My Best Friend Essay For Class 1 Kids – 5 to 10 Lines and Small Essay

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Essay writing is a very important skill for today’s generation and it is a fun activity that every parent should begin teaching children. Young ones usually write paragraphs about their closer ones when bored. Today in this article we will cover one such common topic which is my bestie’s essay for grade 1. Since this topic is a very common and familiar topic they will love writing about it. They will love to express their feelings in words by expressing how much they love their bestie and why they are important to them. In this, we will take a quick look at 5 lines, 10 lines, and a small paragraph of my Bestfriend. It will help younger ones as a reference while writing their essay on best friends. So let’s go through the essay on my best friend for class 1.

What Is Best Friend Essay?

He is the person who is closest to you. Who always understands you and stands with you in bad times. The word Best friend is precious in everyone’s life without them no one can think of enjoying their life. Having a bestie is like having a diamond. A bestie is one who never makes you sad. Always keeps us happy. We share everything with our bestie which we sometimes don’t share with our parents. They will never judge you and motivate you for good work. One day without them feels like 10 days. Everyone loves their bestie so much.

How to make essay writing step by step on my Best Friend for children?

Here are some important points for our younger ones that will teach them how to write an essay on my best friend for 1st class:

  • Every essay starts with an introduction paragraph.
  • Frame the sentence in such a way that it will attract many readers and keep it simple, and short around 100 words.
  • Next comes our body you can write about their hobbies, interest, etc.
  • The ending is very important in essay writing always end it with a simple conclusion.

My Best Friend in 5 Lines For Class 1

Here are five lines on my best friend for grade 1 that will definitely help smaller ones to write a beautiful essay:

  1. I have many friends, but my bestie is Rohit.
  2. I and Rohit study in the same class.
  3. We both love watching cartoons.
  4. We both meet in the evening on the ground to play cricket.
  5. He helped me always with my homework.

My Best Friend Essay in 10 Lines For Class 1

These ten lines will help grade 1 to write paragraphs in English. So let’s look at my best friend’s essay example:

  1. I have lots of friends in school but my bestie is Shweta.
  2. Shweta is very kind-hearted and sweet to all.
  3. She always makes me happy when I feel sad.
  4. We both study in the same class.
  5. We seat on the same bench and do fun on the last bench.
  6. We both share everything with each other.
  7. She always motivated me to do good things.
  8. We both go to school together.
  9. Her favourite dish is cholle.
  10. Her birthday comes on 28 April.

Short Essay On My Best Friend For Class 1 in 150 to 250 words

This paragraph in English will help our younger kids to write essays on friends. So let’s read my best friend’s essay examples:

Yes, it’s true. Friends are an important part of life without them life is incomplete. My bestie’s name is Seeta. She is a beautiful and kind-hearted girl. We both meet in kg school since then she is my bestie. We study in a different class. I miss her when jokes cracked in class. We both meet at lunchtime, where we share what happened in class. Seeta’s house is near to our house we both love dancing and drawing. Besides this Seeta is a good athlete and she won many prizes in Sports and I feel proud to have such a good person in my life. I always motivated her when she want to do any new thing. She always helped me to do good things. I always helped Seeta when she needed help. l love Seeta so much. Whenever she doesn’t come to school my whole day goes boring. I am very lucky that Seeta is my bestie.

Qualities of My Best Friend

My bestie is so good that I can trust her blindly. They always support you. They will tell you when you are going on the wrong track. They will listen to you even if your talks are meaningless. Your besties will do anything to make you happy. They have some magic that after talking to them one feels good. Having a bestie is a good thing in life. They act like a secret box where you can put your secrets.

Why is it Important to have a Best Friend in Life?

They are someone who always celebrates with you during good times and always supports you during bad times. They never make you feel lonely. They always listen to your stories whether it’s boring or good because they care and they have the interest to listen to them and help you if you’re going wrong in any way. Having a bestie always reduces stress and makes us calm. Having a loyal friend is a god gift whom we can fully trust and share out secrets with. Sometimes we get uncomfortable sharing our secrets with our parents and at that time having a good friend plays a major role in our life.

How My Best Friend’s Essay will help children?

We hope younger kids get enough ideas to write essays on my best friend. This will help 1st-grade children in many ways:

  • The essay for grade 1 will help them to write in a systematic way.
  • It will help them to improve their spelling and grammar at a young age.
  • They will express their close ones in words better which they can’t say while communicating.
  • By referring to these examples your children will learn to arrange sentences in a proper way.
  • It will increase the thinking capacity of your children.
  • It will give ideas on how to write essays for exams and competitions.

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