My Family Essay for Class 1 Kids– 5 to 10 Lines and Small Essay

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Writing essays at a young age is important as it helps children to improve their thought processes. When children are asked to write about the members of their house, they get confused while writing it. We had added a structured wise essay on my family for grade 1 kids. Writing this essay will help children understand the value of their family in life and how to care for, love, respect, and support each member during their bad times. This essay on My family essay for class 1 in English will help children to write perfect essays by adding all these points together.

What is a Family for Class 1 Kids?

In simple words, It is a group of home members like a mother, father, sisters, brothers, grandmother, grandfather, kids, uncles, and aunties along with their pets like cats and dogs who eats, enjoy and stay together at the safe roof. This essay will help children how to be kind, cooperative, caring, loving, respectful, and supportive towards each member during their bad times. Family plays an important role in our life.

How to make Essay Writing step by step on My Family for Children?

Here we have added important points on how an essay can be written. These simple points will help Grade 1 kids to write a proper essay which will make them prepare for the exam in advance:

  • Start with introductions by introducing how big and who are there in the home.
  • In the body part add about how much you love them and what professions they do.
  • Continuing this point add about your favourite member of your home and why you love them most.
  • Tell about any pets you have in the house.
  • Mention what activities you do together.
  • End with a conclusion.

5 Lines on My Family for Class 1 Kids

The fives lines on My Family will tell briefly about who all are there in the house and how they spend time together:

  1. I have a big family.
  2. I stay with my parents, grandparents, my 1 sister and 2 brothers, uncle, and aunty.
  3. We have one cute dog named Sevi.
  4. We all seat together and enjoy our quality time.
  5. I love all of them.

10 Lines on My Family for Class 1 Children

The ten lines on My Family will tell briefly about who all are there in the home and how important they are:

  1. I have a very big family.
  2. I live with my parents, grandmother, 2 little sisters, uncle, and aunty.
  3. Both of my parents go to work and even my uncle and aunty.
  4. My mother is a Manager in Bank and My father works as a Pilot.
  5. My uncle works in a shop and my aunty cooks for orphanage children.
  6. We have a head in our house that is my favourite person Granny.
  7. My 2 little sisters go to school.
  8. We have 2 pets Sevi and Rita and I love playing with them.
  9. My parents thought me to always help needy people and street animals.
  10. We all seat together at night for dinner and enjoy our family time.

Short Essay on My Family for Class 1 in 150 Word

This short paragraph on my family in 150 words will help 1st-grade kids to write structured wise essays:

I have a very big joint family. I live with my parents, grandmother, grandfather, sisters, brothers, cousins, uncle, and aunty along with 3 pets. My mother is a housewife and my father is a businessman, my granny and grandpa help my mother with her work, my all siblings go to school and my uncle works in the shop, and my aunty cooks for orphanage kids. After I come from school during the evening time, I go with my aunty to the orphanage to meet my friends and to play with them. We Have 3 pets Keki, Savi, and Owi and I love to play with them and feed them. Once everyone returns home, we all seat together and have tea and talk about what happened today. I love all of them, my grandparents love me most they help me with my homework and take me to the garden every weekend. I am having the best family.

How My Family Essay will help children?

Your little ones have learned a lot from the above sample essays and this above example will encourage them to write more essays on other topics:

  • Teaching them simple topics at starting will teach them about the flow of essays and how they are written.
  • Writing essays will help children to improve their thought processes.
  • The thought process they think will help them to write them on paper.
  • Essay writing will help them in forming sentences about the topic they are given thus it will help them to improve their grammar and writing skills.
  • Writing compositions about family will help them to understand the value of each member.
  • Spending quality time with all will strengthen their bond with each member.
  • They will understand how everyone supports each other during anyone’s bedtime and thus will help them to use this concept when they will grow up.
  • Kids will also understand whenever anyone badly treats them, they will come running to sort out the problem.
  • Having a family is important as it provides a safe environment and security for all of us.
  • The members of a home also show the identity of children and their characters based on their family background.
  • They will also learn even after they grow up, all of them will always be there for them in any situation.
  • Writing this essay for 1st class children will make them understand about emotional and strong bonding towards each of them.

Learning essay writing is important as it improves children’s grammar and helps them to form their thoughts into sentences thus improving their writing skills. This composition would have helped children how to write a structure-wise essay on the family by adding all the points such as their bonding towards their favourite person in the house, how everyone supports each other’s, how love and care are involved among each of them, how to respect elder people and many more thing.

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