4 Letter Words that Start with S for Children to Practice at Home

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Teaching and improving vocabulary words at a young age helps children to improve their communication skills as well it helps them in their education. Creating a strong vocabulary skill plays a major role in children’s lives as it is an important tool for gaining proper knowledge in any grade. Teaching your children big vocabulary spellings is important as it helps them to understand the big terms where they can exchange them in the form of communication skills. To improve your children’s vocabulary skills, you will have to introduce them to new terms so taking about 4 words beginning with the letter S can help young ones to gain some new ideas from 4 words. These terms will defiantly help them to use in day-to-day communication with their teachers and students.

When Should I Start Teaching My Child 4 Letter Words that Start with S?

Building a strong vocabulary takes time, you need to introduce new spellings to children from a young age. You can start to begin the lesson when they are between the ages of two and three. Once your child understands 3 letter words, then teach them 4 Letter Words that Start with S.

Why teaching 4-Letter Words that Start with the Letter S is important for kids?

Teaching large word at young age defiantly help young ones to improve their reading, speaking, and writing skills. You can start teaching big spellings by using this lesson. Here we will look at a few benefits of teaching 4-Letter Words with S:

  • This lesson will help children to understand new terms with S and make sentences out of them and use them while speaking with any of the members.
  • These terms will also improve their reading and speaking skills as they will write them and understand them well.

List of 100+ 4 Letter Words Starting with S for Kids

It is important for all children to learn various new spellings as it will expand their vocabulary at a young age. Always make their learning interesting, using some easy words. You can start this lesson in a fun way by using some of the activities. Here are some daily used 4 Words Beginning with S for children starting from A to Z:

  • Sabe
  • Sack
  • Safe
  • Sage
  • Said
  • Sail
  • Sake
  • Sale
  • Salt
  • Same
  • Sand
  • Sane
  • Sang
  • Sank
  • Save
  • Says
  • Scan
  • Seal
  • Seam
  • Seat
  • Seed
  • Seek
  • Seem
  • Seen
  • Self
  • Sell
  • Send
  • Sent
  • Shed
  • Ship
  • Shoe
  • Shop
  • Shot
  • Show
  • Shut
  • Sick
  • Side
  • Sigh
  • Sign
  • Silk
  • Sing
  • Sink
  • Site
  • Size
  • Skin
  • Skip
  • Slam
  • Slap
  • Slid
  • Slim
  • Slip
  • Slot
  • Slow
  • Slug
  • Smug
  • Snap
  • Snow
  • Soap
  • Soar
  • Sock
  • Sofa
  • Soft
  • Soil
  • Sold
  • Sole
  • Solo
  • Some
  • Song
  • Soon
  • Sore
  • Sort
  • Soul
  • Soup
  • Sour
  • Soya
  • Spam
  • Span
  • Spin
  • Spit
  • Spot
  • Spun
  • Spur
  • Star
  • Stay
  • Stem
  • Step
  • Stew
  • Stir
  • Stop
  • Such
  • Suck
  • Suit
  • Sung
  • Sunk
  • Sure
  • Surf
  • Swan
  • Swap
  • Swim
  • Sync

Simple Questions to Help Children revise 4 Letter Words Starting with S

Quizzes are almost fun ways to introduce children to new words. This activity will defiantly make them form a word and understand its meaning of it. Here are some examples of riddles for young ones.

1. What do you say when music is played?

Answer: Song

2. What do you see above in the sky at night?

Answer: Star

3. What do we add to food to make it tasty?

Answer: Salt

4. Where do we get clothes and shoes?

Answer: Shop

5. How do plant grows?

Answer: Seed

6. What do we wear on foot to feel more comfortable?

Answer: Shoe

7. Where do people sit who visit our homes?

Answer: Sofa

Fill in the Blanks to help Children revise Tough 4 Letter Words Starting with S

In the above quizzes, your children have studied a few simple spellings now it’s time to introduce them to little difficult words.

  1. Sn_w
  2. S_ya
  3. Sou_
  4. _wim
  5. Saf_
  6. _ick
  7. Swa_
  8. So_t
  9. Sav_
  10. Soo_


  • Snow
  • Soya
  • Soup
  • Swim
  • Safe
  • Sick
  • Swap
  • Sort
  • Save
  • Soon

Easy Games and Activities to teach 4-Letter Words Starting with S for Kids

Teaching kids, new terms that are bigger is difficult and they might not take an interest to learn them. We have added here a few fun activities for 4-Letter terms Starting with S that will make your and your children’s learning lesson easier. Through these activities, children will definitely learn new spellings and read and use them in their conversations.

1. Teach new spellings using game

You can pick any word that is starting with Letter S that you want to teach your child. Take a piece of paper and cut them into four peace along with it show them a full word. For example, “stop”.

Now hide this four peace inside the room and tell them to search them and form a word with a 4-letter word beginning with the letter S. Once they form the word, give them chocolate. These will make them learn more new spellings. Continue these games teaching them other terms as well.

2. Puzzle Game

This is the best way to introduce new spellings to children is through a crossword puzzle. This game starts with 3 things:

  • List of upward clues
  • List of grid clues
  • List of down clues

The player tries to fill the empty grid by following the clue with the right answer to win the game.

For example: Provide them with a 4-letter word beginning with the letter S as a clue.

Clue: Write down the word that is responsible for the presence of clothes or hats, and the answer is a shop.

This is the best game you can play along with your child to make their learning more interesting.

3. Spelling the name of the given Image

This is another best activity you can use to make children love new terms with S. Give them the image of a 4-letter word with S and ask them to write the spelling of it.

For example: Provide them with images of seeds, sofas, soap, etc.

4. Highlight the Word

This is one of the easiest games your child will love to play. Provide them with a storybook and tell them to highlight the 4-letter word with S and then note it down. This activity will improve their reading and writing skills thereby increasing their understanding level.

This is the best way to teach young ones through activities or games, they understand them fast. Always make their learning process engaging by trying new games. This way they will learn new terms faster.

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