Cow Essay for Class 3 Kids – 5 to 20 Lines and Big Essay

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Essay writing is the most important activity that is used in children’s life.  Every student has through this activity. Essay writing helps young ones in many ways. It helps them to improve their English language. It also helps the little ones to think creatively. This lesson also makes children read books as they need references to write essays. If you give one topic daily to your children, it will help them to increase their knowledge. The animals topic is an easy topic that could be given to children. So today we have chosen the cow animal essay as a topic. The cow is the most common animal which is found everywhere. So let’s go through the structured manner of writing on cow essay in English for class 3:

What Are The Things You Can Write in Cow Essay?

You can write about its appearance and behaviour. How they look, what they eat, how much they eat, their nature, their kids, uses of their milk, uses of their cow dung, etc.

How to make Essay Writing step by step on Cow for Class 3 Children?

We see that the children frequently ask questions to their parents on how to write an essay on cows for class 3. So to make essay writing easy on cow for 3rd standard, we have come up with certain points. So let’s go through these points carefully:

  • Start your essay with an introduction paragraph.
  • The Intro paragraph is very important while writing an essay.
  • Write a small intro paragraph.
  • Then start with the body paragraph. In the body, the paragraph writes about cow appearance.
  • Don’t go too deep in describing any single point. It will make your essay big.
  • Frame your sentences as simple and attractive.
  • In the end, write a meaningful and small conclusion.

5 Lines on Cow Essay for Class 3

Here are five lines and 5 sentences on cow for grade 3:

  1. The cow is a holy animal.
  2. It is domesticated animals.
  3. They have two horns and one long tail
  4. They give milk.
  5. A cow is a vegetarian animal.

The Cow Essay in 10 Lines for Class 3

Here are ten lines on cow for grade 3:

  1. The cow is a domesticated animal.
  2. In Hindu society, it is considered holy.
  3. The cow is worshiped.
  4. She gives milk to us.
  5. She can live in the jungle and in a house.
  6. In India, it is mostly domesticated.
  7. Different products are made from milk.
  8. They benefit humans in many ways.
  9. The male one is called a bull.
  10. They are quiet in nature.

20 Lines Essay on Cow for Class 3

Here are cow essays in English for the 3rd class:

  1. The cow is a well-known animal.
  2. They give milk to us.
  3. Her milk is nutritious.
  4. Various products are made from milk.
  5. They are very useful animals for many purposes.
  6. Cow dung cake is useful for many things.
  7. It is used as fuel.
  8. Also, it is used as a manual in the field.
  9. They are useful animals in farming.
  10. They are used for ploughing.
  11. They have a long tails.
  12. They are non-violent.
  13. They are quiet in nature.
  14. They eat green grass.
  15. The male cow is called a bull.
  16.  They are friendly animals.
  17. They are holy animals for all.
  18. I love the cow who is at my home.
  19. We take care of her lot.
  20. We love our cow Maggie a lot.

Paragraph on Cow for Class 3 in 100 Words

Here is a short essay on cows for class 3 in 100 words:

They are innocent animals. They are harmless and friendly to all. It is the most domesticated animal. They are also vegetarian animals. They only eat grass. It is non volient animals. In India, the cow is worshipped. The special day is celebrated for cows. Where cows are washed and offered different dishes. People believe that 33 crore gods live in cows. The cow dung cake is used as manual and fuel in rural areas. Talking about farming the cow are used for ploughing fields. The small baby is called a calf. and the male cow is called a bull or ox.

Big Essay on Cow for Class 3 in 300 Words

Here is an example of a cow essay for 3rd class:

The cow that is kept at home is a friendly animal. It has four legs and two horns. They give milk which is used for drinking. It has a long tail. Many products are made from milk like sweets, paneer, tea, etc. They are harmless animals. She is not violent like other animals. She only eats grass. They have large bodies and long noses and mouths. In India, the cow is considered sacred. We worship them. Also in India, the cow is considered the mother of all people and we call them (Govmata). The cow dung cake is used for many purposes. There are 50 breeds of cows available in India. Holstein Friesian cattle give the highest amount of milk. The newborn babies are called calf, they look like rabbits. They love to play.  They are a lovely creator on this earth.

Why Do People Keep Cows as Their Pets?

Cows are beautiful creatures. Some people think keeping cows as a pet is an exciting thing. They are useful animals. They give milk. One can earn money by selling milk.

Name Few Cow Breeds of India?

  • Amritmahal
  • Badri
  • Binhjharpuri
  • Danji
  • Gir
  • Shweta Kapila
  • Siri

What Are the Uses Of Cow Milk?

Cow milk is used for many purposes. It’s used for drinking which makes us healthy and strong. It also helps to keep various diseases away. It helps humans to boost their immune systems. With milk, we can make products like paneer, curd, butter, cream, and cheese. It is also made of making many dairy products.

What Are the Uses Of Cow Dung?

Cow dung is used for many purposes such as making fertilizer. It is used as fuel, and as manual in villages. It is used as an insect repellent. It is also used to color the floor.

How Cow Essay will help Grade 3 children?

This composition on cow for class 3 will help children in a lot of ways:

  • This knowledge will help them to build and grow their knowledge at an early age.
  • They will also understand how they are very kind and loving animals.
  • They will also understand the importance of cows in human life and how they benefit us.

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