30 Basic GK Questions about Plants for Kids

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Nowadays children get more curious to learn and know about the things they see around them. They learn every day new things from environments such as animals, birds, plants and other things. Children look at the plants on an everyday basis in their own home garden, in the school’s garden or in the surroundings and they get more curious to know about those plants. In this article, we will cover the general knowledge questions on plants with answers for kids to clear all children’s doubts. So, let’s look at the top 30 basic GK questions on plants with answers for classes 1, 2 and 3 kids:

How GK on Plants will help Children?

This general knowledge will benefit young ones in many ways:

  • This knowledge will help them to get more aware of the basic plants around them and they will get happier next time to answer them freely with their friends. Children are frequently asked questions about plants and their different parts.
  • This lesson will help them to prepare in advance on knowledge of plants and they will able to answers them in tests.

30 Easy General Knowledge Questions and Answers About Plants for Children

Children always get more interested to learn new things and this general knowledge will be easier for them since they spend more time in the garden in order to play, help or water the plants along with their mother and that time they ask many questions if any new interesting flower they see around them because for them plants are very eye catchy when flowers are bloomed. This is when it is time to introduce them to GK questions on plants along with their facts.

Q1. What is the main role of the leaves of a plant? 

a) They absorb nutrients and water from the soil
b) They make fruits from it.
c) They make seeds from it.
d) They produce food for the plant by photosynthesis

Q2. From the following what plant gets from the ground? 

a) Dirt
b) Water and nutrients
c) Sunlight
d) Minerals

Q3. What is the important function of the roots?

a) Stands on the ground erect
b) Flies
c) Swims
d) Reproduces

Q4. From the following where is the plant stem located?

a) Through the leaf
b) In a flower
c) Below the soil
d) Above the soil surface

Q5. What is the role of the bud of a plant?

a) A leaf
b) Develop flowers or short shoots
c) A fruit
d) A stem

Q6. Where should we keep the plant to improve its growth process? 

a) In a sunny window
b) In a cupboard
c) Under the bed
d) In a dark basement

Q7. From the following which is not a part of the plant? 

a) Stem
b) Seed
c) Leg
d) Flower

Q8. From the following which part of the plant is used for protecting the seeds?

a) Root
b) Stem
c) Leaf
d) Fruit

Q9. Name the part of the plant that is brown in colour and below the soil.

a) Fruit
b) Stem
c) Flower
d) Root

Q10. From the following name the part of the plant that is responsible for soaking up nutrients and water from the soil? 

a) Root
b) Seed
c) Leaf
d) Flower

Q11. From the following which part of the plant is beautiful and colourful? 

a) Leaf
b) Stem
c) Flower
d) Root

Q12. From the following name the part of the plant that prepares the food?

a) Root
b) Stem
c) Flower
d) Leaves

Q13. Out of the given list which of the things plant don’t require? 

a) Bag
b) Oxygen
c) Water
d) Nutrients

Q14. Among the list name the part of the plant where water travels from one place to another. 

a) Seeds
b) Petals
c) Stems
d) Pollen

Q15. From the list name the part of the plant that is responsible for the production of food through sunlight. 

a) Stem
b) Root
c) Flower
d) Leaf

Q16. Which component makes the soil fertile for plants? 

a) Nutrients
b) Rocks
c) Wind
d) Sunlight

Q17. Name the plant part that is responsible for making seeds.

a) Leaf
b) Roots
c) Thorns
d) Flower

Q18. Which part can humans eat of a plant?

a) Leaf
b) Roots
c) Stems
d) All from above

Q19. How many plants are there in this world?

a) 1000
b) 10,100
c) 320,000
d) None of above

Q20. Which plants are used for medicines?

a) Neem
b) Turmeric
c) Ginger
d) None of above

Q21. How do plants get carbon dioxide?

a) Air
b) Leaves
c) Sand
d) Soil

Q22. Potato is the form of____?

a) Fruit
b) Leaves
c) Stem
d) Flower

Q23. What else is required for plant photosynthesis other than sunlight?

a) Carbon dioxide and water
b) Oxygen and carbon dioxide
c) Water and oxygen
d) Sugar and water

Q24. What happens if the plant is kept in a closed or dark room?

a) Grow Bigger
b) Bear fruit
c) Bear flower
d) Grow weak and die

Q25. What is Wheat?

a) Tree
b) Grass
c) Climber
d) Shrubs

Q26. From the following which fruit has only one big seed?

a) Mango
b) Apple
c) Orange
d) Tomato

Q27. What green plants are called that make their own food?

a) Heterotrophs
b) Saprophytes
c) Autotrophs
d) All from above

Q28. Which plant leaves can be eaten?

a) Basil
b) Mint
c) Betel
d) All from above

Q29. From the following who gives green colours to plants?

a) Fat
b) Chlorophyll
c) Carbohydrates
d) Vitamin

Q30. Where does cabbage store its food?

a) In their leaves
b) In their fruits
c) In their flowers
d) In their stem


Here are the answers to all the above 30 questions. Check your young one all answers to see if they are right and help them to answer more:

 Ans. 1) d2) b3) a4) d
5) b6) a7) c8) d
9) d10) a11) c12) d
13) a14) c15) d16) a
17) d18) d19) c20) d
21) a22) c23) a24) d
25) b26) a27) c28) d
29) b30) a

These question banks are perfect to learn about many plant names. Since this topic is very vast, we have added basic and everyday seen plants around them.

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