Multiplication Table of 5 for Kids with Exercises

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Children are taught multiplication tables when they are in elementary school. Having a basic knowledge of multiplication tables at a young age makes their mathematical skills strong and help them to solve the complex problem easily. The Table of 5 is taught to children once they are familiar with the table of 4. Since a multiplication table of 5 is an easy table. It can be easily taught using given tips, tricks, and exercises. Learning this table will also help little ones in division and fractions in their higher studies. Let’s look at the multiplication table of 5 in math  with simple exercises, tips, and tricks:

Importance of teaching Table of 5 to Kids

Here are a few benefits of teaching your child table of 5:

  • Learning multiplication tables will help young’s to solve and calculate problems faster in their mind.
  • It will also help them to make faster calculations for their exams.
  • This table will also be useful in real life in calculating other groceries, shopping items, etc.
  • Learning tables helps children to get quick in math.
  • Learning this table will help little ones to learn higher number tables.

What is the Definition of Table 5 In Maths?

It is important to teach children about how the table of 5 is obtained. In this, they will be taught a 5 times table using addition. This table will help young ones to work on their addition skills and will be quick in math.

Here is a simplification of the 5 tables:

What is the Definition of Table 5 In Maths

Quick Tips to Learn Table of 5 at Home

Some children will find learning the table of 5 easier whereas some children will find it difficult. To make their learning easy we have added a few tips and tricks for little ones to make their learning easier. These tips and tricks will solve parents’ and teachers’ confusion on how to teach a table of 5 to children:

Tip 1:

Children love to play games that involve fun elements. Hopscotch is such a game that has fun elements in it and children love to play this game. This game also helps in learning multiplication tables quickly.

To play this game, you will need a few pieces of chalk and an open space outside. Now draw a hopscotch table on the floor and write the multiples of 5 in the empty spaces.

Now it’s time for children to play. Ask them a question on the multiplication table of 5 and children have to jump to the correct answer for that question.

For Example:

You said what is 5 times 2 i.e 5*2 = 10. Then little ones have to jump into the space of the box with the number 10.  This way they will quickly learn the tables.

Tip 2:

Another best example is teaching children about the table of 10 as it is one of the easier tables in the table series. In this, it just has to add 0’s to the number that is being multiplied by 10.

You can teach little ones that if you half any of the numbers from 10’s table. You will get a 5 times table.

For Examples:

if you asked your child, what is 10 * 2? i.e 20.

Then half of 20 is 10.

And if you do the same with 5 * 2  i.e 10.

Tip 3:

Another best way you can teach little ones table of 5 is using rhymes. Since they are taught rhymes at a young age they will grasp them faster.

For Example:

Five | Ten | Fifteen | Twenty | Twenty-Five | Thirty | Thirty-Five | Forty | Forty-Five | Fifty.

Tip 4:

Another best way you can teach young ones table of 5 is using counting. You can make use of games such as Legos and blocks and keep each block on top of each bundle of 5. Now each set will contain different set numbers in multiple of 5.

For Example:

if you look at a set of blocks with 20 pieces, young ones have to be able to say it’s 5 times 4. i.e 4 sets.

Tip 5:

One of the easy tricks of learning the 5 times table is that it always ends with 0 and 5 where 0 contains the even numbers and 5 contains the odd numbers.

For Example:

If I multiply 5 by 2 it is 5 * 2 = 10 and if I multiply 5 by 3 i.e 5 * 3 = 15.

Multiplication Tables of 5 for Kids in Chart Form

In the above example, children have learned the table of 5 using addition. This example will talk about a 5 times table using multiplication since addition makes the process lengthier we make use of a multiplication operation. This table will make them understand how simple it is to use multiplication operations and how they can save time.

Children often find learning tables tougher but if they are taught with attractive worksheets and charts. Their visual learning will be more simple and more exciting. You make a chart of 5 tables and stick it near their study table where they can revise it daily. This way they will be able to recall the table faster.

It is important to teach children tables of 5 up to 20 as it will help them in solving complex and long problems.

Let’s look at 5 times table chart for young ones:

Multiplication Tables of 5 for Kids in Chart Form

Easy Questions to Learn the Table of 5

Here are quick simple exercises to learn table of 5. These questions will definitely help young ones to revise multiplication tables and you can test their knowledge with these questions:

1. Fill in the blanks for 5 tables

  • 5 X 2 = __
  • 5 X 4 = __
  • 5 X _ = 60
  • 5 X _ = 85
  • 5 X _ = 100

2. Multiple Choices Questions 

1. What is the multiple of 5 times 8?

a) 15
b) 40
c) 80
d) 100

Answer: 40

2. What is the product of 5 by 5?

a) 45
b) 20
c) 25
d) 80

Answer: 25

3. From the given table what are the multiples of 5?


Solution: 15, 25, 45,70, 75, 95, 20, 55, 50, 60, 65, 80, 90, 5.

Simple Maths Problems on Table 5 for Kids

Here are simple maths problems using real scenarios for children. This example will definitely help them understand why a learning table is necessary. Let’s look at a simple maths problem using 5 tables:

1. There is a dance competition in class 3 with a total of 40 students and each student needs to participate. How many teams will be formed of 40 students using 5 tables? 


5 teams × 8 students = 40 students.

Therefore, with 40 students there will be 5 teams and in each team, there will be 8 students.

2. What will be the answer for 5 times 3 minus 10?


Using mathematical format: 5 times 3 minus 10= 5×3-10 =15-10= 5.

Therefore the answer for, 5 times 3 minus 10 is equal to 5.


1. How is the Table of 5 acquired?

5 x 1 = 5
By using multiplication 5 x 2 = 10 and by using addition 5+5= 10.
By using multiplication 5 x 3 = 15 and by using addition 5+5+5 = 15.
and so on.

2. How can you write the 5 times table in words?

Here is a format for 5 times table in words:

Five times one = five.
Five times two = ten.
Five times three = fifteen.
Five times four = twenty.
Five times five = twenty-five.
Five times six = thirty.
Five times seven = thirty-five.
Five times eight = forty.
Five times nine = forty-five.
Five times ten = fifty.

We hope children have learned the 5’s table easily using the tips and tricks given above. This will definitely prepare children for their examinations in advance.

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