3 Letter Words that Start with S for Children to Practice at Home

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Improving children’s vocabulary at a young age is very important for various reasons. Teaching new words at an early age helps them in their education and thereby improves their communication skills. Once they learn about the S letter and understand the sound of the letter S, it’s time to teach them 3 letter words beginning with S. Since they are familiar with the S alphabet it will become easier for them to learn about three-letter words begin with S. It is also most used terms in English language that are used in day-to-day conversation.

When Should I Start Teaching My Child 3 Letter Words that Start with S?

It is the best time to introduce them to the letter 3 which begins with S when they are of ages of 1-3 years and soon after they’ve learned the letter R. It is also said that children learn about S alphabet words easily because the letter S is used most of the time when we communicate with anyone so children grasp it easily.

Why teaching three-Letter Words that Start with the Letter S is important for kids?

Here are a few benefits that will help young ones learn 3 words with S:

  • It will help them to grow their vocabulary skills through this they will improve their speaking, writing, and reading skills as well.
  • It will help them to understand the meaning of terms and the pronunciation of terms.
  • It improves child memory skills.

List of 3 Letter Words Starting with S for Class 1, 2, and 3 Kids

These are 50+ short words that start with the S letter like 3-letter terms beginning with S. You can teach these new terms to pre-schoolers and kindergarteners easily.

  • Sab
  • Sac
  • Sad
  • Sam
  • Sap
  • Sat
  • Saw
  • Sax
  • Say
  • Sea
  • Sec
  • See
  • Sen
  • Set
  • Shh
  • Shy
  • Sib
  • Sic
  • Sim
  • Sin
  • Sir
  • Sis
  • Sit
  • Ski
  • Sky
  • Sly
  • Sob
  • Sod
  • Son
  • Sop
  • Sos
  • Sox
  • Spy
  • Sty
  • Sub
  • Sue
  • Sum
  • Sun

Simple Questions to Help Children revise 3 Words Begin with S

You can help children to learn more quickly through this question-and-answer session. We have added a few quizzes for young ones. Let’s have a look at riddles on 3 words letter that begin with S:

1. What do we call male teachers in school?

Answer: Sir

2. When total numbers are added together, what it is called?

Answer: Sum

3. What do we see in the morning sky?

Answer: Sun

4. What does the mother call her baby boy?

Answer: Son

5. What do we say to a female?

Answer: She

Fill in the Blanks to help Children revise 3 Words and Letter Starting with S

Let’s make this lesson simpler with the missing word activity. We have made this process easier for children so that they can remember these words along with the sentence. In this way they will understand the meaning of that particular word and use it in their day-to-day conversation:

1. He is my little ___

Answer: Son

2. After five what number comes ___

Answer: Six

3. My dad scolds me, I am __ today.

Answer: Sad

4. On every weekend we visit salty water, what it is___.

Answer: Sea

5. I can ___ beautiful flower.

Answer: See

6. I am a very __ person.

Answer: Shy

7. On every Saturday, my dad goes to ___ for a massage.

Answer: Spa

Easy Games and Activities to teach 3-Letter Words Starting with S for Kids

Vocabulary is important for growing any language and introducing your child to 3 words letters with S will be very helpful in their academics. We have added a few activities that are helpful for various grades to gain proper vocabulary through this lesson:

1. Making the story of Own

Every child love to read stories as much as they love sports. Stories are the best learning lesson to introduce them to any new word, sound, or language. Stories also help them in developing their imagination about stories they read or listen about. Tell your child to form a story using the S word starting with 3 Letters. these will help your child to improve their thinking and they will recall words that they studied above.

2. Form Sentences

As they have studied a few of the fill-in-the-blanks above. Tell your child to form new sentences using 3 letters that begin with S.

For example, Sun is there in the sky and I love to walk in the morning with my grandfather.

3. Drawing Word

These are the other best activities children will love. As all children love drawing and painting and it has become there more favourite activity. Give them a piece of paper containing 3 letter word with S and tell them to draw it and paint it accordingly. This activity will definitely improve their writing skills and they will learn new terms as well.

4. Thinking Word Game

Here you can ask your young one to think of words they have studied above that start with S such as sky, sun, sand, snacks, etc. then ask them to write those terms that they remember. This activity will improve their memory and they will set that word in their mind.

5. Highlighting Story Word

Read the story with your child and tell them to highlight the word with S that can be S short word with 3 letters, a bigger word, or more lengthy word with S and underline them with colour and accordingly tell them to write it in the book and teach them the meaning of it. This way they will remember new terms that they write in the book.

6. Guessing Game

There is another favourite game for children. Take a printout of pictures containing 3 letters with S and show it to your child one by one. For example, show them a picture of the Sun and ask them what it is. See if your child answers it properly and if guessed correctly tell them to write the spelling of it. If they write it correctly give them chocolate. These will engage them in activity and they will learn more and more terms. Continue playing this game with other terms as well.

Understanding and learning letter 3 words with S is easier if your child follows the above point properly. Always teach your kids using games or activities that will help them to learn terms more quickly.

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