30 Easy GK Questions And Answers On Human Body Parts For Class 3

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There are many things children get curious to know about and one such topic is themselves. The world is so big and there are many interesting things children are not aware of and are interested to explore and learn them. It is time when you should start teaching them about themselves through general knowledge questions on their body parts. They will be more interested to know about the human body parts of which they are not aware. Since the human body is a vast and complicated topic. It is necessary to teach young ones slowly. It is best practice to teach them the names of body parts through GK questions and answers to human body parts for class 3 students.

We have added these questions in MCQ format. So that young ones can answer it easily. They will learn the basics of human autonomy through questions and answers where they will learn what is the role of which part and how they function. These questions will also form a strong base in their education in advance where they will able to remember all the biological names and will able to clear science tests easily. Here are the top 30 easy and simple quizzes on parts of the human body for grade 3 children:

How Many Total Body Parts are There in Humans?

There are together 78 main organs in the human body.

30 General Knowledge Questions On Body Parts With Answers For Class 3

Our body works like a clock and in each second there are many such parts that function continuously and even the smallest part has a big role to do. That is why it is important to have strong knowledge about human body parts and their functions which will help us to take care of our body and keep us fit and healthy. This is one important reason why class 3 children need to learn general knowledge about their body parts. Human autonomy lessons will help them to start taking care of themselves at a young age which they will carry forever with them even when they grow up. This lesson will also help them to build their interest in biology and make them learn more body parts names where they can get into any specific part.

Let’s look at the top 30 questions and answers on the human system for 3rd class:

Q1. What do we call the bones that are present near to chest area?

a) Rib cage
b) Radiate ligaments
c) Clavicle
d) None of the above

Q2. From the following which part is not a skeletal system?

a) Ribcage
b) Skull
c) Spine
d) Heart

Q3. Name the system in the human body that works to remove the waste from the body after digestion.

a) Nervous system
b) Skeletal system
c) Circulatory system
d) Excretory system

Q4. From the following where does the human heart located?

a) Skull
b) Thigh
c) Chest
d) Legs

Q5. From the following name the part of the body that is used to walk, run, and jump?

a) Ear
b) Legs
c) Fingers
d) Heart

Q6. Which of the following are the parts of the human body?

a) Large intestine
b) Arms
c)  Kidney
d) All of above

Q7. From the following which system allows us to breadth?

a) Skeletal system
b) Respiratory system
c) Digestive system
d) Nervous system

Q8. Which mineral is important for healthy teeth and bones?

a) Calcium
b) Iodine
c) Mercury
d) Iron

Q9. Out of the following which is an important function of the heart?

a) Control the oxygen that is exchanged in the blood
b) Transport signals from the brain to other parts
c) Control the entire human system
d) Pump blood to other parts of the human body

Q10. What do we call organs that are present inside the body?

a) External organs
b) Vital organs
c) Digestive organs
d) Internal organs

Q11. From the following name the part that travels messages between organs and the brain?

a) Nerves
b) Veins
c) Arteries
d) Oxygen

Q12. What do we say to the framework of the body?

a) Lungs
b) Muscles
c) Skeleton
d) Kidney

Q13. For what reason does human use their ears?

a) Tasting
b) Seeing
c) Hearing
d) Feeling

Q14.  Name the number of hands that human beings have.

a) 3
b) 1
c) 4
d) 2

Q15. From the following name the organ that helps us to see objects?

a) Nose
b) Heart
c) Eyes
d) Hands

Q16. Why do we use tongues for?

a) Taste
b) Breathe
c) Smell
d) Hear

Q17. Name the part of the human body that helps us to bite and chew.

a) Foot
b) Teeth
c) Fingers
d) Ear

Q18. Name the parts of the body that is not an external organ.

a) Lungs
b) Ears
c) Nose
d) Hair

Q19. From the following which is a part of the digestive system?

a) Legs
b) Skin
c) Small intestines
d) Eyes

Q20. From the following name the organ that helps us to control the function of the entire body?

a) Eardrum
b) Eyes
c) Kidneys
d) Brain

Q21. What do we call different organs that are together?

a) Skin
b) Organ system
c) Muscles
d) Nervous system

Q22. From the following name the human body part that helps us to transport chewed food to the stomach from the mouth?

a) Windpipe
b) Food pipe
c) Nerves
d) Veins

Q23. From the following name the parts of the body which help us with the blood flow.

a) Oesophagus
b) Oxygen
c) Trachea
d) Blood vessels

Q24. From the following what is hearing, seeing, smelling, and tasting?

a) Organs
b) Thoughts
c) Emotions
d) Senses

Q25. Name the part of the body that is used for smell.

a) Ears
b) Mouth
c) Nose
d) Tongue

Q26. Name the part of the human body that is used for writing.

a) Hand
b) Ear
c) Leg
d) Tongue

Q27. Name the human body part that is used for dancing.

a) Ear
b) Leg
c) Hand
d) Nose

Q28. Name the part that is used for talking.

a) Brain
b) Hair
c) Tongue
d) Feet

Q29. How many ears do we have?

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Q30. How many fingers are there on one hand?

a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6


Here are the top 30 answers to the above questions on body parts names and functions for class 3 students.

Ans. 1) a2) d3) d4) c
5) b6) c7) b8) a
9) d10) d11) a12) c
13) c14) d15) c16) a
17) b18) a19) c20) d
21) b22) b23) d24) d
25) c26) a27) b28) c
29) b30) c

We hope children have understood the various body parts and their functions since knowing all body parts will make them confident in life and they will be freely able to answer them in front of all. They made it possible by learning the biological names and functions of each through the above given general knowledge questions and questions. Since human autonomy is a vast topic. We have added a few easy questions for class 3 students. So that they can answer them confidently. These top 30 questions are enough for clearing any school science test or project, debate, or school competition.

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