30+ Simple GK Questions on Birds with Answers for Class 1, 2 and 3

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We have a large world where varieties of bird species are available in different counties. In this article, we will cover the top 30+ GK questions on birds with answers for children to test their general knowledge of birds. As the ecosystem is vast and there are lots of different animals and birds in each part of the world and it becomes difficult for children to identify any species of birds on their own. So, we have come up with easy general knowledge quizzes in form of MCQs where they can learn quickly. Each species is very unique in its own way and each has different eating habits, shapes, sizes, sounds, and colours. Let’s sharpen your young one’s knowledge:

How General knowledge of Bird will help children at an Early Age?

Here are a few importance of teaching GK at an early age:

  • Teaching general knowledge will help children in both ways at the personal and educational levels.
  • This knowledge will also help them in identifying species of birds quickly.
  • Gaining knowledge will help them to speak confidently which will even prepare them for the future as well.
  • This GK will also help them to participate in debates, competitions, group discussions, and tests where they can understand and analyse the subject and give their answers or opinion confidently.
  • This knowledge will defiantly help them to get more connected with nature.

30+ Birds General Knowledge Questions with Answers for Kids

Let’s learn about the birds in form of multiple-choice questions, which will help to grow their knowledge at a young age. We added here the top 30 questions and 4 options are given from which little ones need to select the correct answer.

Q1. From the following which bird is kept as a pet and can whistle, talk and eat chilies?

a) Penguin
b) Crow
c) Owl
d) Parrot

Q2. The world migratory bird day is celebrated how many times?

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Q3. From the following name the bird which doesn’t make a nest?

a) Cuckoo
b) Ostrich
c) Crow
d) Eagle

Q4. Among the list who has the longest lifespan?

a) Albatross
b) White Tern
c) Falcon
d) Atlantic Puffin

Q5. Name the bird that is considered to symbolize peace.

a) Peacock
b) Parrot
c) Dove
d) Flamingo

Q6. Which bird dances during the rainy season and has long feathers?

a) Pigeon
b) Peacock
c) Sparrow
d) Crow

Q7. From the following where can you find Iceland’s largest puffin colony in the world?

a) Ireland
b) North Atlantic Ocean
c) Greenland
d) Westman Islands

Q8. Who can eat both ways with its head upside down?

a) Thrush
b) Peacock
c) Flamingo
d) Frigate

Q9. Where can we find the dwelling places of penguins?

a) Antarctica
b) North Atlantic Ocean
c) Ireland
d) Greenland

Q10. From the following which bird is flightless and the largest in South America?

a) Eagle
b) Peacock
c) Bulbul
d) The Greater Rhea

Q11. Name the different breeds of pigeons.

a) Columbidae
b) Ardeidae
c) Owl
d) Hawk

Q12. Which bird has a big, hard, and bright-colored beak which lives in South America?

a) The Toco Toucan
b) Pigeon
c) Parrot
d) Sparrow

Q13. From the following who is the largest, longest, and tallest bird in the World?

a) Parrot
b) Peacock
c) Cuckoo
d) Ostrich

Q14. Among the list name the smallest and tiniest bird in the world.

a) Parrot
b) Bee humming
c) Sparrow
d) Pigeon

Q15. Among the list which is the fastest, speediest, and quickest flying bird in the world?

a) Peacock
b) Hawk
c) Crow
d) Peregrine falcon

Q16. From the following who has the highest visibility at night?

a) Owl
b) Bald eagle
c) American Goldfinch
d) Cuckoo

Q17. What body parts birds do not have?

a) Nails
b) Teeth
c) Eyes
d) Tough

Q18. Which bird can see the lengthiest and has the longest eyesight?

a) Columbidae
b) Eagle
c) Parrots
d) Woodpeckers

Q19. Name the bird that has the loudest sound.

a) White bell
b) Osprey
c) Parrot
d) Penguin

Q20. Name the Indian state which has the Koel and National bird.

a) Tamil Nadu
b) Odisha
c) Maharashtra
d) Jharkhand

Q21. From the following who swims faster?

a) Dove
b) Penguin
c) Cuckoos
d) Duck

Q22. Which bird migrates to the longest distance in its lifetime?

a) Sparrow
b) Humming
c) Arctic tern
d) Dove

Q23. Name the country that has the Flamingo as its national bird.

a) Bahamas
b) Africa
c) India
d) United States

Q24. Name the National bird of Nepal.

a) Sparrow
b) Arctic tern
c) Duck
d) Himalayan Monal

Q25. From the list who is the national bird of China?

a) Red-Crowned Crane
b) Myna
c) Ostrich
d) Eagle

Q26. Name the biggest flying parrot species in the world.

a) Red Macaw
b) Hyacinth Macaws
c) Yellow Macaw
d) Green Macaw

Q27. Name the country that has the highest population of birds.

a) Peru
b) Africa
c) Indonesia
d) Colombia

Q28. How many species of birds are there in Colombia?

a) 1,858
b) 1,711
c) 1,878
d) 1,811

Q29. How many total populations of bird species are there in the world?

a) Around 2,000
b) Around 5,000
c) More than 10,000
d) More than 6,000

Q30. Name the National bird of India.

a) The Indian peacock
b) The Indian parrot
c) The Indian duck
d) The Indian hen

Q31. The Rufous-Bellied Thrush is the National bird of which country?

a) Peru
b) Africa
c) Brazil
d) Colombia


Here is the answer for all the above 30 questions for children. Check your young one’s answer and motivate them to learn more questions and answers:

Ans. 1) d2) b3) a4) a
5) c6) b7) d8) c
9) a10) d11) a12) a
13) d14) b15) d16) a
17) b18) b19) a20) d
21) b22) c23) a24) d
25) a26) b27) d28) c
29) c30) a31) c

Children will love learning this GK as birds are actually beautiful species that make us peaceful with their early morning creeping sound. This knowledge will help young ones to look for more and more new species. We hope children have learned a lot from the above quiz.

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