25 Interesting GK Questions on Fairy Tales Characters Names With Answers for Kids

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Children love to hear stories of fairy tales. When they hear they go into an imaginative world which helps them to think creatively. The stories of fairy tales also play a major role in kids’ personal life and their education. It is important to teach children about fairy tales lesson as it helps them to work on their thinking skills and it widens their general knowledge. The stories of fairies are always ended with a happy ending. The stories also teach children about how each character plays their role in a good way. In this article, children will learn about fairy tales through general knowledge questions and answers for classes 1, 2, and 3. This lesson will cover 25 basic and most-used story questions that will be easier for young ones to answer.

What is Fairy?

Fairies are just imaginary characters that are actually human beings with a lot of superpowers. Fairies are usually female characters but in some stories, fairies are also portrayed as male.

What are Fairy Tales?

A fairy tale is a short story that always ended with a happy ending. These stories always talked about magic and how they used that magical power in the stories.

What is the importance of teaching children about Fairy tales Lesson?

Learning and knowing about fairy tales helps them in a lot of ways. Let us look at a few points on how fairy tales lesson will help them:

  1. Fairy tale characters teach young ones about good values. They will learn about how to value each and everything through these questions.
  2. This story also teaches children about the value of empathy.
  3. The fairy tales bedtime stories are always sparkled positive vibes. Such stories create a positive environment in young ones.
  4. When they listen to stories or read them on their own. It helps them to learn new words and grows their vocabulary at a young age.
  5. These stories also help young ones to improve their vocabulary by reading stories of their own where they work on their grammar and pronunciation skills.
  6. The stories of fairy tales have a strong superpower that evokes children to imagine the world. The stories have a lot of different magical elements which help them to improve their imagination power.

25 GK Questions about Fairy Tale Characters with answers for Classes 1, 2, and 3 Children

In this lesson, children will learn about the many fairy tale characters and their roles. Learning about these stories will widen their general knowledge and will benefit them in a lot of ways. This lesson will help them to go in imagination world and will make them more curious to read more fairy stories. Let’s help children learn about fairies through quiz season:

Q1. What is the complete story name of the fairy tale: Hansel and __________?

a) Gretel
b) Grizelda
c) Geraldine
d) Gary

Q2. What is the complete story name of the fairy tale: Beauty and the _________?

a) Child
b) Frog
c) Beast
d) Dog

Q3. Name the story where the princess has long hair and she was trapped in a big tower before a prince rescues her and takes her to the outside world.

a) Gretel
b) Rapunzel
c) Elsa
d) Princess Aurora

Q4. Name the poor thief who had a magical lamp and who pursues the princess Jasmine of Agrabah with the help of a lamp Genie.

a) Huntsman
b) Prince Charming
c) Rumpelstiltskin
d) Aladdin

Q5. Name the little girl of a fairy tale character who had gone into the woods to visit her granny and met on the way Bad Wolf.  

a) Little Red Riding Hood
b) Gretel
c) Alice
d) Belle

Q6. Name the story of a prince who fell into the spell of a witch. The spell was later broken by a princess when she angrily picked the prince up and threw him on the floor.  

a) Sleeping Beauty
b) The Frog Prince
c) Rumpelstiltskin
d) Cinderella

Q7. Name the fairy story in which a young girl falls under a rabbit hole that was an underground fantasy world full of peculiar creatures.

a) Frozen
b) Cinderella
c) Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
d) Beauty and the Beast

Q8. Name the fairy tale character that leaves a glass slipper at a ball.  

a) Cinderella
b) Prince Charming
c) Snow White
d) Belle

Q9. How Snow White was poisoned with?

a) A cherry
b) Porridge
c) An apple
d) Cake

Q10. Name the character who was after the 3 little pigs.  

a) A witch
b) The bears
c) The beast
d) A wolf

Q11. In the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, name the character who poisoned Snow White.  

a) The Prince
b) The dwarfs
c) Snow White’s parents
d) The witch

Q12. Name the person who transformed Cinderella’s appearance before the ball.  

a) The step-mother
b) The fairy godmother
c) The sisters
d) The Prince

Q13. In the story of the fairy tale of Bluebeard, what does Bluebeard’s wife clean?  

a) Her shoes
b) Bluebeard’s robe
c) A key
d) Bluebeard’s bed

Q14. Name the story that speaks about talking cricket.  

a) Pinocchio
b) Peter Pan
c) Briar Rose
d) Cinderella

Q15. In which fairy tale story does Maleficent’s character appear?

a) Sleeping Beauty
b) Snow White
c) Thumbelina
d) Red Rose

Q16. How many stepsisters does Cinderella have?  

a) Four
b) Two
c) Five
d) None

Q17. What seven dwarfs did for their survival?  

a) Woodcutting
b) Farming
c) Hunting
d) Mining

Q18. Name the character who is not part of the seven dwarfs story. 

a) Grumpy
b) Happy
c) Dopey
d) Dippy

Q19. In the story of Bluebeard, what did Bluebeard’s wife told not to do? 

a) Open a small room
b) Go into the woods
c) Talk to her sister
d) Invite friends to the castle

Q20. Name the character that breaks 3 chairs, tries to make 3 porridges, and sleeps in 3 beds.

a) Goldilocks
b) Gretel
c) Snow White
d) Cinderella

Q21. Name the character who was ready to eat grandma and young girl red riding hood.

a) The Lion
b) The Wolf
c) The Tiger
d) The Hyna

Q22. The magic lamp belongs to which story?

a) Cinderella
b) Little Red Riding Hood
c) Aladdin
d) Snow White

Q23. Name the character who found the home of three bears in the jungle.

a) Aladdin
b) Gretel
c) Snow White
d) Goldilocks

Q24. How many wishes does jinn fulfill of Aladdin?

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Q25. What is Little red riding hood?

a) Poem
b) Song
c) Fairy Tales
d) Novel


Here are the answers to all the above questions on fairy tales for grades 1, 2, and 3:

Ans. 1) a2) c3) b4) d
5) a6) b7) c8) a
9) c10) d11) d12) b
13) c14) a15) a16) b
17) d18) d19) a20) a
21) b22) c23) d24) c
25) c

Morals of the Fairy Tales Lesson

Here are the morals that young ones will get from this lesson:

These stories about fairy tales teach them how the power of good over evil wins in different fairy stories.

We hope little ones have got enough knowledge through the lesson of fairy tales and they learned a lot of characters’ names and a few parts of the stories. This story also teaches children about good values.

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