Camel Essay For Kids – 5 to 10 Lines & Big Essay

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Essay writing is an important part of our studies. It helps young ones to increase their understanding of the topic they write about. Practicing essays will provide you with a set of skills at an early age. It will help you to get knowledge and information about a particular topic. Learning about different animals is an exciting thing. You get to know many things about them. So today we have chosen a camel topic to write an essay on a camel. This animal is unique in their own way because of its qualities. So today we will explore the camel essay in English for classes 1, 2, and 3. So let’s begin with it.

What Are Camel?

A camel is an animal that is found in desert areas. This animal is used for transporting various things in the desert area. They transport passengers. There are 2 types of a camel. One camel is Camelus Bactrianus and the other is Camelus Dromedarius.

How to make essay writing step by step on Camel for children?

Many parents ask for references on camel essay writing. Here we have points on how to write an essay in a proper manner which will help children to write in a systematic manner:

  • Start with the intro paragraph.
  • Write a small paragraph introducing camel.
  • Then write a body paragraph introducing the behavior and appearance, what they eat, how they survive on dessert, how they are important for humans etc.
  • End your essay with a short conclusion.

5 Lines on Camel

Here are five lines and 5 simple sentences on a camel in English for grade 1:

  1. Camel is a working animal.
  2. It is used for transport in the desert area.
  3. It transports passengers and other things.
  4. Camel milk is very nutritious.
  5. They are very friendly animals.

Camel Essay in English in 10 Lines

Here are 10 points about camel in English for grade 2:

  1. There are two types of a camel.
  2. One is Camelus bactrianus and the other is Camelus dromedarius.
  3. The Camelus bactrianus have two humps.
  4. The Camelus dromedarius camels have one hump.
  5. Their milk is very healthy and nutritious.
  6. These animals are only found in deserts.
  7. They are specially used for transporting goods.
  8. They can survive without water for up to 15 days.
  9. They can live up to 50 years.
  10. They eat grass, grains, wheat, and oats.

Short Essay on Camel in 100 words

Here is a short paragraph about camel for classes 1, 2, and 3 in 100 words for kids:

Camel is enormous mammals. They are found in deserts. They can weigh around 600 kilos. They eat thorny bushes. They have thick mouths which help them to eat these bushes. They can drink 200 liters of water in 3 minutes and can survive without water for up to 15 days. The camels have a lifespan of 50 years. They also have heavily padded feet which helps them to walk freely in the sandy area. They are called ships of the desert. The camel has a hump at their back where they store water. Camelus bactrianus have two humps at its back. The male camel is called a bull and the baby are called a calf. They are very friendly animals.

Big Essay on Camel in 400 Words

Here is a long essay on a camel for class 1, class 2, and class 3 children:

The camel is a unique animal because of its own quality. There are two types of camel one is Camelus bactrianus and one is Camelus dromedarius. They can be easily identified by their hump. The Camelus bactrianus have 2 humps whereas Camelus dromedarius has one hump. They store water in their hump. They are herbivores and eat grass, wheat, grains, and oats. They weigh 600 kilos. They have thick mouths which help them to eat thorny trees and bushes. They can live up to 50 years. They are called ships of the desert. The male camel is called a bull and the young babies are called calf. They can live without water for almost 15 days. This camel is mostly found in arid Africa and Asia. The camels are used to obtain milk and wool. They are domestic animals. The male camel weighs 400+ 650. The long legs of the camel keep them safe from the temperature. They have special cells in their stomach where they store water. They are enormous animals. They transport passengers in the desert area.

How Is Camel Useful To Humans?

They are very useful to humans in many ways. They are used for transporting passengers and goods in desert areas. They are also used to obtain milk and wool.

Why Camel Lives in the Desert?

They are designed to live in both hot and cold temperatures. They are the ship of the desert. Most of them store their fats in their humps which helps for a better thermoregulation. This makes them easier to release the heat from their bodies in hot temperatures.

What Does Camel Eat?

They are herbivores animals. They usually eat grains, grass, wheat, oats, twigs of shrubs and trees,  and cactus as it contains water in it.

Where Does A Camel Store Their Food?

The camel stores their food in their hump which helps them to travel for a long duration without drinking water and having any food.

How Many Days Camel Can Live Without Their Food And Water?

They can survive up to 15 days without food and water. The reason that they can survive without food and water for that long is because of their humps. They store a lot of fats in the back of humps and can use that fat for longer periods without water.

5 Interesting Camel Facts

Here are a few facts on a camel for grade 1, 2, and 3 children:

  1. They have thick mouths which help them to eat thorny bushes.
  2. During sand storms, they can close their nostrils.
  3. The thick skin helps them to survive in high temperatures.
  4. They comfortably live in the hot sun and sand.
  5. They store water in their hump.

How Camel’s essay will help Children?

I hope my little friends have got enough information from the composition of the camel essay. These are the few points they learned from the above essay:

  • They will be able to differentiate between desert animals vs jungle animals.
  • They will able to gain a lot of knowledge on a camel at a young age.
  • They will learn about the points such as how they survive, what they eat, how they are unique etc.
  • By understanding all these points they will get more curious to learn about other animals.

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