30 GK Questions on Human Body Parts For Class 2

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Teaching children about the human body can help them to gain practical knowledge at a young age which will help them in their academics and will increase their confidence level. Having complete and basic knowledge about body parts can help us to understand each and every function and role of human systems. This lesson will help children to identify the names of body parts for class 2 through MCQ questions. This lesson will also help them understand their body better and how each part works. In this article we will cover the top 30 GK questions and answers on body parts for class 2 children:

Why General Knowledge of Human Body Parts For Grade 2 is Important?

Here are a few points they will learn from this lesson:

  • This GK will definitely help them to understand and remember the biological names of the human system.
  • These GK questions and answers on body parts for grade 2 will help them know the role of the brain, hands, legs, eyes, mouth, etc.
  • General knowledge of body parts will help them to get more comfortable with their physical changes and how each part works together to stay healthy and fit.

30 General Knowledge Questions With Answers On Parts Of The Body For Grade 2

Children can learn human body parts easily at home. They don’t require any big lesson to study these names. As parents at home always communicate with them where they would have come across many body names such as eyes, hands, mouth, tongue, etc. In this article, we will introduce children to more human body parts names. This lesson will be easier for them since questions will be in form of MCQs where they can identify the answers easily. Let’s look at a few simple questions about the human system:

Q1. How many lungs do we have?

a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

Q2. Which is another name for kidneys? 

a) Bones
b) Cartilage
c) Muscles
d) Renal

Q3. From the following which organ is a part of the excretory system?

a) Heart
b) Brain
c) Kidneys
d) Bones

Q4. Name the sensory organ that is involved while listening to anyone’s voice. 

a) Ears
b) Nose
c) Eyes
d) Lips

Q5. What do we call the two holes that are in the nose? 

a) Pits
b) Nostrils
c) Elbow
d) Lungs

Q6. How many sensory organs do humans have? 

a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

Q7. How many milk teeth do a young kid have?

a) 5
b) 10
c) 15
d) 20

Q8. Is the elbow an internal organ or an external organ? 

a) Organ Without Muscles
b) External Organ
c) Internal Organ
d) Both a & c

Q9. From the following which things help us to maintain good health? 

a) Green Vegetable
b) Junk Food
c) Exercise
d) None of The Above

Q10. How many bones are there in the human body? 

a) 206
b) 207
c) 208
d) 209

Q11. From the following which body part protects our lungs?

a) Ribcage
b) Heart
c) Skeleton
d) Muscles

Q12. From the following name the organ that helps us to hear many sounds? 

a) Nose
b) Skin
c) Tongue
d) Ear

Q13. From the given list which sense organ is used while watching TV? 

a) Tongue
b) Nose
c) Eyes
d) Hands

Q14. From the given list name the framework of bones.

a) Skeleton
b) Cartilage
c) Calcium
d) Muscles

Q15. Which tube connects our throat to the stomach?

a) Stomach
b) Oesophagus
c) Bone
d) Blood

Q16. Which body organ helps bones move?

a) Lungs
b) Blood
c) Muscles
d) Heart

Q17. What is the main purpose of food digestion?

a) For Sleep
b) For Your Hair
c) For Energy
d) For Watching TV

Q18. Wearing glasses while using a computer helps us to protect our____?

a) Hair
b) Head
c) Eyes
d) None of the Above

Q19. Which sense organ helps us to identify whether chocolate tastes sweet or sour? 

a) Tongue
b) Eyes
c) Nose
d) Skin

Q20. Which human body part helps in the digestion of food?

a) Hands
b) Mouth
c) Stomach
d) Brain

Q21. Which are the important organs in the human body that controls all body parts? 

a) Stomach
b) Gall Bladder
c) Brain
d) Heart

Q22. What body parts it’s called where 2 bones are connected?

a) Tendon
b) Skeleton
c) Ligament
d) Joints

Q23. From the following name the organ system that consists of the lungs? 

a) Respiratory System
b) Excretory System
c) Muscular System
d) Nervous System

Q24. Which organ system consists of muscles? 

a) Nervous System
b) Circulatory System
c) Respiratory System
d) Muscular System

Q25. What process did it call when we take air in and release it outside? 

a) Sleeping
b) Smelling
c) Breathing
d) None of the Above

Q26. With what body parts do humans yawn? 

a) Mouth
b) Ear
c) Nose
d) Eyes

Q27. With what body parts do humans write? 

a) Leg
b) Hair
c) Brain
d) Hand

Q28. How many cheeks do we have? 

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Q29. Where do we apply nail polish? 

a) Hand
b) Nails
c) Feet
d) Eyes

Q30. Which sense organs help us to taste various foods? 

a) Tongue
b) Legs
c) Head
d) Feet


Here are the answers to all the above 30 questions. We hope the students of class 2 have cleared a lot of doubt, especially about their body parts.

Ans. 1) a2) d3) c4) a5) b
6) c7) d8) b9) c10) a
11) a12) d13) c14) a15) b
16) c17) c18) c19) a20) c
21) c22) d23) a24) d25) c
26) a27) d28)b29) b30) a

This GK on human body parts will help them to grow their knowledge at a young age and they will get the confidence to participate in various school competitions and discussions. This general knowledge will also help them with their homework. Keeping up-to-date knowledge on human autonomy will help them to work on their personality which in turn will help them in the academic field and personal fields. This knowledge will even help them to prepare themselves in advance for any competitions, discussions, debates, or school tests.

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