My Best Friend Essay for Class 3 Kids – 5 to 20 Lines and Big Essay

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Writing essays is an important skill for all children. It’s a fun and interesting activity that young ones truly enjoy. Children especially love to write about their closer ones. When the teacher asks them to write an essay and tells them to choose the topic, most of the children choose their best friend for writing an essay because they know everything about them and will write a beautiful essay about their friend. This article will help young ones with more detail about writing essays on besties. It will cover 5 lines, 10 lines, 20 lines and a big essay for class 3. So let’s check this article on my best friend’s essay in English for class 3:

How Do You Describe Your Bestie?

A friend is one who knows each and everything about you. One who is closest to you. Who will listen to you every time without getting bored? Who loves you so much, who is supportive in your life, stands with you in every difficult time. Who always makes you happy. Who fights with others for you? Who will never disappoint you and will always motivate you to do good things in life.

How to make Essay Writing step by step on My Best Friend for Class 3 Children?

Writing an essay is not that easy and it is not that difficult too. You should always write it in the proper to get perfect marks in exams and competitions. So here we have written important points. By keeping these points in mind you will write an essay in a structured manner:

  • First, note the point that comes to your mind about your friend.
  • Every essay has a format of a start (Introduction), middle (Body Paragraph) and end (Conclusion).
  • You should start your essay with an introduction paragraph.
  • After the intro writes a body paragraph that can contain their habits, likes, dislikes etc.
  • Frame the points into sentences.
  • end the essay with a beautiful conclusion.

My Best Friend Essay for Class 3 in 5 Lines

Here are five lines and 5 sentences on my best friend for grade 3 that will help children to write a beautiful essay:

  1. My bestie is very beautiful.
  2. Her name is Meena.
  3. We both study in the same class.
  4. Her favourite sport is Badminton.
  5. She likes to dance.

My Best Friend Essay for Class 3 in 10 Lines

Here are ten lines on my best friend for grade 3 that will help them to write an essay on my best friend:

  1. My bestie is the only one.
  2. His name is Shivam.
  3. He helped me lots of times.
  4. His favourite colour is black.
  5. His favourite sport is cricket.
  6. He always participates in a cricket tournaments.
  7. He is an active boy in class.
  8. His favorite dish is pizza.
  9. He is a monitor of the class
  10. And every time he wins the election.

20 Lines Essay on My Best Friend for Class 3

Here is my best friend’s essay in English for 3rd class:

  1. I have many friends in school but my bestie is the only one.
  2. She helps me every time.
  3. Her name is Shalini
  4. she is younger than me.
  5. We study in the same class only.
  6. She is a sports girl.
  7. She is also an active girl in class.
  8. Besides sports, she also likes to dance.
  9. She loves to eat french fries.
  10. Every Sunday she comes to my house.
  11. She won many prizes in sports.
  12. Shalini is also the head girl in our class.
  13. She loves to listen to songs.
  14. Her favourite dish is Aloo Paratha.
  15. She is the badminton champion in school.
  16. Shalini is the most loved girl in the school and family.
  17. I am grateful to have her in my life and all should love their besties.
  18. Shalini is very kind-hearted.
  19. Shalini always supports and takes care of me in school.
  20. I love Shalini so much.

Paragraph on My Bestfriend for Class 3 in 100 Words

A short essay on my best friend for 3rd standard will help children studying in 3rd class to write essays in 100 words:

The most special person in everyone’s life after mom is her best friend. They love us unconditionally. My friend’s name is Riva. She is the most wonderful girl in this world. Her favourite cultural activity is dance. She dances like a peacock. She got many prizes when she participated in a dance competition. She loves to eat french fries made by my mother, whenever french fries are made, I call her at my home. Her house is very big and very close to our home. Her mother also sends snacks to me. Her mother is a superb cook. Riva’s father is a pilot. She loves her family so much. I am blessed with a good bestie.

Big Essay on My Best friend for Class 3 in 500 Words

Here is an example of my best friend’s essay for 3rd class:

It is said that god sends best friends to each person’s life. They are like an angel who makes magic in our life. With the entry of my friend Seeta, my life has changed a lot. She is the great person I ever meet. She made my life so beautiful. She always makes me happy when I feel bad. She is an active and happy girl in this world. Talking to her I feel so relaxed. One day without her feels like 10 days. We both seat together in class. We do lots of fun seating together. My mother loves her so much when she comes to our house my mother makes her favourite food. Her favourite dish is chicken and pulao. She is a very talented girl. She always stands first in class. She has beautiful handwriting. Besides this, she also loves doing crafts. Her favourite color is blue. Her birthday falls in march we plan a birthday surprise for her. Seeta loves me so much and I also love seeta so much.

What Is the Importance Of a Best Friend?

Having a best friend is like having a beautiful gift in life. She is an important part of my life. She always supports me to do good things. Talking to your bestie once feels relaxed. They respect you so much. You can tell all secrets that you can’t tell your mother and others.

Where Did I Meet My Best Friend?

I meet my bestie in primary school. It was the first day of school and all people were unknown to me. When I seat to eat my lunch box she comes and seat by my side and shared her tiffin with me and she started talking. We always shared our tiffin, talked etc and this is how we become friends.

What Makes Him/Her My Best Friend?

I liked her behaviour when we first seat together and shared our tiffin. She was a sweet, active and strong girl. Sometimes she becomes naughty and cracks funny jokes. She was not having an attitude or ego. She was friendly with all of us. She always use to greet us.

My Bond With My Bestie

Our bond is like a sister and brother. She is like my brother who protects me from all the bad things.  She is like my supporter. She always supported me in good things. She is like my mother who takes care of me always and reminds me to eat food on the time.

Why do I like My Bestie?

I like my bestie because she is a very happy, kind, and sweet-hearted person and always gives me good vibes. She loves me so much. My bestie always makes me happy by cracking jokes when I’m sad. She is the wonderful gift given by god to me.

Our Daily Favourite Pass Time

Our daily favourite pass time is doing crafts in the evening. We made a lot of handcraft and we sell them. Besides this, we play badminton in the evening after the crafting is done and also I go on a walk in the morning with my grandmother.

How My Best Friend Essay will help Grade 3 children?

This composition on my best friend for class 3 will help my young ones in many ways. So let’s look at the merits of this essay:

  • This composition will help children to increase their thinking capacity.
  • The small student will understand the value of their friend.
  • This composition will make them get closer to their friend.
  • This essay will remove the anger that one friend has for another friend.

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