Multiplication Table of 1 for Kids with Exercises

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It is important to teach children about multiplication tables at a young age as it helps them to make calculations better. Learning tables not only help in their education but also helps in their personal life as well. Learning multiplication tables form a strong base of math and help them to solve large and complex problems easily. Children find learning tables and math tough and find it very boring but if the table concept is taught with interesting activities and games, children will definitely love learning it. In multiplication tables, the number 1 is a starting table. Learning multiplication tables of 1 is a very easy and simple table out of others. Let’s introduce children to how to teach table of 1 for kids in English.

When you should start teaching your child 1 table?

It is always best to teach your young ones 1 times table when they reach elementary class, primary and secondary school. It is also best when they are taught the concept of addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

Importance of teaching Table of 1 to Children

Here are a few important reasons why young ones need to learn table 1:

  • Tables always help in solving mathematics and make life easier.
  • Whenever children go on shop it will be easier for young ones to calculate the total in their heads just in minutes.
  • By learning multiplication tables children will be easily able to calculate any small problems and complex problems.
  • It makes their thinking capability strong.
  • Learning the tables will help them visualise any complex and easy problems in their head by solving them quickly.
  • Learning table 1 is one of the easiest starting tables in the table series which is introduced to elementary students. By learning this, they will be able to understand that any number multiplied by 1 will get the number itself.
  • After learning the table of 1, the child will understand other higher multiplications tables as well.

What is the Definition of Table 1 In Maths?

The 1 times table is also known as multiples of 1. It is a table that gives the product of the number when multiplied by 1. In simple words, it is a repeated addition of the number 1.

Example: 1+1 = 2.

What is the Definition of Table 1 In Maths

Quick Tips to Learn Table of 1 at Home

Learning multiplication tables at starting might be a little difficult for children. Especially when introducing them to the starting 1 times table. Since this is the first step in multiplication, they will find it a little difficult and confusing. You can always make their learning fun through activities and games. Here are quick tips to teach 1 times table faster:

1. You can start teaching young ones through multiple choices questions. Since they find questions and answer fun session. You can take a printout of some questions or write them down on paper along with the 4 options given and ask them to select the correct answer from the given options. This way they will able to memorise and recall the table faster.

For example: 

1. What is 1 * 8?

a) 4
b) 6
c) 7
d) 8

Answer: 8

2. Another quick tip is you can introduce them to the fun matching games. You can start by writing the questions on one book and then write the matching answers on another sheet and then ask young ones to match the questions with an appropriate answer.

3. Another best and quick tip is to learn the tables by reading and saying them loudly. This way the flow fits into their memory. You can do this lesson by making printouts of charts and hanging them in their study room and telling them to read them loudly every evening. Later on, you can ask them questions on tables on 1 to test their tables.

Fun Activities to Teach Children Multiplication Table Of 1

You can always make young ones learning lessons interesting by teaching them through fun activities. Here are a few activities that you can use to teach young ones 1-time table:

1. Passing the Table Chart

Children love to play all the time and it is best if you introduce them to multiplication through exciting activities. This is one of the best games children will love to play. Passing the table chart game can be played with a group of children. The game starts as you can play the music and pass the chart among them. When the music stops that child has to say the table of 1. If they answer it correctly give them a gift. This way they will show more interest in learning multiplication concepts.

2. Jumping Towards Correct Answer

This is another interesting game, you can use to teach them multiplication tables. For starting this game you will have to write the big number on every 10 boxes.  You give them a question? For example: How much is 1 × 3? If children know the answer they have to jump to that box with the number 3. This way they will get more engaged in the game and they will even learn the 1’s table quickly.

Multiplication Tables of 1 for Kids in Chart Form

The multiplication table of 1 is one the simplest and initial tables that are introduced in elementary students to learn and memorise. Here is a chart of table 1 for young ones. This chart visual will help them to understand and remember the table faster. Teaching children through charts is one of the best ways to teach them any tables. The best thing you can do is. Take a printout of the chart and hang those charts in their study room. This way they will able to see them daily and they will learn table faster.

Multiplication Tables of 1 for Kids in Chart Form

For elementary students, we have added tables from 1 up to 10 as it will be easier for them to understand it faster than slowly moving from 1 up to 20. That is how they will able to learn 1 table up to 20. Children easily learn from visuals as they find them attractive and interesting. This lesson will definitely help them to boost their confidence at an early age and they will show more interest in learning different numbers. Let’s look at the 1 table chart upto 20 for children:

Simple Maths Problems on Table 1 for Kids

This words problems will help children to solve the equations by using the 1 times table and will help them to solve the questions by considering the real scenario. Practical knowledge of solving equations will definitely help them to learn 1 table faster. Here are a few examples of 1 times table:

1. When number 1 is added 6 times, what answer will get?


1+1+1+1+1+1 is 6.

So, answers by adding we get 6.

2. There are 5 members in the house and each member picks 1 mango from the tree. How many total mangoes did they pick?


The total number of members in the house is = 5.
The number of mangoes picked by each member = 1.
Therefore, the Total number of mangoes picked by them is = 1 mango × 5 members = 5.

3. There is a total number of 4 groups and each group has 1 torch. How many total torches will they have?


A total number of groups = 4 groups.
The number of torches in each group = 1.
Therefore, the Total number of torches they will have = 1 torch × 4 groups= 4.


1. How is a table of 1 is acquired?

Table 1 is obtained by multiplying the 1 number by the given number will get the answer.

For example:

1 * 6 = 6.

2. How can you write the 1 times table in words?

Writing the ones times table is very simple:

One times one = one.
One times two = two.
One times three = three.
One times four = four.
One times five = five.
One times six = six.
One times seven = seven.
One times eight = eight.
One times nine = nine.
One times ten = ten.

We hope children have learned the table of 1 easily by using the quick tips and interesting activities. This lesson will definitely form a base to study higher multiplication numbers tables. This lesson will definitely help them to stronger their mathematical skills.

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