Lion Essay For Kids – 5 to 10 Lines & Big Essay

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In the animal kingdom, the most iconic cat is a lion. They are the king of the jungle. He is very strong and beautiful and has scary looks. Essay writing is the most important skill which everyone should have in their life from an early age. In this article, we will cover the lion essay as it is an easy topic that children learn and understand by watching cartoons or TV at a young time. Every child wants to become like a lion as they are strong and the king. We have come up with an interesting topic called a lion. This article will contain 5 lines to 10 lines and a big essay about lions. So let’s begin with this beautiful activity of lion essay for classes 1, 2, and 3 in English:

What Are Lions?

It is a big cat in the cat family. It is generally found in Africa and India. They are very strong and known as the king of the forest. They have lots of fur around their neck. They live in groups. This group is called pride. The population of male lions is more than that of female lions. The scientific name for the male lion is called Panthera leo.

How to make essay writing step by step on Lion for children?

Writing in a systematic manner is one quality of essay writing. So to make essay writing a structured manner we have come up with points on lion essay writing:

  • First, think about the points that come to your mind and write them on a rough page.
  • Make an outline from the above points.
  • Take the help of your parents.
  • Then start with the intro paragraph.
  • Write a small intro paragraph on a lion.
  • Then start with the body.
  • Cover all points about the lion’s behaviour, appearance, what they eat, etc.
  • End your essay with a conclusion

5 Lines on Lion

Here are five lines and 5 simple sentences on lion in English for grade 1:

  1. Lions are strong animals in the jungle.
  2. They are called kings of the forest.
  3. They live in groups.
  4. The group of lions is called pride.
  5. And it is a big cat in the cat family.

Lion Essay in English in 10 Lines

Here are 10 points about a lion in English for grade 2:

  1. The biggest cat in the cat family is a lion.
  2. He is the strongest and most powerful animal on earth.
  3. Another name, for the lion, is Panthera Leo.
  4. He is called the lion of the jungle.
  5. Mostly they are found in India and Africa.
  6. They live in a group and this group is called pride.
  7. The lions are found in grassland.
  8. The male population is more female lions.
  9. The lion babies are called cubs.
  10. They have a lot of furs around their neck.

Essay on Lion in 100 words

Here is a short paragraph about lions for classes 1, 2, and 3 in 100 words:

The strongest and most powerful animal on this earth is the lion. It is the largest cat in the cat kingdom. The female ones are known as a lioness. Mostly they are found in grassland areas of India and Africa and are known as the king of the forest. Lions have the habit of living in a group and this group is called pride. The babies of lions are so cute. They look like small teddy bears. They are called cubs. They are also called Panthera Leo. A Group of female lions goes hunting. The male population is more than female lions. The lions are more scared of elephants and humans because they are the only ones that can kill them.

Big Essay on Lion in 400 Words

Here are essays on lion for class 1, class 2, and class 3 kids:

A powerful animal in the animal kingdom is the lion. He is the king of the forest and is a very strong animal. All the animals get scared when they hear the roars of lions. This big cat belongs cat family. The lion’s neck is covered with hair. The male population is larger than the female lion. The female lions go hunting. Usually, they go hunting in groups. The group of lions is called pride and consists of 10 to 15 lions in a group. They hunt at night. These animals are largely found in the grassland of India and Africa. . The baby lions are called cubs. In India, lions are found in the state of Gujrat. The other name for the lion is Panthera leo. Female lions are also called lionesses. Being wild animals some people keep lions as pets in their homes. They are also used for the circus. During the daytime the lion sleep. Hair covered around the neck is called a mane. The male and female lions can be easily identified as male lions having a lot of furs, whereas females don’t. This animal can live up to 17 to 20 years. They are also excellent tree climbers. There are 650 Asiatic lions surviving in wild. They are the symbol of power and pride.

Brief About Male Lion vs Female Lioness

The male and female lions can be easily identified as male lions having a lot of hair near their neck, whereas females don’t. Lions have long hair around their neck called the mane. The male lion population is more than the female lioness. Usually, in the pride, the lioness goes hunting. The female lion is called a lioness. They take care of their cubs and are loving toward their kid.

Types Of Lion Worldwide

There are many lions found in the world. We have mentioned a few for grades 1, 2, and 3 kids:

1. Katanga Lions

These lions are found in Southwest Africa. This is one of the largest cat species found in the world. These lions are truly kings of the jungle.

2. The African Lion and Lioness

These are found in Africa. They are 3.9 feet tall and the second largest lion in the world. One best fact to know is that a male will stay within their group for 3 to 4 years and after that leave them but a lioness remains with pride forever.

3. The Asiatic

These lions are the rarest in the world. These lions are slightly little than African lions. Thye is also known as the Indian or Persian Lion which are a member of the Panthera Leo subspecies.

What Does Lion Eat?

Lions eat the meat of other animals which are medium-sized to large-sized animals like zebras, cows, wildebeests, and antelopes. They usually focus on the prey that is larger and when they are sick or injured to make their hunting easier.

How Often does Lion Hunt?

It is usually believed that they hunt every 3 or 4 days and need food around an average of 5kg to 7kg of meat a day.

10 Interesting Facts About Lions

Here are the top 10 facts about lions for classes 1, 2, and 3:

  1. A lion usually doesn’t touch his heels to the ground when he walks.
  2. Males have long fur near the neck whereas females don’t.
  3. The age of males can be identified based on their mane. The darker the mane, the older male is.
  4. His roar can be heard an average of 5 miles away.
  5. Males defend the entire pride.
  6. The lioness goes hunting.
  7. But the male eats the meat first.
  8. They usually hunt at night.
  9. Their pride consists of about 10 to 15.
  10. Being after saying king of the forest. They prefer to live in grassland.

How Lion essay will help Children?

I hope this composition about the lion will help little ones in so many ways. Here are a few important points that they learned from this writing:

  • Increase knowledge about lions.
  • Understand how they live, what they eat etc.
  • Increase thinking capacity while writing their thoughts on paper.

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