the basic needs like shelter and cloth. It is like our total home. So today we are going to write an essay on my family which will work as a reference for young ones. So here is my family essay in English for class 2. In this, we are going to cover the essay for class 2 in form of 5 lines, 10 lines, 20 lines, and a small essay. So let’s go through examples of essays about family for 2nd class:

Why It Is Important To Have Family?

Family is important for all of us without whom we become orphans. The family consists of a grandfather, uncle, aunt, siblings parents, etc. All people provide emotional support to its member. When one child needs education it is only a family that satisfies children’s education needs. It provides shelter to its member where all live together. They also provide financial support when its member go through financial crises.

How to make Essay Writing step by step on My Family for Grade 2 Children?

Here are some easy points which will help to write my family essay for 2nd std in a systematic manner:

  • Gather some points about your family and make an essay structure.
  • In structure, you should write an introduction paragraph, body, and conclusion.
  • In the Intro write about your family in brief.
  • In the body write about all the members of the house.
  • You can also write about your pet.
  • End your essay with a short conclusion.

5 lines on My Family for Class 2

Here are five lines on my family for grade 2. Use these 5 sentences as a reference while writing an essay on my family:

  1. We have 6 members in our family.
  2. We all live in XYZ city.
  3. There is a mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brother, and me.
  4. We have a small pet in our home named chinky.
  5. Our home is a happy and helpful family.

My Family Essay for Class 2 in 10 Lines

So here we have written ten lines on my family for grade 2. Use these 10 sentences while writing an essay:

  1. I have a beautiful family which stands by my side always.
  2. There are a total of 6 members in our house.
  3. The oldest person in our home is my grandfather.
  4. My family consists of me, my father, mother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, and our small pet.
  5. Our pet name is lucky.
  6. My father is a teacher.
  7. My grandfather has retried recently and he was a policeman.
  8. Everyone works together and celebrates all festivals together.
  9. They always support each other.
  10. I love my home so much.

My Family Essay for Class 2 in 20 Lines

Here are twenty lines on my family for a grade 2:

  1. There are 7 members in the family.
  2. My family consists of my grandfather, grandmother, mother, father, elder sister, brother, and me.
  3. My grandfather is the head of the home.
  4. My grandmother is a retired teacher.
  5. My father is the police.
  6. My mother is a housewife.
  7. My elder sister studies in a school which is near our house.
  8. My brother is a dancer.
  9. My family is a well-known family in our colony.
  10. We celebrate all functions together by calling our relatives and neighbours.
  11. We have a small pet in our house.
  12. Our pet name is chunky.
  13. He is loved by everyone.
  14. We all go for a picnic every Sunday
  15. We go for a picnic at the beach that is near to my house.
  16. We enjoy ourselves a lot by cooking and bathing at the beach.
  17. We stand together in every situation.
  18. I am grateful to born into this family.
  19. All of them love me so much.
  20. I love my home so much.

Short Essay on My Family for Class 2 in 250 Word

Let’s go through my family essay for grade 2 reference which will be helpful for children to write paragraphs on my family for 2nd class:

My family is a very beautiful family in this world. It always supported me to do good things. We have 7 members in the family. My family consists of my grandfather, grandmother, mother, father, sister, brother, and me. We live together happily and have fun together. The head person in our home is my grandfather. He is a retired army officer. Because of my grandfather, my family is well-known in society. My father is a teacher at a well-known school. We have a small pet in our home. His name is Chiko. He is a very cute pet in our house. We all love him too much. I am grateful to be born into our family. I love my family so much. It best family in the world.

How Many Members Are There In The Family?

There are 7 members in our family. They are my father, mother, grandmother, and grandfather, my brother, sister, and me. Each has different duties. My grandfather and grandma are the head of the home, my father is the teacher in a well-known school that is near our house, and my mother is a housewife. My brother goes to kg and my elder sister is a fashion designer.

Who Is The Head Of The Home And What Is Its Role?

The head can be anyone in the family. My father becomes head of the home recently.  He looks after everything like our education, finances, and many more things. In past, my grandfather and grandmom were head of the house. They used to look after everything.

Why Is My Family Special To Me?

My family is special because it has supported me many times. They provide financial support. They provide me with a good education. Happy family in spite of having tension always shows a smile on their face.

How My Family Essay will help Grade 2 children?

Hope students have understood my family composition for class 2. Learning new skills is a good thing for kids. Let’s look at a few points that children learn from the above essay:

  • Writing paragraphs will help them to know each and every person better.
  • They will also understand the value and importance of their family and how supportive they are every time.
  • They will also get a chance to put their thoughts and feelings onto paper where they will express each member better and thereby they will improve their writing skills and grammar.

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