20 Easy GK Questions on Birds and Their Young Ones With Answers For Kids

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There are so many bird species that live in different parts of the world. Each bird species have its own lifestyle and living habits. Each one of them is unique in so many ways whether it’s their food, colors, shapes, size, eating habits, or survival techniques. Children get curious to know the names of birds and other features especially when they see them in the garden or surroundings. They are familiar with many birds as parents teach them many things at a young age. They ask us so many questions always and every time when they see anything which they are not familiar with.

This is the time when you should introduce them to general knowledge. Teaching through GK is the best way to teach them something new. Since this lesson will be in the form of MCQs. It will help them to remember the answers quickly by selecting from options. They will even answer a few of the questions quickly because they are familiar with some birds based on their sounds, features, and their behaviors.

In this article children will learn GK on birds and their babies for classes 1, 2, and 3. Teaching them this lesson will help them to know their surroundings birds and young ones better and they will have a deeper understanding of fauna. Let’s look at the top 20 quizzes on birds and their young ones:

How To Make General Knowledge of Birds and Their Babies Interesting?

You can make this GK very interesting by including the activities such as the different sounds of birds, their look, and their migratory pattern. You can even take your child early morning for walking where they will be able to see many local birds. You can even play this activity along with children hiking trails, lakeside, or even backyard. They will even learn how birds survive in this world.

Names Of Birds and Their Babies

These are a few of the top famous names of birds and their babies:

Birds Young Ones/Babies
Guinea FowlKeet

20 Simple GK Questions On Birds And Their Young Ones For Kids

All young ones love to learn new things. Since they find learning new things interesting and different. They even get more interested when they see birds with their babies in the garden and they get curious to know about them. In this lesson, they will learn their eating habits, lifestyle, survival techniques, and their young ones. This lesson will also help children to create a biological connection with the world and understand the living place of birds in animal kingdoms.

There are so many birds around the world and each one has its own unique name for its young ones. Children will find this lesson a little complicated because many of the birds’ babies’ names are the same but their lifestyles and eating habits are different.

Let’s look at the questions:

Q1. Name the young one of the sandpipers.

a) Flapper
b) Peep
c) Jake
d) Puffling

Q2. From the following who is the baby of a crane?

a) Colt
b) Kid
c) Swanley
d) Cheeper

Q3. From the following name the young one of a guineafowl’s?

a) Cygnet
b) Keet
c) Geese
d) Eyas

Q4. What do we say to that falcon baby?

a) Geese
b) Eyas
c) Squib
d) Chicken

Q5. From the following which one is the young one of a dove?

a) Squib
b) Pigeon
c) Squab
d) Rooster

Q6. Who is the baby of the crow?

a) Gosling
b) Crowling
c) Hen
d) Chick

Q7. From the following name the young one of a swan?

a) Chick
b) Swanley
c) Kid
d) Cygnet

Q8. What do we say to the goose’s young one?

a) Chick
b) Geese
c) Gosling
d) Hatchling

Q9. From the given list which one is the baby of a parrot?

a) Hatchling
b) Chick
c) Owling
d) Colt

Q10. Amongst the list who is the baby of the owl?

a) Colt
b) Owling
c) Owlet
d) Chick

Q11. Out of the following list who is the Baby of a hawk?

a) Kit
b) Chick
c) Joey
d) Eyas

Q12. Name the baby of a hen.

a) Chick
b) Pup
c) Joey
d) Henlet

Q13. Which one is the little one of the bat?

a) Cub
b) Pup
c) Calf
d) Chick

Q14. What do we say to the duck’s young one?

a) Duckling
b) Ducks
c) Gosling
d) Rooster

Q15. What do we call the baby of an eagle?

a) Eaglet
b) Chicken
c) Gosling
d) Chick

Q16. What do we call the baby of turkey?

a) Eaglet
b) Poult
c) Gosling
d) Chick

Q17. From the following name the young one of a puffin?

a) Cygnet
b) Chick
c) Puffling
d) Kid

Q18. Out of the following list who is the Baby of a loon?

a) Kit
b) Loonlet
c) Eyas
d) Chick

Q19. Name the baby of a Grouse.

a) Pup
b) Joey
c) Chick
d) Cheeper

Q20. Name the baby of a Peacock.

a) Chick
b) Pup
c) Cheeper
d) Peachicks


Here are the answers on birds and their babies for classes 1, 2, and 3 children. Check the children’s answers and if they are wrong correct them. Always make their studying pattern interesting by adding a few of the activities which we have mentioned above.

Ans. 1) b2) a3) b4) d
5) c6) d7) d8) c
9) b10) c11) d12) a
13) b14) a15) a16) b
17) c18) b19) d20) d

We hope children have got enough knowledge on learning the bird’s babies’ names. Since this topic is very vast. In this lesson, we have covered the top 20 quizzes which are used on daily basis and this baby they might get to see near their surroundings. Next time when they see. They will not have any confusion identifying their little ones. By learning these few names of different bird species babies. They will show more interest in learning other young ones’ names and their kingdom.

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