My Best Friend Essay for Class 2 Kids – 5 to 20 Lines and Small Essay

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An important skill that should be taught to children at a small age is essay writing. In the beginning, they should be given small and familiar topics on which they can write essays. The topics can be mother, myself, best friend, etc. So today we have come up with a small and easy topic called my best friend essay in English for class 2 kids which will help them to write essays for exams and competitions. So let’s explore this article on my best friend’s essay for class 2.

How do you describe your Best Friend?

A friend who stays with you in difficult times. Who cannot see his / her friend in a sad mood, who always does anything to make you happy? They are supportive and caring and the most important part of life. Without whom no one can think of living. Best friends are a wonderful gift given by god to us. Those people are grateful who have a best friend in their life. They are like our brothers and sister from another mother.

How to make Essay Writing step by step on My Best Friend for Class 2 Children?

To make essay writing simple we have come up with simple points which will teach children how to write essays in a systematic manner:

  • Do not focus on any single idea. Don’t go deep describing any single idea.
  • Start your essay with an introductory paragraph.
  • Next comes to body paragraph, you can write about her hobbies, her likes, etc.
  • Framing sentences is very important in an essay, framed in such a way that the reader should get attracted.
  • At the end write a simple conclusion.

My Best Friend Essay for Class 2 in 5 Lines

Here are five lines on my best friend for grade 2. These 5 sentences will be helpful to write a quick essay:

  1. My bestie’s name is Hena.
  2. I have many friends but she is very close to me.
  3. We become friends in primary school.
  4. She is a sports player.
  5. She plays football very well.

10 Lines on My Best Friend for Class 2

Here are ten lines on my best friend for grade 2 which will help children to write 10 sentences on their favourite person:

  1. I have many friends but my bestie is Shena.
  2. Her full name is Shena Dessai.
  3. Since primary we are besties.
  4. We study in the same class.
  5. She is good at singing
  6. She has a beautiful voice.
  7. She gets first place in every singing competition.
  8. Her favourite dish is Chicken Masala.
  9. I am lucky to have such a wonderful person in my life.
  10. I love my bestie.

20 Lines Essay on My Best Friend for Class 2

Here are 20 lines on my best friend for class 2nd:

  1. I have a wonderful gift.
  2. Her name is Leana.
  3. We both study in the same class.
  4. Her house is close to our house.
  5. She loves street dogs.
  6. Whenever she meets she feeds them.
  7. She loves to dance and watch cartoons.
  8. She always participates in dance competitions.
  9. I always motivate her for good things.
  10. She also motivates me to do good things.
  11. She also loves doing crafts.
  12. She made beautiful handcrafts.
  13. We go to play badminton every evening.
  14. Her father and mother are very good people.
  15. They love her so much.
  16. Our friendship is loved by everyone.
  17. She is beautiful and warm-hearted.
  18. I am blessed with such a beautiful bestie.
  19. She is a good person by heart.
  20. I love my besties so much.

Paragraph on My Best Friend for Class 2 in 100 Words

Here is a beautiful essay on my best friend for 2nd standard. Use these 100 words on your bestie as a reference while writing an essay:

Having a best friend in life is a good thing. They are an important part of life without whom life is short. My bestie’s name is Shweta. She is a good and kind-hearted girl. Shweta’s house is very close to our home. She is the world’s best person whom I ever meet in this world. She is a beautiful girl in the entire class. She loves to dance, sing, act, etc. She does beautiful dance. I feel bored when she does not come to school and my entire day goes boring. We both study in a different classes. I love my besties so so much.

Short Essay on My Best Friend for Class 2 in 200 Word

Here is an example of my best friend’s essay for 2nd class in 200 words:

I support this line Truly loyal ones are difficult to find. This is true. It’s very hard to find a such true friend. They are like gems. My bestie’s name is Rushila. She is a beautiful soul. We are besties since we meet in primary school. We seat together in class. She is a very talented girl. She stands first in the class. She every time wins the class monitor election. I always supported her in good things & she always motivates me in different competitions. I love Chole Bhature made by Rushila’s mother. Her mother sends me Chole Bhature, every Sunday. We meet in the evening to play badminton. God gifted me a beautiful gift in life.

Who Is A Best Friend?

Besties are friend who is with you in every situation. They are supportive and caring always. The person who is close to you. Who understands you and helps to come out of it. They are like diamonds and will keep you always happy and do anything for their close ones.

Why My Best Friend Is Important To Me?

She is like my support system. They are something who celebrate with you in good times especially when others live in a bad situation. Who teaches us to smile in every situation.

How My Best Friend Paragraph will help Grade 2 children?

I hope young ones have understood how to write an essay for my best friends for class 2. This composition will help children in many ways:

  • Firstly they will express their besties in words.
  • While writing they will think about a topic more deeply and elaborate on their bestie in a good way. This way they will work on their thinking skills.

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