Multiplication Table of 7 for Kids with Exercises and Easy Tips

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Once children have learnt the table of 6. It’s time to introduce them to the table of 7. Since multiplication tables are an important part of children’s education. It is important to have strong skills of it in order to solve mathematical equations. Children may find learning this table difficult since it is a prime number and the pattern it uses. So to make their learning easier we have added a few interesting tips, tricks and exercises. Once children learn the table and remember them in their minds. They will able to solve any math problem quickly. Let’s look at the 7 times table:

Importance of teaching Table of 7 to Kids

Here are the benefits of learning 7 tables for young ones:

  • Learning the 7 times table at an early age gives children a strong base of maths that makes it easier for them to solve problems.
  • Memorising this table, children will easily be able to solve problems using arithmetic operations such as multiplication and division.
  • Learning a table of 7 at the initial stage make children quick in mathematics.
  • This table will definitely help them in their higher studies.
  • It is even used in daily life for calculating many groceries and other related items.
  • This table will also help them to understand the relationship between the number and the pattern it uses.

What is the Definition of Table 7 In Maths?

To make their learning table of 7 easier. Let’s start teaching them using easy methods i.e using addition. Since children are more comfortable with addition operations they will find memorising 7 tables easier. In this section, young ones will learn how to obtain a 7 times table using addition operations.

Let’s look at the simplification of the 7 tables:

What is the Definition of Table 7 In Maths

Quick Tips to Learn Table of 7 at Home

Some children will learn the table of 7 easily by using the above examples but some will still find it difficult. To make their learning easier we have come up with exciting tips, tricks and interesting activities that will teach them how to learn 7 tables. Let’s look at the tips, tricks and a few games on the 7 table:

Tip 1:

Always teach them using daily activities such as 7 days a week. Learning this will not help them to learn the 7 tables but they will able to use it in their daily life.


  1. Ask your child how many hours they go to tuition per day and if they go for 3 hours daily. Ask them to calculate how many hours per week they go for tuition. While calculating they will say 7×3 =21 hours.
  2. Now give them another situation as how many hours a day they read their books, play outside, watch cartoons, play video games etc. This will make them think and will make them learn the 7 tables easily.

Tip 2:

Another easier trick is to reverse the calculation using other tables.


  1. In this, if they find calculating 7 x 3= 21. Teach them in reverse they can do it easily i.e 3 x 7= 21.
  2. Another example, if 7 x 4 = 28 then in reverse 4 x 7 = 28. This way they will easily be able to recall tables up to 6 while obtaining 7 tables.

Multiplication Tables of 7 for Kids in Chart Form

Once young ones have understood how to obtain 7 tables using addition. They will find the table of 7 much easier but since adding the 7 each time take very long to get the answer. We make use of multiplication to make the calculation faster. Let’s teach them this table using multiplication.

Children always love to see attractive things and if they are taught using visuals. They will able to grasp the table faster. You can take the colourful printout of the 7 times table chart and hang it in your child’s room where they can easily see and memorise it.

In the above lesson, they have learnt tables of 7 up to 10 using addition but in this, they will see how to obtain 7 tables using multiplication up to 20. Learning tables of 7 up to 20 is important as it will help them to solve large and complex problems easily.

Let’s look at the chart of the 7 times table:

Multiplication Tables of 7 for Kids in Chart Form

Easy Questions to Learn the Table of 7

Once your child has learnt the table of 7. It’s time to test their table. Here are simple questions on 7 tables that will make you understand how well children have learnt 7 tables. Let’s look at easy questions that will help them to recall the 7’s table:

1. Fill in the blanks on the table of 7

  • 7 x _ =28
  • _ x _ = 112
  • _ x 7 = 49
  • 7 x 10 =
  • 7 x _ = 126

Answer: 4, 7 x 16, 7, 70, 18.

2. Multiple Choices Questions to learn 7 times table

 1. What is the product of 7 by 14?

a) 112
b) 56
c) 98
d) 89

Answers: 98

2. What is the product of 7 by 9?

a) 63
b) 78
c) 90
d) 132

Answers: 63

3. Which are the multiples of 7 from the given list?

18, 14, 34, 28, 45, 35, 42, 101, 48, 56, 17, 12, 89, 90, 110.

Answer: 14, 28, 35, 42, 48.

4. What are the missing numbers from the 7 table

7, 14, _, _, 35, _, 49, _, 63, _.

Answer: 21, 28, 42, 56, 70.

5. If 4 × 7 is 28, then what is 7× 4? 

Answer: 28.

Simple Maths Problems on Table 7 for Kids

Here are a few simple maths problems to strengthen their mathematical skills and aptitude at a young age. This problem will definitely prepare them for competitive exams and for higher studies. This will even help them in their daily life. Let’s look at the simple words questions in the 7 table:

1. Sheela prepares cookies every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in a week. How many days will Sheela prepare cookies in 7 weeks?


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday = 3 Days and in 7 weeks.

Therefore, 7 weeks x 3 days = 21 days.

2. What will be the answer for 7 times 3 minus 7 is 14? 


First, write 7 times 3 i.e 7 x 3 = 21.

Now minus 7 with the previous result.

i.e 21 – 7 = 14.

Therefore, Yes 7 times 3 minus 7 is 14

3. What will be the answer for 7 times 5 minus 7 is 28? 


First, write 7 times 5 i.e 7 x 5 = 35.

Now minus 7 with the previous result.

i.e 35 – 7 = 28.

Therefore, Yes 7 times 5 minus 7 is 28.


1. How is the Table of 7 acquired?

Here is how you will obtain the 7 tables:

7 x 1 = 7
By using multiplication 7 x 2 = 14 and by using addition 7+7= 14.
By using multiplication 7 x 3 = 21 and by using addition 7+7+7 = 21.
and so on.

2. How can you write the 7 times table in words?

Here is a table of 7 in words format:

7 times 1 = 7
7 times 2 = 14
7 times 3 = 21
7 times 4 = 28
7 times 5 = 35,

7 times 6 = 42, and so on.

We hope children have easily learned the table of 7 using the above tips, tricks, exercises and fun activities. This lesson will definitely prepare them for exams in advance and in their daily life.

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