30 GK Questions on Largest in the World with Answer for Kids

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Nowadays having knowledge about everything is important as it gives us confidence in our life likewise teaching general knowledge to kids plays a major role in their education.  A child has to be confident to say that they know more than the books from the library. If they strengthen their base at a young age they will be able to answer any GK questions and clear any tests and competitions. In this article, we will talk about the largest things around the world for classes 1, 2, and 3 children. This will not only help them to widen their knowledge but also makes them more curious to know various things around the world at a young age. Let’s look into a few of the GK on biggest in the world:

What children will learn from this GK?

These are the few points they will learn from the largest in the world quiz:

  • Giving a deep knowledge about everything around the world strong their academic base.
  • This knowledge will help them in their higher studies where they can be asked general knowledge questions apart from academic topics. That is why it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of various topics to clear any examinations or interviews.
  • By having world knowledge, they will have more confidence at a young age.

The Largest in the World Quiz with Answers for Kids

General knowledge is the best learning lesson that can help your child to grow their knowledge at a young age.  By learning these questions children will be fully prepared to answer any questions that come in there way. Here are the top 30 quizzes largest in the world for children:

Q1. From the following which is the tallest dam in the world?

a) Jinping-I Dam
c) Nurek Dam
d) embankment

Q2. Out of the following, which is the deepest lake on the globe?

a) Lake Vostok, Antartica
b) Lake O’Higgins-San Martín, Chile & Argentina
c) Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia
d) Lake Tanganyika, central Africa

Q3. Which of the following is the Longest Road tunnel on the earth?

a) Hsuehshan Tunnel
b) Laerdal Tunnel
c) Zhongnanshan Tunnel
d) Arlberg Road Tunnel

Q4. Name the place that has the longest rail tunnel in the world.

a) Seikan Tunnel
b) Japan (Tsugaru Strait)
c) Switzerland (Alps)
d) South Korea (Gyeonggi)

Q5. Amongst the following, name the largest ocean on the globe.

a) the Atlantic Ocean
b) the Pacific Ocean
c) the Indian Ocean
d) the Southern Ocean

Q6. Name the largest bird on the earth.

a) Emu
b) Ostrich
c) Southern Cassowary
d) Greater Rhea

Q7. Name the largest animal around the world.

a) Blue Whale
b) Asian Elephant
c) Gray Whale
d) Giraffe

Q8. From the following where the largest man-made pool is located?

a) the Bahamas
b) Texas
c) Egypt
d) Chile

Q9. Name the biggest flower on the globe.

a) Hyacinth (Hyacinthus)
b) Corpse Flower (Rafflesia Arnoldii)
c) African Lily (Agapanthus)
d) Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus Regnans)

Q10. Name the biggest reptile on the earth.

a) American Alligator
b) Black Caiman
c) Saltwater Crocodile
d) Green Sea Turtle

Q11. From the following which is the largest airport in the world?

a) King Fahd International Airport, Saudi Arabia
b) Tokyo Airport
c) Beijing Airport
d) Los Angeles Airport

Q12. Name the biggest stadium on the globe.

a) Rungrado— Pyongyang,
b) Michigan Stadium — United States
c) Narender Modi Stadium — Ahmedabad, Gujarat
d) Beaver Stadium — University Park, Pennsylvania, United State

Q13. Name the biggest country on the earth.

a) Brazil
b) The United States
c) Russia
d) China

Q14. Name the longest river on the earth.

a) Amazon
b) Nile
c) the Yangtze
d) Mississippi

Q15. From the following, which is the biggest mosque in the world?

a) Al-Masjid al-Nabawi
b) Masjid al-Haram
c) Hassan II Mosque
d) Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Q16. Among the following name the largest desert on the earth?

a) Australian Desert
b) Antarctic Desert
c) the Sahara Desert
d) the Arabian Desert

Q17. Name the lengthiest lakes in the world by area.

a) the Caspian Sea
b) Great Slave Lake
c) Great Bear Lake
d) Michigan

Q18. Name the largest dome on the globe.

a) Peter’s Basilica, Rome
b) The Singapore National Stadium
c) State Library of Victoria dome, Melbourne
d) Oval dome of St. Gereon’s Basilica in Cologne, Germany

Q19. From the following name is the biggest dam in the world?

a) Guri Dam
b) Cochiti Dam
c) Three Gorges
d) Kolnbrein Dam

Q20. Which place has the largest Ferris wheel on the globe?

a) Las Vegas
b) Dubai
c) Melbourne
d) London

Q21. Which is the biggest zoo on the earth?

a) Toronto Zoo
b) Beijing Zoo
c) The Wilds – Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
d) Berlin Zoological Garden

Q22. From the following name the country where Chongqing is located?

a) India
b) Bangladesh
c) China
d) Nigeria

Q23. Name the lengthiest island in the world.

a) Great Britain
b) Greenland
c) Newfoundland
d) New Guinea

Q24. Which is the biggest continent on the globe?

a) Africa
b) North America
c) Europe
d) Asia

Q25. Which is the longest economy on the earth?

a) China
b) Russia
c) The United States
d) India

Q26. From the following name the highest volcano on the earth?

a) Chimborazo
b) Parinacota
c) Tipas
d) Ojos del Salado

Q27. From the following name the highest mountain on the earth?

a) Mount Everest Nepal
b) Makalu
c) Manaslu
d) K2

Q28. Name the country which has the largest population in the world.

a) China
b) Russia
c) The United States
d) India

Q29. Name the lengthiest national park in the world.

a) Grand Canyon National Park
b) Northeast Greenland National Park
c) Death Valley National Park
d) Manú National Park

Q30. Name the lengthiest freshwater lake on the earth.

a) Great Bear Lake
b) Lake Superior
c) Lake Baikal
d) Lake Malawi


Here is the answer to the above questions for the Largest, Biggest, and Highest in The World:

Ans 1) a2) c3) b4) c
5) b6) b7) a8) c
9) b10) c11) a12) c
13) c14) b15) b16) b
17) a18) b19) c20) b
21) c22) c23) b24) d
25) c26) d27) a28) a
29) b30) b

We hope children have learned a lot from the GK on largest in the world. This knowledge will help them in their future educations and in general life.

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